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Artificial Intelligence for efficient data mining in drug discovery

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Turning nutraceutical development upside down: How AI is building better products

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The nutraceutical industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By reversing the traditional approach and designing with purpose, this technology is transforming the way we approach health and wellness, particularly in the realm of nutritional supplements.

Developing new ingredients is a complicated process and one which requires significant research and development (R&D) and clinical resources. These requirements are, in turn, translated into high development costs and a lot of time.

A sophisticated AI-based approach for precise selection of functional ingredients is the key to shorten lead times and development costs, making new ingredients accessible to wider markets much more quickly.

Human intelligence and historically accumulated knowledge have been the main tools used for the development of new dietary ingredients. AI and machine learning principles have begun to be implemented in the drug discovery process during the last several years. These tools speed up the development of new ingredients by parallelization: the combination of numerous processes occurring concurrently.

They allow for the precise identification of functional ingredients and their most potent combinations. AI augments the developmental power, targeting specific indications with high precision, while keeping the production process cost-effective and reducing bias and failures in clinical trials. Efficient data mining and management is one of the most significant advantages when using AI for drug discovery.

Advances in AI have also progressed diagnostic approaches and the ability to define the targeted biological mechanism in different diseases. The use of SAR (structure-activity relationship) platforms allows for higher precision in drug design and lower risk of side effects.

Nutraceuticals and preventive medicine: The role of AI

In drug discovery, the first step is the identification of the appropriate biological mechanisms involved in disease pathophysiology. This is followed by identifying suitable molecules which can interfere with the mechanism’s malfunction. High throughput of protein-to-protein interaction data, with ever-increasing volume, is becoming the foundation for new biological discoveries.

Still, targeting an already existing disease is more complicated than the preventive approach, especially when referring to the potential side effects of each drug. Preventive nutraceuticals exist to help head off or reduce the onset of specific ailments, and are to be implemented in a holistic approach, mostly involving more than one active molecule. The highly versatile tools of AI and data mining are also essential in the design and development of such preventive treatments.

When developing nutraceuticals, the vast investments normally expected in the drug design field should be limited and aligned with the final cost of the supplements. Creating supplements that are affordable to in wider markets relies mainly on low dosages, short timelines, and cost-effective processes.

The use of AI for dietary supplement development is crucial – shortening the development phase allows the supplement to reach the market earlier and be used as preventive medicine, instead of reaching for post-diagnostic treatments. Validated AI platforms can be repeatedly used for the development of other new ingredients, thus supporting the growing need for agility in the nutraceuticals world.

A selection of functional ingredients of high similarity to those that are naturally involved in human biological processes (human proteins) is a good starting point to minimize side effects and increase bioavailability.

Aligning protein selection with human physiology and evolutionary wisdom

Maolac is at the forefront of this new era. It has developed an advanced AI system called MorekaTM​, which is capable of screening and analyzing tremendous amounts of up-to-date scientific literature in order to identify functional proteins from natural sources. The company’s focus is on proteins that play crucial roles in specific physiological cascades and meet specific health needs.

Maolac’s novelty is in the application of an AI-based ‘filter’, ensuring that only proteins which are optimally aligned with human physiology make the cut. The company specifically selects proteins that exhibit high bio-similarity to those found in human breast milk, widely recognized as the gold standard of human nutrition. This extra screening phase guarantees higher bioavailability (higher efficacy with lower dosage) when compared with widely used competitors. Moreover, similarity to human breast milk ensures the lowest possible side effects.

Maolac has developed and implemented a comprehensive AI platform capable of identifying indication-specific proteins and precise active protein combinations, all with high similarity to human breast milk, nature’s gold standard. The platform screens for proteins in a selected natural source, such as colostrum or plants and compares them to nature’s gold standard. Within minutes it generates an optimal combination of proteins for the selected indication (function).

Spatial similarity between the selected proteins and the human breast milk proteins (3D-based comparison) ensures high efficiency and bioavailability of the formulation in smaller doses.

Maolac implements AI technology to build cost-effective production processes and create highly potent biological supplements.

The MaolactinTM​ Series: Biological ingredients for gut health and mobility

Maolac has been using this unique methodology to develop its first line of bioactive protein compounds isolated from bovine colostrum. MaolactinFMR is an anti-inflammatory formulation, ideal for aiding muscle recovery post-exercise and alleviating muscle and joint discomfort, commonly expressed in middle-aged and elderly populations.

MaolactinGI is a gut health formulation that provides comprehensive protection to the gut system. It reduces local inflammation in the gut barrier and fosters a conducive environment for the gut flora to flourish, making it the ideal complement for traditional probiotics.

Looking ahead it’s clear that AI will play a pivotal role in the nutraceutical industry, helping introduce more targeted novel substances. Companies like Maolac are demonstrating the immense potential of AI in developing innovative, effective, and safe nutritional supplements from varied natural sources that are tailored to specific health benefits.


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