Sporty nutrition for fitness enthusiasts. Efficient energy management as a game changer

Active Nutrition 2018

Mainstream foods are adjusting their range to offer a sporty message that appeals to many consumers who have health and fitness goals in mind.
From the gym fanatics that want to train their endurance all the way to life-stylers interested in body toning,… It all comes down to finding the right balance between exercise and nourishment; and benefitting from the use of body fat along with the use of carbohydrate energy.
This webinar shows how fuel management works and how a smart choice of carbohydrate energy can be game changing in many ways, thanks to improved fat burning.


Antje Jungclaus Antje Jungclaus Head of Nutrition Communication

Klaudia Volmer Klaudia Volmer Product Manager Functional Carbohydrates

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