Probi-Clasado partnership yields two synbiotic concepts for SupplySide West

By Stephen Daniells

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Probi and Clasado will unveil the two new synbiotic solutions at SupplySide West 2023 in Las Vegas.     Image ©  f11photo / Getty Images
Probi and Clasado will unveil the two new synbiotic solutions at SupplySide West 2023 in Las Vegas. Image © f11photo / Getty Images

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The two new synbiotic formulations are the first launches since the Swedish probiotics player and the British prebiotic innovator announced a partnership in the summer to develop health-promoting synbiotic products.

Earlier this year​, Probi and Clasado announced the collaborative partnership to leverage the expertise and scientific portfolios of the two businesses in their respective fields for the development of synbiotics, defined as “a mixture comprising live microorganisms and substrate(s) selectively utilized by host microorganisms that confers a health benefit on the host”. (Swanson et al., 2020, Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol​)

At next week’s SupplySide West in Las Vegas, the companies will launch two new synbiotic solutions:
• Bimuno GOS and Probi Defendum which demonstrate a clear synergistic synbiotic combination as the probiotic strains in Probi Defendum selectively utilize the prebiotic GOS to enhance the production of short chain fatty acids.

• Bimuno GOS and Probi Digestis that showcases complementary mechanisms of action and enter the market as the most researched synbiotic ingredient pairing, with extensive studies behind both ingredients covering almost 340 publications between them, said the companies.

The synbiotic market is predicted to be worth US$ 1.3 billion by 2027, according to Future Market Insights, growing globally at about 8% year-on-year between 2020 to 2027 (Grand View Research).

"In today's health and wellness market, consumers seek scientifically backed products that they can trust, and our collaborative launch with Clasado positions us in the forefront of the growing synbiotic market, based on research and empirical evidence. Probi Digestis and Probi Defendum are extensively studied probiotic concepts, and we look forward to advancing the wider synbiotic category with our evidence-based approach”, said Anita Johansen CEO of Probi.

"The biotics category is experiencing an unprecedented era of growth and discovery, and we are thrilled to reveal our synbiotic combinations in partnership with Probi, at SupplySide West,” added Per Rehné, CEO of Clasado. “By synergizing our expertise, we are taking the guesswork away for formulators with predetermined and scientifically backed combinations, based on the most comprehensively studied ingredients of their kind. This unlocks faster speed to market, as well as more reliable results.”

Synergistic and complementary synbiotics

According to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP), a synbiotic can be either synergistic or complementary.

A synergistic synbiotic is a solution where “the substrate is designed to be selectively utilized by the co-administered microorganism(s)”. In other works, the prebiotic selectively nourishes the probiotic and results in a stronger health benefit in the host, than what can be seen by one of the ingredients alone.

A complementary synbiotic is defined as “a synbiotic composed of a probiotic combined with a prebiotic, which is designed to target autochthonous microorganisms”. Put another way, the prebiotic and probiotic work side by side, each of them delivering their proposed health benefit to the host.

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