The New Microbiome Frontier – Metabolic Health

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The New Microbiome Frontier – Metabolic Health

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Join industry experts for groundbreaking insight into how caring for our gut microbiome can potentially impact our metabolic health. 

Today's consumers are increasingly aware of how gut health can affect almost every aspect of their well-being, including overall metabolic health. So how can manufacturers create functional products that keep up with both demand and the latest microbiome research? The answer may lie with prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic supplementation. 

This session will take a closer look at the importance of metabolic health and its role in our overall health, as well as proprietary consumer data and trends. It will also feature an in-depth discussion on how manufacturers can capitalize on this information to create uniquely tailored solutions in the convenient delivery formats consumers demand.

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Vaughn Dubow Vaughn Dubow Global Director of Marketing, Microbiome

Janice M.W. Rueda Janice M.W. Rueda Vice President, Nutrition Science Business Development