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A dietary cannabinoid from black pepper extract to improve mood and focus
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A next-generation black pepper extract to improve mood and focus

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Cannabis and its cannabinoids are part of a natural health segment that is growing at fast pace: according to Vantage Market Research, the total CBD (Cannabidiol) Market Size is projected to reach US $47 Billion by 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3% from 2021.

However, market access can be difficult due to regulatory and legal hurdles. In addition, recent market research conducted by Kantar Profiles/Mintel showed that 28% of US consumers declared that if a brand they liked began to sell cannabis products it would negatively affect their opinion of the brand.

Considering this data, Natural Innovations Group is aware that there is a clear need for an alternative product that will fill the current gaps.

PhytoCann BP®​ is a next generation black pepper extract containing phytocannabinoids and other terpenes.

The result of huge efforts to create an ingredient that would be readily saleable in supplement products while being cost-effective per dose, PhytoCann BP®​ features have demonstrated cannabinoid activity, without traces of THC or CBD.

Black pepper was specifically chosen due to its long history of use as a spice and natural wealth of beneficial components. The extract is specifically standardised to a primary cannabinoid (Beta-caryophyllene) and optimized to contain an entourage of other terpenes – a profile purposely crafted to provide a reduction in pain and anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve focus, and even support heart health.

PhytoCann BP®​ is a proprietary, patent-pending (AU2022900879) extract of black pepper that is sourced from the volcanic high-altitude regions of the pristine island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Produced using CO2​ extraction, this black pepper extract is legal for sale around the world, clean-label, solvent-free, and vegan.

PhytoCann BP®​ is powered by Accusorb®, a proprietary technology that helps simplify formulation challenges, thus enabling better delivery of problematic actives. The technology protects the stability of the product and increases the bioavailability during consumption.

Because of its terpene entourage and its highly selective action on CB type 2 receptors only – and not CB type 1 receptors – it does not cause any psychotropic effects. For this reason, and pepper’s history of use, PhytoCann BP®​ is known as a ‘dietary cannabinoid’.

Since cannabinoid type 2 receptors (CB2R) are present in the brain, immune system, and gastrointestinal system, PhytoCann BP®​ promises a variety of different health benefits. It works in several areas, such as immune support, calm & sleep, mood, pain, anti-inflammation, detox, brain health, beauty from within, and heart health.

A recent study confirmed that the combination of taurine and black pepper extract can help treating cardiovascular and coronary artery diseases.1

PhytoCann BP®​ is available in liquid and powder grades, patent pending.

The line comprises:

- PhytoCann BP® EmulPrep- emulsion:​ Water soluble grade, specific for the development of liquid products, energy drinks, beverage fortification

- PhytoCann BP® SG/LG- Soft Gel Liquid Grade:​ oil soluble grade, with extra virgin olive oil as the carrier.

- PhytoCann BP® PWD- oil-soluble powder:​ suitable for developing tablets or hard gel capsules

- PhytoCann BP® ET– alcohol-soluble liquid​: suitable for developing alcoholic beverages

The recommended dosage for the various applications: 25-50 mg/dose (depending on the specific product) one or two times per day. A Water-soluble product is currently in development and samples will be available for distribution soon

Phytocann BP®​ is a specialty product distributed in the USA and Canada by Faravelli Inc., the US branch of Faravelli, an Italian company and global distributor of ingredients and raw materials, founded in 1926. Faravelli is also the official distributor of PhytoCann BP®​ in Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.

It is a product from Natural Innovations Group, a cutting-edge company from Australia that "strives to develop environmentally friendly and innovative products that positively impact human health and wellbeing”. 

The company’s goal is to ensure that it contributes positively towards a more sustainable world and it believes that plant-based ingredients are the future. The company employs a combination of processes and technologies that work in harmony to harness and unlock the health benefits found in nature. The result of this is a range of top-quality plant-derived ingredients addressing specific nutritional needs, sourced from different regions across Australia and the globe.

If you are looking for ingredients to help achieve perfect dietary supplement formulation, a novel Natural Innovations Group solution might the answer: get in touch with the company’s local branches and get ready to improve your customers’ satisfaction.

For more information contact sneniryyv@sneniryyv.hf​.


1.​ Swiderski J.; Sakkal S.; Apostolopoulos V.; et al. Combination of Taurine and Black Pepper Extract as a Treatment for Cardiovascular and Coronary Artery Diseases​. Nutrients 2023, 15(11), 2562. 

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