CRN counsels consumers on how to choose supplements

So many options...
So many options...

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Managing expectations and looking for third part certifications are just two of the tips from the Council for Responsible Nutrition to help consumers select the right supplements.

With so much choice in the marketplace, the trade association has released a list of tips and a video to help consumers make informed choices.

“Consumers have a wide variety of choice when it comes to purchasing dietary supplements—choice that exists in selecting product categories and specific products as well as choosing the company or source that sells them,” ​explained CRN.

“Some choices are smarter than others, and consumers would be wise to do their homework—whether it’s asking your healthcare professional (doctor, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, etc.) what he or she recommends, and/or doing your own research about a particular company or on the supporting science (check out websites like WebMD, Life…supplemented, or government sites such as the Food and Drug Administration or the Office of Dietary Supplements), or looking for third party seals or certifications on products.  

“Legitimate dietary supplement companies put a lot of emphasis on ensuring product quality as they have a stake in a customer’s health—in other words, they are in it for the long run, and want loyal customers who will be customers for a long time.”

In a video with Steve Mister, CRN’s President and CEO, the association offers the following tips​:

Manage your expectations.
Don’t look for quick fixes.
If it sounds too good to be true…  You know how that saying goes…it probably is. 
Choose products that are legal.  
Choose nationally recognized brands or store brands from a trusted retailer. 
Look for quality seals or third-party certifications. 
Watch where you buy.  
Look for membership in an industry trade association. 
Visit the company’s website.  
Look for product labels and ingredient lists. 
Be careful of companies that regularly undergo name changes. 

To read the full list, please click here. 

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