Melinjo Resveratrol launching in markets outside Japan

Japanese nutrient ingredients company Hosoda will now sell its Melinjo Resveratrol line internationally. The product, which is produced at Hosoda’s new extraction plant in Java, has been available on the market in Japan for several years, and will now be introduced in the United States before later landing in Europe. 

Melinjo Resveratrol is a natural, unaltered resveratrol source extracted from the seeds of the melinjo tree, or Gnetum gnemon, which is native to Southeast Asia. The plant is commonly cultivated across Indonesia and its seeds, leaves and flowers are used as an ingredient in many dishes served on traditional occasions. 

Its seed contains an abundance of resveratrol (stilbenoid), mainly in the form of dimers (Gnetin C). Melinjo resveratrol has been studied for more than 10 years, principally by Japanese scientists, and there is already a good level of clinical documentation about it while new studies are continuing to emerge. In addition to Melinjo Resveratrol’s anti-oxidative and anti-viral activities, it may also reduce visceral fat and increase stamina in human beings.

The product, sold exclusively by Hosoda, has seen strong sales over several years on the Japanese market, where it is sold in nutritional formulations, as a single supplement and with other functional ingredients, like royal jelly. 

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