Brand new: Sleep aid insights from Renovatio, SleepDrops, AMILI's probiotic innovation and more

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Brands featured in this round-up include Renovatio, SleepDrops, AMILI, Kao, and Meiji.  ©Getty Images
Brands featured in this round-up include Renovatio, SleepDrops, AMILI, Kao, and Meiji. ©Getty Images

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This round-up will look at new developments across health and nutrition brands in APAC, including sleep aid supplement market insights from Renovatio and SleepDrops, as well as probiotic innovation from AMILI and more.
Supplements for supermarkets: Australia’s Renovatio develops Woolworths’ exclusive mental wellbeing supplement

Renovatio Bioscience has launched a mental wellbeing supplement exclusive for supermarket chain Woolworths.

Known as Renovatio Mental Resilience, the new product claims to be for mild anxiety and stress, emotional and mood balance, as well as improving sleep quality.

Founder of Renovatio, Dr. Vincent Candrawinata believes that making such products available in supermarkets could help to open up conversation and destigmatise issues around mental wellbeing.

Not only for adults: SleepDrops on demand for babies', kids' sleep aid supplements in NZ, China

Sleep aid supplements are gaining traction among parents seeking solutions to help their kids and babies sleep better, according to Auckland-based sleep supplement specialist SleepDrops.

According to Kirsten Taylor, CEO and founder at SleepDrops International, parents are buying sleep aid supplements for their kids and babies for a host of reasons, from exposure to new foods, stomach discomfort, to environmental factors.

The trend can also be seen in New Zealand and China – where it recently introduced the product via a pilot program with Tmall.

Healthy ageing: Kao launches FFCs for mobility and cognitive function in new format and claims

Kao has launched two new healthy ageing related Foods with Function Claims (FFCs) in Japan, targeted at improving mobility and cognitive function.

The two new products, launched under the Refine (リファイン) brand, were first made available in 274 Sugi Pharmacy chain stores since April.

The active ingredients used is milk-derived sphingomyelin in product for mobility health and coffee bean-derived chlorogenic acids  in the product for cognitive health.

‘Our own norms’: Singapore precision health firm AMILI launches five probiotic formulations to suit Asian microbiome

Singapore-based gut microbiome firm AMILI, has launched five probiotic formulations to target immunity, well-being, energy, mental health and strength – all tailored to the Asian population.

The products were launched under the brand name BIO & ME.

Founded in September 2019, AMILI owns and continues to build what is believed to be the world’s largest multi-ethnic Asia-based gut microbiome database. By end-2022, AMILI hopes to collect 10,000 unique stool samples.

Bouncing back: Meiji re-enters Thailand’s infant formula market after 17 years with powder cubes​ 

Meiji is re-entering Thailand’s infant formula market, 17 years after it wound up its business in the country due to an international currency crisis.

It launched Meiji GU Formula Gold EZcube, a powder cube product for toddlers age one to three.

At this stage, the product is sold mainly via ecommerce. However, there are plans to introduce it to the hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and baby care stores, the company told us.

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