Brudy and Xsto present new DHA to North American market

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Spanish ingredient maker Brudy Technology and US distributor Xsto Solutions tell Lorraine Heller about a new omega-3 DHA launched in the North American market.

Algatrium, derived from fish, is manufactured using a technology developed by Brudy, which results in a docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that closely resembles the DHA found in the human body.

Unlike most other forms of DHA, Algatrium concentrates DHA in the second position on the triglyceride molecule, which is the structural form found in human breast milk.

Triglycerides, which are the lipid forms that omega-3 DHA and EPA are found in, are made up of glycerol molecules with three fatty acids linking to them.

DHA from fish or algae is generally found in the first or third positions on the triglyceride backbone. When it is consumed, the body converts and stores most of it in tissue in the second position.

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