Danish company Reconpharma brings supplements for soldiers to US

By Adi Menayang

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Photo: U.S. Army/Public Domain
Photo: U.S. Army/Public Domain
The nutraceutical start-up out of Denmark markets dietary supplements to “help manage and prevent the physical and psychological pressure of persons serving in the military.”

“When we started to develop the products back in the spring 2015, our main goal was to enter the US market, because the US holds the largest military bases in the world,”​ Martin Holmblad, CEO of Reconpharma​, told NutraIngredients-USA.

“Our core audience is soldiers, and I myself was an Iraqi veteran and fought besides both British and American troops,”​ he added.

Filling in a gap

In a press release announcing its expansion to the US​, Holmblad explained that the food being served on the military bases had a focus of protein but lacked the essential vitamins military personnel needed, which pushed him to launch Reconpharma. 

"When I was deployed in 2005 I thought a lot about the lack of supplements. I stayed at a base with UK and US troops and you could get a lot of protein powder but the vitamins and minerals were not available,"​ Holmblad said. "Last year I got a chance to start up this company with a goal to create a complete supplement that could fulfil 100 percent of the required daily intake of vitamins and minerals." 

The CQB-Complex group of supplements by Reconpharma.

The line includes a C-complex with 23 vitamins and six minerals as well as goji berries; a Q-complex with with vitamin B6 and minerals; and a B-complex with potassium and Korean ginseng. “We colored our supplements, so the user knows that he or she has to take all the green pills together with breakfast, and the brown pills 30 minutes before bedtime,”​ Holmblad said.

Web and brick-and-mortar

The line launched in Denmark in February of this year. “The first month and a half on the Danish market, we managed to get +22 wholesalers, and more are coming as we speak,”​ he said, adding that the wholesalers are both online and physical stores.

For the US, the company has big plans. “We are going wide out in the US, so you hopefully will find our products in for example Amazon.com and a long list of other webshops,”​ he said. “Besides that we are pushing our products out to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens and a long list of ‘brick and mortar’ stores around the US.”

Holmblad added that the soldier-tailored supplements aren’t just for soldiers. “Besides military personnel, it’s also meant for athletes, policemen, firefighters, and even business men, and all persons with a tough everyday job,”​ he said.

Whoever buys and takes the supplements, the press release said, will be supporting different veteran projects in the US. 

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1 comment

GREAT Idea: If optimal criteria is met

Posted by Janeway,

Wow, this is greatly encouraging news coming from an obviously savvy person from outside the US...when considering how many men and women are serving in the military (other forces)...even to help better counter subtle (underlying immune disturbances) effects of the synthetic vaccines they've had no choice but to accept. In addition, a properly balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and various herbals will acutely help their bodies to better detox and restore that which is so physiologically and mentally taxing each and every day.

Hopefully there are biochemically sufficient amounts of the Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in both the green and brown servings (i.e. 1000 mg/ea.) because due to long ago mutation, we humans (like gorillas, guinea pigs, fruit bats) do NOT naturally manufacture this 'supremely mighty' antioxidant/vitamin and therefore, must know to supplement since there is no way to ingest enough from diet alone. In particular, Vitamin C is an 'essential' (not fat soluble or stored, so must be replenished) nutrient that provides not only respiratory support against opportunistic pathogens and/or chemical exposure, but also contributes to the collagen production (skin, elasticity) and supports the integrity of musculature tissue, like that of heart and circulatory system.

All in all, with starting line-up focus on Vitamin C, Q (I surmise CoQ10) and the energizing B's...if these Danish-derived dietary supplements are 1.) sourced from non-GMO raw materials, 2.) use therapeutic doses (higher than RDA) and 3.) there is a third party (i.e. NSF) for due diligent monitoring of consistent Q.C. they are likely to 'cover the bases' of a niche market that has for too long been overlooked.

Again, to make a biologically meaningful difference, the balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals MUST be higher than what is currently a minimalist's misguided conclusion about the RDA.

Otherwise, if fore mentioned 'more optimal' criteria can be met, I will duly applaud this very promising effort on the part of Holmblad and his start up group. Hear, hear.

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