The botanical supply chain

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The botanical supply chain

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The supply of botanicals has never faced more challenges, from the effects of surging demand for adaptogens and immune-support ingredients during the pandemic to disrupted shipping from Asia and the eternal threat of adulteration. And that’s even before we get to the global threat of climate change, socioeconomic changes in key botanical growing regions and the opportunity/ challenge (depending on your perspective) of plant cell cultivation. of key botanicals attempting to replace plants in the ground. This webinar will bring together key stakeholders from across the botanical supply chain to share insights and best practice to ensure supply, demand, and quality standards are met.


Thomas Brendler Thomas Brendler Founder / CEO

Travis Borchardt Travis Borchardt Vice President Product Integrity & Compliance
Nature's Way

Stefan Gafner Stefan Gafner, PhD Chief Science Officer
American Botanical Council

Frank Jaksch Frank Jaksch Chief Executive Officer
Ayana Bio

Stephen Daniells, PhD Stephen Daniells, PhD Editor in Chief