CBD alliance to benefit from AI technology

By Olivia Haslam

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GettyImages - CBD and AI / PrathanChorruangsak
GettyImages - CBD and AI / PrathanChorruangsak

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The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) have formed a strategic partnership with Chem ID Ltd, a provider of chemical data standardisation, validation, and traceability solutions.

Chem ID's​ cloud-based data platform aims to offer a solution to ensure the integrity and security of chemical data.

Through this partnership, ACI​ and CMC​ members will gain access to technology that enables them to affirm the authenticity and quality of their products.

Utilising AI​ 

Alex Andrawes, CEO of Chem ID stated: “Chem ID has built chemical data management solutions that carry the industry forward into maturity by leveraging powerful AI tools to improve product development, process flow, risk reduction, improving cost efficiencies and future-proofing. 

“The outcome is a transparent industry with a strong emphasis on public safety via truth-in-labelling, thereby building consumer confidence and trust.”

He explains to NutraIngredients that the company utilises algorithms that analyse various sources of data to complete a certificate of analysis, noting that these multiple data sources are crucial for validating the accuracy of the certificate.

He says that over the past two years, Chem ID has developed an algorithm that has been extensively trained on testing data related to hemp and cannabis. 

 “By comparing the certificate of analysis results with the corresponding metadata, we ensure the authenticity, verification, and security of the chemical data, and to achieve this, we utilise blockchain technology to hash the data.”

Andrawes notes that while some aspects of the algorithm remain proprietary, it primarily relies on multiple trusted sources and a set of rules to determine the validity of the certificate.

The rules by which they assess the data provided by the AI technology are determined by pre-existing rules established by government authorities, as well as their own business logic rules. 

For example, Andrawes explains, they look for irregularities such as submitting one sample to multiple labs to obtain favourable results or conflicts of interest between service providers.

He states that the partnership is expected to provide ACI and CMC members with the confidence to expand market access and explore new business growth opportunities.

The ACI​ 

The ACI is a membership organisation aiming to facilitate a safe, legal, and thriving commercial cannabis extract market in the UK and Europe. 

Dr. Parveen Bhatarah, regulatory and compliance associate at ACI, states: "Partnering with Chem ID allows us to take a step forward in ensuring the supply chain transparency and reliability of CBD products.

“By leveraging Chem ID's technology, we can provide our members with the tools necessary to meet regulatory requirements and drive the growth of the legal cannabis extract market.”

The CMC​ 

The CMC is an organisation involved in medical cannabis research, advocacy, and policy reform.

Professor Trevor Jones, Chief Scientific Advisor at CMC, says the organisation aims to advance standards and regulations in the UK's medical cannabis industry. 

He notes that this collaboration aims to enhance consumer, retailer, regulator, patient, and prescriber trust and confidence in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

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