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EMOTHION®: The effective – in body – form of Glutathione


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EMOTHION®: The effective – in body – form of Glutathione

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Emothion®​ is the crystalline form of S-Acetyl Glutathione, the cutting-edge alternative developed to overcome the poor effectiveness of GSH supplementation, due to its poor absorption and its hydrolytic degradation in the body. Emothion®​ has more rapid dissolution rate and, therefore, is orally well absorbed.

Emothion®​ is a precursor of glutathione and works as GSH-replenishment agent. Once internalized into the cells, Emothion®​ increases GSH level more efficiently than normal GSH.

Reduced glutathione (GSH) is the most powerful antioxidant agent in all living organisms. Chronic oxidative stress, some pathologies and aging process can reduce GSH level in the organism. Restoring GSH level is a good tool to deal with the above states.

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