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We don’t see the pre-workout sector going in the right direction post-DMAA: Chromadex CEO

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By Stephen Daniells

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New ‘suspect alkaloids’ are finding their way into the controversial pre-workout supplement sector, and potentially dangerous products will continue to flourish in the marketplace while there is wider support from the industry, according to the CEO of Chromadex.

In a provocative interview with NutraIngredients-USA at the recent SupplySide West show, Frank Jaksch told us that he does not see the pre-workout sector going in the right direction, post-DMAA, with his company tracking at least four or five examples “new alkaloids that may be more dangerous”​.

“We see it going in the opposite direction of what you’d expect. Because of DMAA and what happened with DMAA we expected people to move in a different direction but we see the opposite.

“We’re being approached by all kinds of suspect alkaloids that are the replacement DMAA.”

Industry support?

“The companies that create these types of products cannot exist in a vacuum,” ​said Jaksch. “They have support. Although I know everyone likes to hold them up as, quote, the handful of bad actors that are not representative of the market, well, that may be true, but what’s also true is that they have some very large companies that are upstanding participants in this market that are supporting these guys by manufacturing product for them, and in some other cases actually financing them during their growth.”

“The industry as a whole, although it likes to condemn these companies as not representative, in a lot of cases there is a wide degree of support that is provided to these types of companies. And some of that support even through their ability to buy membership into trade associations.”

So how to break the chain? “That’s the key question,”​ said Jaksch. “The problem is that if these companies continue to get support because of economics, and people are drawn to the dollars. People have to stop making products for these companies. It’s never going to stop unless these companies participating in this market stop working with these guys.”

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1 comment

Frank Jaksch should come clean

Posted by Mike Smith,

This would be a good video article if it was some one other then Frank Jaksch being interviewed.

For those who do not know, there is a massive conflict of interest that comes into play here. Its big enough that Nutraingredients can do an entire expose on it.

Franks company, Chromadex, has multiple investors involved. One of these investors is well known Dr. Phillip Frost who owns almost 20% of the company. What many do no know, is Dr Frost is also an owner in MusclePharm, the sport supplement company. One of Musclepharms product - Assault - is a very large seller in the preworkout category. However in the past few years its market share took a massive hit by products containing these stimulants such as USPLabs Jack3D and BPI's 1MR. During the DMAA removal from the marketplace, Jaksch had a large role in influencing the regulatory side (along with his friends such as Anthony Almada). Removing these products from the market meant a larger share for other products such as MusclePharm's Assault and even the stimulant that Chromadex sells - PurEnergy.

Yes.. Chromadex sells a stimulant that they are marketing to manufacturers to use in their energy and preworkout products. Coincidence? Nope.

So when reading this article or watching the video, take Jaksch's word with a gain of salt. He should note that HIS investors have a lot of "economic gain" if these products are pulled off the market.

Remember, there is always a hand behind the puppet.

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