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The rise of nutraceutical gummies as a delivery system for supplements

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North America was the largest region in the gummy vitamins market in 2022 and Asia-Pacific is emerging as the region with the fastest-growth rate.1

For millions, swallowing pills and capsules as a means of consuming nutritional supplements can be an unpleasant or impossible experience. But what if vital nutrients like vitamins, probiotics, CBD, mushrooms, and collagen could be delivered in a more enjoyable form, such as gummies?

Gummies have emerged as a highly effective delivery system, meeting regulatory standards for accuracy, efficacy, and ingredient stability while offering a convenient and pleasant way to consume supplements. Unlike traditional pills and capsules, gummies can accommodate both wet and dry active ingredients within a single piece, providing a unique advantage. Additionally, they can be formulated to effectively mask the bitter tastes often associated with certain actives, such as CBD.

The plant-based gelatin substitutes market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 13% between 2024 and 2030.2​ This growth can be attributed to increasing health and sustainability awareness, as well as changing dietary preferences.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and the environment and are looking for products that align with their values. Plant-based gummies are considered as a healthier and more sustainable option to gelatin gummies, which are made from animal products. Additionally, many consumers follow vegan or vegetarian diets and are looking for gummies that align with their dietary preferences. Plant-based gummies are a suitable option for these consumers, as they are free from animal-derived ingredients.

Hitting the sweet spot

Concerned about sugar content? Gone are the days when eating a gummy meant consuming excessive amounts of sugar. Today’s formulations offer options that are low in sugar or entirely sugar-free, while still delivering a delightful taste experience.

In summary, gummies prove to be an ideal medium for nutraceuticals due to several key advantages:

  • Precise dosing
  • Ability to combine different types of active ingredients
  • Excellent shelf-life stability
  • Appealing flavors with unpleasant tastes masked
  • Vegan, low sugar and sugar-free alternatives

Refining a recipe tailored to specific preferences

As you might anticipate, the formulation is key. Incorporating nutraceuticals can significantly impact the flavor profile. For instance, Vitamin C is notably sour, necessitating the addition of buffer salts to balance it out when included in confectionery. Various vitamins may require specific additives; hence, experimentation is essential to craft the ideal candy piece tailored to your preferences.

Therefore, nutraceutical gummy producers are turning to external experts, partly due to the competitiveness of the labor market. Understanding equipment, exploring formulation options, and navigating the characteristics of new ingredients are crucial for the successful introduction of a new product.

Tanis believes in knowledge sharing. It is prepared to collaborate with you confidentially to co-develop your unique recipes at the Tanis Innovation Center. No matter the requirements – be it active ingredients, low sugar formulations, exciting flavours, or distinctive finishes – the team at Tanis works to deliver success.

The Tanis Innovation Center, located in the Netherlands, is home to a team of experts who collaborate directly with customers to explore unique potential and develop tailormade solutions. Recently, Tanis expanded its services to include the opportunity for its expertise to come to your factory. A visit from one of its skilled food technologists can have huge benefits to its customers, as they can provide assistance with various aspects of the development and manufacturing processes.

Tanis also offers comprehensive training programs to share its vast expertise with others in the industry. Its aim is to cultivate a community of skilled confectionery professionals passionate about crafting top-quality gummies and jellies. Online courses are provided to share multi-disciplinary insights, encouraging the enhancement of skills to stay ahead in the ever-evolving confectionery landscape.

An efficient delivery system for supplements

Throughout almost 30 years, Tanis has developed an intimate understanding of the hurdles that customers encounter, as well as the aspirations they want to achieve. Delivering full production lines for soft candy manufacturers, from kitchen to depositing and from conditioning to demoulding, Tanis offers one integrated gummy and jelly production process.

The commitment to excellence is evident in its cutting-edge equipment and unparalleled services, ensuring that each innovation, design, and solution is developed to align with the unique requirements essential to meet production processes.

Its precision-engineered non-starch production lines are tailored to meet the growing demand for gums and jellies enriched with active ingredients. These starchless machines not only yield cleaner ingredient profiles but also align with the industry's shift towards natural and transparent product labeling. Tanis guarantees no cross-contamination, ensuring the purity of the final products while optimizing efficiency in gum and jelly production. Furthermore, a scalable solution with 400S NS is available, enabling startups to enter the world of automated confectionery and nutraceutical manufacturing. This offers the possibility to let your equipment grow simultaneously with your business, with no concessions to quality.

As a family-owned enterprise, Tanis works with an ethos that extends to relationships with its customers, meaning customers not only gain access to state-of-the-art technology, but also join a community that prioritizes relationships as much as results. Valuing customer success, Tanis ensures a journey that is met with the utmost expertise, reliability, and care.


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