Angel Yeast Extract – Savoury Ingredients

Angel Yeast Extract – Savoury Ingredients

Angel Yeast Extract, one of the main business units of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, is a global manufacturer of yeast, yeast extract, and yeast-derived ingredients. Angel Yeast Extract helps food manufacturers to create versatile savory food recipes by providing a full range of yeast ingredients, from basic yeast extract to flavor yeast extract and more. With yeast extract offered with Angel quality and expertise, you can make delicious recipes that are guaranteed with taste and nutrition. Angel yeast extract has been widely applied in soups, sauces, instant noodles, snacks, plant-based meals, meat products, and other food applications. Angel’s outstanding R&D and technical application team has rich experiences in providing customers with tailor-made food solutions according to different applications.

Angel Yeast is capable of supplying:

  • Angeoprime, standard yeast extract
  • Angeoboost, strong umami yeast extract
  • Angeotide, rich peptide yeast extract
  • Angearom, flavor yeast extract
  • AngeoPro, yeast protein
  • Angeocell, autolyzed yeast, inactive dry yeast


  • Natural ingredient
  • Natural source of Umami
  • Sustainable source of vegan protein
  • Reducing salt & sugar
  • Off-notes masking
  • Pure and clean taste profile
  • Clean label