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Nutrition21’s Ingredient Velositol is known as proteins perfect partner and the benefits are surprising!

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Nutrition21’s Ingredient Velositol is known as proteins perfect partner and the benefits are surprising!

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Nutrition21’s Velositol®​ is a patented combination of an amylopectin-chromium complex that has been shown in scientific studies to increase Muscle Protein Synthesis and have multiple benefits involving power and strength. It essentially amplifies protein’s power, and in many cases shows more benefits than protein alone.

Here’s how: A 2017​ study showed that adding Velositol®​ to whey protein allows athletes who engage in resistance training to support muscle growth and improve lean body mass. But, even after that study was conducted by researchers at the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio, questions remained. For example, would there be a considerable impact on an athlete’s strength, endurance and power?

The quick answer is “yes!”

In 2021 the findings of a second larger study, were published in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition and presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) conference the same year.

Results of the study, “Effects of an Amylopectin-Chromium Complex Plus Whey Protein on Strength and Power After Eight Weeks of Resistance Training,” revealed that taking Velositol®​, this time with 15 grams of whey protein isolate, boosted and accelerated muscle protein synthesis (MPS), an important key to enhancing lean body mass and muscle growth—as compared to taking 30 grams of whey protein isolate alone.

More specifically, the study revealed that study participants taking Velositol®​ with 15 grams of whey protein:

  • increased their 1-rep max squat weight by 20 lbs.(43% greater) than the 30g of whey protein alone group
  • increased vertical leap (jump height) by 3 additional inches
  • more than doubled squat reps to failure (25 vs. 12 reps) compared to the 15g of whey protein alone group

Further, the study found that the combination of Velositol® and 15 grams of whey protein was 82% more effective (25 vs. 14 squat reps to failure) than a 30g dose of whey protein alone for enhancing muscular endurance, measured by squat reps to failure.

“When used in conjunction with a resistance exercise program, Velositol's novel complex enhances the effects of protein, increasing strength, muscle endurance and power, while

supporting healthy and sustained muscle function," according to Nutrition21. “Velositol increases the effects of protein on muscle protein synthesis by enhancing the mTOR signaling pathway, which is reliant on amino acids and insulin activity.” - Katie Emerson MS, RD, LDN Manager, Scientific Affairs at Nutrition21

A Deeper Look into the Study: More Proof of Velositol’s Efficacy

“We wanted to examine if supplementation with Velositol plus a higher dose of protein could impact resistance training adaptations, recovery and biomarkers of safety,” explained Emerson.

The double-blind, active-controlled study included: 35 recreationally active men. After being separated randomly into three groups, one group was asked to take 2 grams of Velositol®​ with 15 grams of whey protein isolate; the second group took 15 grams of whey protein isolate alone; and the third group took double the amount of whey protein isolate, 30 grams alone.

All the study participants were instructed to take the supplement as assigned right after completing resistance exercises on days they worked out. Additionally, on non-training days, they were asked to take the assigned amount of whey protein isolate alone.

Researchers examined the findings measured at the beginning of the study (week 0), at week 4 and at the completion of the eight-week study.

“The findings showed that the addition of Velositol®​ to whey protein significantly increases performance outcomes, such as squat strength, reps to failure, vertical power, and vertical jump height, perhaps by modifying or optimizing muscle fiber physiology, as well as earlier adaptations in whole-body protein balance,” according to Nutrition21. “This research adds another important layer of substantiation for Velositol, which translates to real performance benefits.” - Emerson.

While the 2017 study showed benefits of taking Velositol®​ with just 6 grams of whey protein in the group of 10 resistance trainers the latest 2021 research reports the benefits increase even more when athletes take Velositol® with 15 grams of whey protein as compared to taking the protein alone. In fact, across the board—muscle strength, whole-body protein balance, fat-free mass and overall performance—the eight-week study showed the tremendous impact Velositol®​ paired with 15 grams of whey protein.

“We wanted to examine if daily supplementation with Velositol plus a higher dose of protein could impact resistance training adaptations, recovery and biomarkers of safety,” explained Emerson.

But Wait, There’s More!

Not only did the study prove the efficacy of taking Velositol®​ with 15 grams of whey protein, but there was also another intriguing finding. The research showed that taking whey protein and Velositol®​ together does more than just increase muscle strength, jumping height and muscle endurance, it can offer quicker muscle recovery.+

Why is this important? It means athletes can get the very most out of their workouts, long after the workout is over because Velositol®​ also enhances insulinogenic function. This increases amino acid uptake and provides additional fuel for working muscles. In other words, an athlete can get back into the gym faster and their overall resistance training performance will benefit.

Velositol®​ offers athletes the opportunity to work out smarter, making the Nutrition21 ingredient Velositol®​ “protein’s perfect partner.”


†Results compared to baseline.

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