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Gamers: A new market that has caught the world & Funtrition’s new product development.

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Gamers: A new market that has caught the world & Funtrition’s new product development.

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The backbone of every community is a strong, smart, and agile individual who generates ideas for the common growth. Many communities build and connect through art, music, events and of course, sports. The history of athletics goes back to at least 3000 years ago bringing people together for competition, leisure, and positive goals. As time passes, communities adapt to changes and so have sports.

But what exactly are sports and what can we qualify as a sport? Sports are the physical exertion and skills in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment* Running, swimming, boxing, and fishing are great examples of sports. However, did you know “gaming” is also considered a high intensity sport? Millions of people are turning their attention towards this fast-growing industry with a market on track to soar into 3 billion players looking towards 2024 with yearly revenues exceeding $200 billion.**

The positive growth forecast has brought along new necessities that provision high intensity competitors with an optimal performance, such as focus, stress, energy, eye health, reflexes and stamina which are just some of the qualities that gamers are always seeking to boost or reduce. With millions of gamers in need of products that can help them maximize their capacities and become an epic player, Funtrition™️ by Procaps, created an all-star product that achieves exactly this and combines an extreme flavor with amazing benefits.

Backed by science and created by gummy scientists, Funtrition´s new development made especially for gamers, is everything your product catalogue needs in 2021! It’s time to turn on your focus and turn off your stress with Game On through a fantastic and unparalleled indulging experience that will blow your consumers’ minds or anyone’s really! These gummies are the definition of innovation; It’s amazing cooling grape flavor will give you the feels and is only found at Funtrition™️ by Procaps.

Made up of Pec-g technology (pectin) these gummies have everything a trendy product could possibly have: A revolutionary cooling flavor, plant-based ingredients & actives with amazing benefits. 75mg of Ginseng will be just the right amount to support brain function, fight tiredness, and increase energy levels. It´s lemon balm addition may help release stress & boost cognitive functions. And finally, L-Theanine will support mental focus and relaxation.

Chewing 2 Game ON gummies daily will start your direct journey to victory!​ 

Funtrition™️ by Procaps is a leading provider of contract manufacturing services in advanced gummy technologies for the global nutraceutical industry. Through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise in product development and gummy manufacturing, we help different companies bring innovative supplement products to their markets faster, offering their consumers an exceptional experience, higher preference, and superior adherence to different therapies and health concerns. Our advanced delivery platforms, including gelatin and Plant-Based gummies such as Agar and Pectin, plus our proven formulation, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise, has enabled us to become an integrated CDMO, giving customers full-service, turnkey solutions in nutraceutical 
products across both development and delivery.

We are redefining nutrition, and we’d love to help you deliver the best products and indulging experiences for your consumers.

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