"The Ozempic era is here to stay,” Supergut positions gut-health brand as GLP-1 compliment

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Supergut is expanding its gut-health brand to a wider audience with its launch in Sprouts in the new year and as it looks to compliment GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic, brand CEO and founder Marc Washington told FoodNavigator-USA.

"The Ozempic era is here to stay. There's a lot of people that are on it, [and] it's going to continue to increase... There's a whole lot of people that are looking at [Ozempic] and trying to figure out how they can get some of that type of effect, even if they're not going to use the drug."

Taking a science-based approach to gut health, nutrition

Supergut is a gut-health brand​ that offers a range of prebiotic snacks, meal replacements, and add-to-anything powders “that are really effective at appetite control and digestion,” Washington said. Supergut uses a range of prebiotics, including unripe green bananas, oat beta glucan, resistant potato starch, and soluble vegetable fiber to promote gut health.

The brand initially launched four years ago as a direct-to-consumer offering under the brand name Muniq in honor of Washington's late sister ​and will soon launch in Erewhon Markets and Bristol Farms stores and later with Sprouts in 2024. 

“We really take a science-based approach to what we’re doing, so it's not just talk. We've actually done a lot of the clinical research around the ingredients, but we've gone the extra [mile]. We actually conducted ... this gold-standard clinical trial around our products to show just how impactful they can be on many different dimensions of health, so that was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled [experiment].”

In that study​ published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, researchers found that Supergut shakes led to improvements in metabolic health, digestion, and health-related quality-of-life scores like sleep, mood, and energy levels. 

Providing a gut-healthy product to the Ozempic economy

The topic of gut health has also gained increased attention with the prevalence of GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic for weight loss​, and consumers on those drugs experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms like stomach cramps and nausea. Unlike some CPG companies assessing the impact these drugs might have on its bottom line, Supergut is positioning its brand “as a compliment or off-ramp” to the drug, Washington explained. 

"A lot of people [using Ozempic], not even the majority, have some sort of side effects, and a lot of them are gastrointestinal related," Washington said. "We know one of the primary benefits of what we're doing is that we actually improve those symptoms... As a gut-health company, we're improving digestion and regularity and helping avoid things like diarrhea or constipation, and so we actually help regulate and offset some of the side effects."

Additionally, Supergut is supporting consumers who might cycle on and off Ozempic by providing a product that can promote a healthy gut, Washington explained. 

“We know that people on Ozempic, once you get off if you haven't changed sort of the lifestyle habits so diet and exercise, the studies have shown people will gain the weight back,” Washington said. “It's even more important for those who have gone through great results to adjust the diet pattern and provide more nutrient-dense foods. So, things that are high and things like protein, [and] in particular, fiber."

Awareness around gut health grows, but confusion persists

Overall, consumer awareness of gut health has increased as more science demonstrates the importance of a healthy microbiome for overall health, but many are often confused about how probiotics and prebiotics can improve gut health. 

“As the science goes further along, we're able to actually connect your gut health to all these different conditions in their overall health," Washington said. "The old adage was fiber is good for you, and it keeps you regular. That's a good thing, and that's all true, ... [but it also] affects so many different conditions beyond digestion.”

Recently, microbiome company Verb Biotics LLC surveyed 2,000 American consumers​ about their awareness of various gut-health-related topics. The company found that while 61% of consumers believe maintaining a healthy microbiome is important for physical health, only 20% could correctly define the gut microbiome.

Additionally, 70% of survey respondents said they experience gut health issues like stomach aches, bloating, and acid reflux, though only 10% consider probiotics a solution to these issues, as they instead drink more water or take antacids to ease symptoms. 

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