Maximizing esports success: Meeting gamer demand

Maximizing esports success: Meeting gamer demand

With popularity growing at an exponential rate, esports is no longer a niche category. The door for opportunity is wide open and this webinar from the award-winning NutraIngredients-USA editorial team will explore how to get into the game by examining the state of the market, including what benefits gamers are seeking, how to deliver on these benefits, what the research says and how to translate that science into efficacious products.


 Jason Chung Jason Chung Executive Director of Esports
The University of New Haven

Holden MacRae, Ph.D. Holden MacRae, Ph.D. Co- Founder, Chief Science Officer, Technology, Research & Data

Joshua Schall Joshua Schall, MBA President
J. Schall Consulting

Danielle Masterson Danielle Masterson Senior Correspondent