Water Soluble Components Of Turmeric For Joint Health

Water Soluble Components Of Turmeric For Joint Health

Turmeric is one of the ancient herbs used for various purposes with significance in medicine, culinary and cosmetics. Most of the studies on Turmeric emphasized on curcuminoids, whereas, during our research appreciable benefits were observed in the water-soluble components of Turmeric, called Turmerosaccharides™. This formed the basis to develop a novel ingredient called Turmacin®.

Turmerosaccharides™ are the major bioactive polysaccharides of Turmacin® that are responsible for its joint health benefits. Turmacin® has many published pre- clinical and clinical evidence. It was clinically studied on humans for joint health through WOMAC, VAS and CGI scores.

The mechanism of action of Turmacin® is studied in-vitro and in-vivo in joint and cartilage. Thus, Turmacin® offers exciting opportunities in the application of the water-soluble fraction of Turmeric for joint health management.


Deepak Mundkinajeddu, PhD Deepak Mundkinajeddu, PhD Head of R&D
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