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Awaken to a New Opportunity: Smart Sleep Supplements
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Awaken to a New Opportunity: Smart Sleep Supplements

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Bacognize®​ was shown in new study to have multiple benefits associated with sleep.

Sleeping eight hours a night may be considered good, but perhaps it isn’t great​. Cognitive function and mental energy are directly impacted by sleep quality more than hours slept.

A new study shows that supplementing with Bacopa monnieri​ (as Bacognize®​) helps create the ultimate night’s smart sleep. “Smart sleep” is slumber followed by waking up alert, energized and with a strong sense of well-being, even if the night’s sleep was a bit choppy.

Bacognize®​ is a proprietary, clean-label extract standardized to bacopa glycosides for adaptogenic support targeting cognitive wellness, memory, learning, focus, attention, mood, stress management, emotional balance, and now for circadian rhythm balance for improved quality of life and quality of sleep.

The Study

Several previous studies have demonstrated that Bacopa monnieri​ has adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects. More recent research has demonstrated that B. monnieri​ functions as a nootropic, improving memory and mental acuity. Additional research has shown Bacopa monnieri​ to influence the HP-axis, which impacts sleep, as well as concentrations of the “feel-good” neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

The aim of this human trial was to examine the effects of a Bacopa monnieri ​extract (Bacognize®​) on sleep, quality of life, and fatigue in adults with self-reported poor sleep.

Changes in several salivary hormones associated with stress, sleep, fatigue, and inflammation were also evaluated to help elucidate the potential mechanisms of action associated with Bacopa monnieri ​supplementation.

In this 28-day, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 100 adults with self-reported poor sleep received either a placebo or a standardized Bacopa monnieri ​extract (150 mg twice daily).

The primary outcome measures used in this study was the Bergen Insomnia, as well as the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire, Pittsburgh Sleep Diary, Short Form-36 Health Survey, and the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale.

The researchers also assessed changes in salivary concentrations of cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, immunoglobulin A (sIgA), α-amylase (sAA), C-reactive protein, melatonin, and the fatigue biomarker index.

Results strongly suggested that supplementation with Bacopa monnieri​ (as Bacognize®​) boosts post-slumber mental energy and acuity, as well as alertness and mood.

Interestingly, based on the Bergen Insomnia Scale, Bacopa monnieri ​did not improve sleep patterns more than the placebo (researchers felt this may have been attributed to COVID and may be investigated in future studies); however, it was associated with greater improvements in emotional wellbeing, general health, and pain-related symptoms.

Subjects taking Bacognize®​ experienced six desirable benefits.

Alertness​: There was an 18% increase in alertness upon waking in the Bacognize®​ group, compared to only 6% in the placebo group. This indicates Bacognize’s ability to act as a nootropic and reduce morning grogginess /improve alertness.

Improve Mood​:  Consuming Bacognize®​ resulted in a 14% improvement in emotional wellbeing compared to baseline, while a 6% improvement was observed with placebo.

General Health​: Compared to baseline, Bacognize®​ was associated a 12% improvement in general health compared to a 4% improvement in the placebo group, translating to restorative sleep for improved overall health.

Sleep Quality​: Bacognize®​ was associated with a 16% decrease in perceived pain & stiffness compared to a 3% decrease with placebo, indicating refreshing, high quality sleep. According to the study authors, it is noteworthy that the anti-inflammatory effects of cortisol may elicit a possible mechanism here.

Wakefulness​: Cortisol is linked directly to alertness upon awakening. A 13% increase in salivary morning cortisol measures upon waking was observed in those supplementing with Bacognize®​. This finding is especially illuminating, because, according to the researchers, “Even though lowered cortisol is typically viewed as a positive health-related finding, the research indicates that balance is the key.”

Cortisol concentrations are significantly influenced by [time of day] and fluctuate throughout a 24-hour period, complicating its assessment. Morning salivary cortisol concentrations are influenced by a phenomenon called the cortisol awakening response (CAR) which is typified by an increase of between 38% and 75% in cortisol concentrations 30 to 45 min after awakening. Thus, an increase in cortisol in the morning helps promote wakefulness and alertness.

Pain Management​: This study is notable as it is the first to show Bacopa’s pain-modulating ability. The increase in the pain subscale score of the SF-36 (indicating reductions in pain symptoms) in the Bacopa group is a unique finding that has not been investigated in any previous human trial.

In conclusion, while Bacopa monnieri ​supplementation did not improve sleep patterns in adults with self-reported sleep problems, based on findings from secondary outcomes measures, Bacopa monnieri ​was linked to greater improvements in physical and emotional health as measured by the SF-36. Further, an analysis of changes in hormone concentrations over time also revealed Bacopa monnieri ​was associated with reductions in sIgA, sAA, and differences in morning concentrations of salivary cortisol between the two groups, as evidenced by mostly decreased concentrations in the placebo group.

“Building upon clinical evidence that Bacognize®​ improves and sustains cognitive performance and memory, this new study clearly demonstrates the abilities of Bacognize to improve sleep quality as shown by significantly enhancing post-slumber mental and physical factors directly affected by sleep quality. Higher sleep quality means improved cognitive acuity. And that’s smart.”

Bacognize®​ Assets

Bacognize®​ not only has compelling and credible human research supporting its claims, it has other attributes that consumers will find attractive. It is natural and stimulant-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Glyphosate Residue Free. Additionally, Bacognize®​ is backed by rigorous quality control and assurance, robust traceability, supply chain mitigation, and sustainability initiatives for a clean label ingredient solution.

Our brand partners can trust in Bacognize®​ because it is protected by global intellectual property, meets or exceeds USP/ICH/Prop-65 standards. It also has a total of 9 human clinical studies demonstrating value for students through the elderly in memory and cognitive functions.



Lopresti AL, Smith SJ, Ali S, et al. “Effects of a Bacopa monnieri ​extract (Bacognize®​) on stress, fatigue, quality of life and sleep in adults with self-reported poor sleep: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study” Journal of Functional Foods​ 85 (2021) 104671

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