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Verdure Sciences strives to offer the most innovative bionutritionals through the integration of proprietary offerings, expertise, and consummate resources.




An extensive global research network allows Verdure Sciences to develop only the most efficacious and marketable products for the worldwide health market. With a network of universities, medical centers, and laboratories, our knowledge base is supported by cutting-edge research capabilities and patentable initiatives.




This knowledge, augmented by ISO 9001-2000 production facilities, allows for seamless integration into a variety of applications and delivery systems.



Our pharmaceutical-based research model utilizes up-to-the-minute technology for in vitro screening, characterization and clinical studies. This model is proven to speed the development of clinically superior, proprietary, and all-natural complexes.



This devotion to the research process has led to the further development of research-based brands:


  • POMELLA® clinically researched pomegranate extract standardized to punicalagins
  • BACOGNIZE® extract researched in humans to optimize cognitive and mood health
  • TINOFEND® clinically researched extract promoting immune/allergenic health
  • CALZBONE® clinically researched extract providing optimal bone mineral density
  • WOKVEL® clinically researched extract promoting joint health and flexibility
  • Punicinol-5™ source of naturally high amounts of a rare plant-based form of CLA


NEW in August 2007: Verdure Sciences' own BeneGredients™ line of all-natural, exotic fruit and vegetable ingredients standardized to health-benefiting bioactives is now available. Offering a wide range of functional benefits for food, beverage and personal care products, science-based BeneGredients™ offers maximum opportunities for finished product differentiation, including all-natural, clean label, natural preservative, and marketing claim substantiation. BeneFruits™, the Fruit Division of BeneGredients™, is spearheaded by POMELLA® Extract, the "Gold Standard" of researched pomegranate ingredients. For more information please visit​.

Whats new at Verdure Sciences in 2007: BeneGredients™ Standardized Exotic Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients!

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