Personalized opportunities for microbiome optimization

Personalized opportunities for microbiome optimization

Everyone’s microbiome is as unique as their own fingerprints, so it seems logical that we could have personalized interventions - prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, etc - tailored for the individual.

How is the market approaching this currently? What does the science say about personalized probiotics and prebiotics? Are enough consumers willing to pay for this knowledge? How is the athletic community approaching these possibilities? What’s next for this blossoming category?

This webinar will explore the latest advances in how prebiotics and probiotics are opening up commercial opportunities for personalized microbiome products.


Jim Kaput PhD Jim Kaput, PhD Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder
Vydiant Inc

Mariëtte Abrahams Mariëtte Abrahams, PhD MBA RD CEO & Founder

Marc Brush Marc Brush Principal
Bend LLC

Naveen Jain Naveen Jain Founder
Viome, Moon Express, InfoSpace, Intelius, Bluedot, and TalentWise

Stephen Daniells, PhD Stephen Daniells, PhD Editor in Chief of the Americas
William Reed Business Media