Quicksilver takes multi supplement approach to anti aging market

By Hank Schultz

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©Getty Images - Phil Bradbury
©Getty Images - Phil Bradbury

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Quicksilver Scientific is capitalizing on the anti aging trend with a suite of products meant to be consumed in a staged system. The company says it plans to use the format in an upcoming clinical trial.

The new approach uses a variety of existing products that are all formulated with Quicksilver’s liposomal delivery system, which is characterized as a ‘nanoparticle technology.’  It was the brainchild of founder Chris Shade, PhD, who stated the company more than a decade ago with a focus on mercury detoxification.

In the years since Quicksilver has branched out into more than 50 mostly liquid supplement products aimed at immune health, health aging, gut health, detoxification and more.  

Safety in numbers

The new anti aging combo products are grouped under the heading ‘Bio-Age Reversal Program.’  The approach applies three sequential monthly product offerings, dubbed Reset, Activate and Elevate.  Each 4-week product grouping contains four or five different products.

Among the key products are a liposomal encapsulated nicotinamide riboside mononucleotide (NMN), which is a precursor of NAD+, a key cellular health molecule. Maintaining NAD+ plus levels, which naturally decline with age, has become a goal within the supplement industry as a way to slow the aging process at the cellular level.

Other products include botanicals like cat’s claw, dandelion and gentian, Ahiflower oil, which is a source of plant-based omega-3s, and other ingredients.

Spinning the wheel

Shade said the protocol when used as designed will positively affect what he refers to as the ‘longevity wheel.’ This construct includes the aforementioned NAD+ but also has spokes attached to concepts like activating the anti aging SIRTUINS genes, maintaining the length of telomeres which in turn protect the cells’ DNA and prevents age-related replication errors as well as additional concepts.

“Longevity research tells us that biological aging starts at the cellular level, long before we even begin to see visible signs of aging in the mirror,”  Shade said.

He added the modules, "were carefully curated to support and target the diverse mechanisms, pathways and molecules that play a role in optimal cellular health and function, helping address many specific aging concerns and longevity goals.”

Shade said his company plans to use the new protocol in a clincal trial designed to measure the effects via one of the  ‘aging clocks’ that are now available, such as the DNA methylation approach developed by Steven Horvath, PhD of UCLA.

Products’ benefits come at steep price tag

One hurdle for wider acceptance of this supplement stack approach to anti aging  could be the cost.  Liposomal products are more expensive to begin with, and combing them exacerbates the issue.  Quicksilver is selling the whole 3-month program for $1,233. But Shade said he believes there is are a couple of dedicated subsets of supplement users out there who are numerous and active enough to make the program economically viable for his company.

“This could be useful for higher-income CEOs who are looking to get an edge on the next two decades of their careers. And then there are biohackers who have changed the landscape of professional supplements,”​ he said.

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