Quote:Unquote. Pearls of wisdom from the podium at SupplySide East

By Elaine Watson

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We went to Secaucus (so you didn't have to) ...
We went to Secaucus (so you didn't have to) ...
If you didn’t make it to Supply Side East (or were too busy cutting deals in the exhibition hall to catch up with the conference) we’ve collated some pearls of wisdom from the education program to give you something to chew on with your coffee this morning…

BEAUTY FROM WITHIN FOR MEN? FORGET IT “Beauty from within products aimed at men are a non-starter right now.” Tom Vierhile, Datamonitor

RESVERATROL IS HOT!​ “New food and beverage product launches containing resveratrol tripled in 2009-2010. This is an ingredient to watch​…” Tom Vierhile, Datamonitor

AND SO IS PROTEIN! “Almost half (49 percent) of adults in a 2010 IFIC survey said they were trying to eat more protein. I think this is going to be a real breakout area as products move from the sport nutrition area to the mass market.” Tom Vierhile, Datamonitor

BUT HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS NOT “More than 2% of all new food product launches in the US in 2010 contained the claim ‘no high fructose corn syrup’ compared with 0.2% in 2006…” Tom Vierhile, Datamonitor

CONSUMERS DON'T UNDERSTAND FAT​ "In the IFIC 2010 consumer survey, 43 percent say they are trying to eat more omega-3s, but 37% say they are trying to consume fewer polyunsaturated fatty acids [which would actually include omega-3s] and 31 percent are trying to consume fewer monounsaturated fats [healthier fats such as olive oil]." Tom Vierhile, Datamonitor

KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID​ “I think we’ll see more functional food products with single ingredients instead of ones with multiple ingredients and claims where manufacturers have thrown in the kitchen sink.” Mark Crowell, CuliNex

A NATURAL HIGH?​ “There has been an increase in foods fortified with vitamins and minerals, but a much bigger interest in foods claiming to be ‘naturally high' in them.” Bob McNabb, Natural Marketing Institute

CONSUMERS EQUATE ORGANICS WITH HEALTHIER “Surveys asking why consumers first started buying organics show that 54 percent did so ‘to promote health’; 40 percent said it was to 'help the local community' and 34 percent say to 'help the environment'.” Bob McNabb, Natural Marketing Institute

NDI GUIDANCE: DOES ARMAGEDDON AWAIT? “The FDA appears to have a very broad view of what’s considered ‘new’ and a very narrow definition of what is considered to be a ‘dietary ingredient’.

“The industry might want clarity on this, but I think it falls into the ‘be careful what you wish for’ category’. This is probably going to be a very contentious document.

“As for proof that ingredient X was on the market before 1994, ‘I remember selling this in 1980’ will not be considered sufficient.” Marc Ullman, Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman

FDA BUDGET CUTS “In future maybe we’ll see more of a user-fee approach from the FDA, literally pay-to-play enforcement” John Gay, Natural Products Association

THE WILD WEST (AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS) “We must counter the misimpression that Congress is getting from the consumer press that the dietary supplements industry is essentially unregulated – it is not the Wild West.” Steven Mister, Council for Responsible Nutrition

FOOD SAFETY DOUBLE WHAMMY?​ “If you’re a supplier of raw materials to the dietary supplements industry your customers may already expect you to follow GMPs, but under the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) you will also be required by law to follow FSMA's new HACCP rules, so there could be some duplication of efforts.” Marc Ullman, Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman

ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT​ “Qualifying information about claims must be clearly and prominently disclosed on your label near the claim itself. Putting qualifiers in mouse type doesn’t quite cut it.” Steven Weisman, Innovative Science Solutions

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