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Fabricant: Gap between NDI numbers and submissions is too big 'no matter how you slice it'

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It might be controversial, but the FDA's draft guidance on new dietary ingredients (NDIs) does not mean the end of the dietary supplements trade as we know it, insists Daniel Fabricant in an exclusive interview with NutraIngredients-USA at SupplySide West.

Talking with Stephen Daniells, Dr Fabricant fielded questions on the FDA's assessment on the time required for a notification, a definite grandfathered list, FDA's resources to cope with an anticipated avalanche of submissions, probiotics, and much more...

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Good Job Dan

Posted by Steve Baugh,

I think Dan did an excellent job covering this topic in the interview. I wonder how many people that are complaining have ever filled out an NDI, or are they just commenting out of ignorance.

I myself have found many people are afraid of regulatory agencies and don't approach them with questions. I think Dan is very approachable and more people should actually contact the Dan and talk about this rather than taking a stand out of context.

I am expecting the FDA to apply their limited resources appropriately, and address the most dangerous ingredients first.
There are enough designer steroids and other synthetic ingredients out there to keep the FDA busy for a while...

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