Microbiome modulation to improve sleep

Microbiome modulation to improve sleep

Consumers are increasingly seeking out natural solutions to improve and enhance sleep, and the emerging microbiome-related science shows there’s a potential fascinating opportunity for prebiotics and probiotics to boost sleep. 

In this webinar, NutraIngredients-USA will assemble a crack team of experts to explore all aspects of this emerging field, with actionable insights for prebiotics, probiotics, and more.


Joe Alcock Joe Alcock Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine
University of New Mexico

Monika Fleshner PhD Monika Fleshner, PhD Professor of Integrative Physiology
University of Colorado

Simone Pyle, PhD Simone Pyle, PhD Science and Technology Manager - Gut microbiome

Stephen Daniells, PhD Stephen Daniells, PhD Editor in Chief