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How Work to Understand the Structure of NMN Drove Development of Uthever?
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How Work to Understand the Structure of NMN Drove Development of Uthever?

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An age of opportunity

The world is getting older. But is it getting healthier? In the United States alone, the US Census Bureau predicts that the number of older people over 65 in the US will eventually outnumber the number of children. The Bureau calls 2030 the “important demographic turning point in US history” during which all baby boomers will be older than the age of 65.

The increase in life expectancy globally, the medical challenges that follow with that and a growing trend of health-conscious consumers represents a huge opportunity for the dietary supplement market.

There is an untapped need for and an increased demand for science-based geroprotectors, molecules that support healthy aging and perhaps even can slow down the process of aging itself. NMN is such a molecule.

NMN - the premier anti-aging molecule

NMN is a natural product of the metabolism of vitamin B3 that can be found in our body and in small amounts in some healthy foods like broccoli, edamame and cucumber peels. NMN is a metabolite in the human body necessary to create energy and sustain life. NMN is a precursor to the important molecule NAD+ that supports a myriad of functions essential to health and healthy aging. NAD+ levels decline in human tissue by at least 50% between the ages of 40 and 60. Taking NMN can boost the natural production of NAD+ and help fight the ravages of aging.

Any risks on taking NMN?

1. Unstable structure. The first generation of NMN with low density didn't have very good fluidity. Effepharm’s improved version of NMN will bring down manufacturing cost through better powder flowability which leads to increased production capacity as it'll be easier to run through the machines. What's more, this version will lead to a more uniform dosage of capsules as the low density version is difficult to mix uniformly. Lastly, low density NMN powder compressed in tablet form can easily scatter off during transit.

Many clients try to solve this by further additives but that leads to bigger tablets, which isn´t optimal for consumers in the older target population. So, low density NMN is only suitable for powder product formulations.

2. Inundated Adulterated NMN ingredients. The market is unfortunately flooded with fake and adulterated NMN. Since NMN entered into the market last year many new NMN brands have appeared one after another. It's very difficult for manufacturers and our clients to tell the real high-quality material from the fake and low-purity ingredients sold online.

Some NMN products sold have less than 80% purity. Clients and customers just don´t know what fillers or contaminants there are in the other 20% of the product.

We actually found that many NMN suppliers either sell nicotinamide (ordinary cheap vitamin B3) or nicotinamide riboside instead of NMN. Even more suppliers add flour to dilute the NMN and trick their clients. These products are often cheap but also without any beneficial effects.

3. Lack of safety and efficient data. NMN becomes more and more popular in the US, Europe, Japan and China, etc, but lots of safety and efficient data are still lacking. Many people still distrust this product, so the market of NMN is always limited. Actually NMN is originally existing in the human body and some vegetables like broccoli , so it has no safety issues. But it's high time for data further verifying its efficacy.

How to get stable, pure, safe NMN?

In order to determine how a stable, authentic, pure and safe product can be achieved, a series of tests and analysis was conducted.

Improved stability

By analyzing the NMN structure and using charge transfer and in-situ FTIR monitoring method, it was discovered that NMN has one inner salt structure and isoelectric point of inner salt is the key factor of NMN instability. Water, as one polar molecule, will induce electrical transfer within NMN that can destroy the quite stable inner salt skeleton of NMN. If so, NMN will show a metastable transition structure which degrades easily, namely water content in the product and free water molecules in the air will directly destroy the isoelectric point of inner salt and bring down the purity of NMN. This is a big breakthrough in NMN stability research, which will be one start to get improved.


Figure1: Factors of instability- water content and pH value

To improve the stability of NMN internally, researchers creatively developed a new NMN with orderly and compact microscopic arrangement (Figure 2: length: 3㎛-10㎛), and exclusively launched a new generation of high-density NMN. Compared with the sawtooth structure of first generation NMN product (Figure 3: length: 9㎛-25㎛), the second generation NMN has two incomparable advantages:

Electron Microscope Analysis Figure


Stronger stability, longer shelf life.​ The NMN spatial arrangement of new NMN form is more orderly and compact, effectively blocking the contact with free water in the air, greatly increasing the stability of NMN and extending the shelf life of the product. Contrary to the novel NMN microscopic arrangement, the first generation sawtooth structure shows more disorder and incompact, thus every molecule will get more exposure to air and absorb more water.

Higher density, more stable dosage and flexible formulation.​ NMN with an orderly and compact microscopic arrangement has higher bulk density and fluidity, which avoids unstable dosage due to raising dust in the process of preparation. What's more, it will affect uniform dosage of capsules. Meanwhile, since it has better fluidity, the second generation NMN can help reduce the production period and the manufacturing cost during the production

Well-controlled pH, water content.​ Furthermore, unsuitable acid or alkali conditions will break the electric balance of the inner slat skeleton, so pH value is one key factor to improve the stability. Dr. Hu at Effepharm initially found that regulation of pH can control the internal NMN structure and his team has worked out one golden standard of pH that can enhance NMN’s Internal structure. In addition, the team well controls water content with no less than 1%. If NMN originally holds a small content of water, the stability will also be greatly improved.

Guaranteed authentic and pure

Third party lab testing reports should be necessary to verify the identity and purity of NNM. Each batch of raw materials must pass strict self-inspection and third-party testing.

Based on high purity, impurities should be strictly controlled, in which single impurities are not higher than 0.5% and total impurities are not higher than 1%. All are known impurities, including NR, nicotinamide, ribose, etc, which are approved by FDA as food ingredients. Besides, the heavy metals and microorganisms need to be strictly controlled within the safe range according to USP standards and can be used with confidence. NMR and LC-MS testing reports can further confirm the authenticity, high quality and purity of NMN.


Safe and efficient

As NMN becomes more and more popular in the US, Europe, Japan, China and rest of the world safety and efficacy also gets to be more important. Safety and efficiency data is still lacking which is limiting the growth of NMN in the market. It's high time to verify the efficacy of NMN in human clinical trials and this is where Effepharm is leading the way.

Effepharm is the only NMN raw material manufacturer in the world to conduct clinical trials

Effepharm has launched a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel design, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of NMN. It is the largest and most comprehensive human clinical trial on NMN to date.

The trial will have 66 subjects and it will be finished at the end of year 2020. The first part of animal acute toxicity testing has been finished and the test result shows that our Uthever NMN has no acute toxicity. Furthermore, research on a novel function of NMN as a skin protectant against UV radiation has been finished and SCI paper and patent will be published soon.

Uthever NMN is unique in the marketplace

We predict that there will be hundreds of NMN brands next year. After that everyone will have a price advantage and market share will be limited. Only different selling points can guarantee sales and establish a unique brand image.

Effepharm already has a professional scientific team at place, and we are the only raw material manufacturer of NMN that is conducting clinical safety and effectiveness trials which will also bring you a higher-end brand image. We are also developing new and different functions of NMN that can quickly allow you to adapt to the changing needs of the rapidly growing market.

By choosing Uthever NMN you are guaranteed a stable, authentic, pure and safe product that customers can trust. We can help you deliver on the promises of this remarkable molecule of youth.

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