Lodaat build science for ingredient portfolio with new studies

By Stephen Daniells

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From ashwagandha for sleep to Holy Basil for daytime functioning and concentration, ingredient supplier Lodaat has reported the publication of a number of studies for its ingredients.

The first study, published in the International Journal for Research in Applied and Natural Science​, examined the role of its Ashwadaat-branded ashwagandha ingredient for stress management and sleep improvements.

Data from an open-label, multi-center, human clinical trial indicated that a 1 gram per day dose of the Ashwadaat led to significant improvements in Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) scores and a 55% improvement in Insomnia Severity Index scores.   

Improvements in measures of quality of life (QoL) were also observed in the study, which lasted for 30 days and included 30 people aged between 18 and 55.

The India-based scientists concluded: “The present study concludes that Ashwadaat helps in reduction of stress and other associated symptom, also effective in improving sleep quality. The product was also found to be safe without producing any adverse effects. Further comparative studies with larger sample size are warranted to validate and confirm on the clinical efficacy as well as mode of action of Ashwadaat.”

Holy Basil

A second study, also published in the International Journal for Research in Applied and Natural Science,​ examined the potential efficacy of the company’s Holy Basil-based ingredient, which is branded TulsiOdaat.

The scientists recruited 31 people with mild-to-moderate insomnia to participate in their open label, single arm, multi-centric study. The participants received 450 mg TulsiOdaat twice a day for 30 days with the results indicating improvements in scores for total sleep time and sleep efficiency.

The supplement was also associated with significant reductions in the time to fall asleep, the total number of awakenings, and wake time after sleep onset. Severity of insomnia was also improved, stated the scientists.

“Even after stoppage of treatment for seven days, no significant rebound of insomnia was observed in any of the subjects suffering from primary insomnia,”​ they added. 

Additional analysis revealed that the various measures of daytime functioning improved after 30 days of Holy Basil supplementation, including the following subcategories: Change in Daytime Mood, Change in Ability to Function at Work, Change in Concentration, and Change in Memory.

Rajiv Khatau, Lodaat managing director, said: “Maintaining healthy sleep and daytime mood is critical in today’s hectic lifestyle. The innovation behind TulsiOdaat is that it is a natural sleep aid with little to no rebound after cessation, unlike melatonin and other sleep ingredients.”​ 


The company also reported results from an in vitro study of its turmeric ingredient, called AquaTurm, which showed stimulation of macrophages and enhancement of their phagocytic activity.

Data published in the International Journal of Herbal Medicine​ suggested that the ingredient has potential immunostimulatory effects, which should be confirmed in human trials. The company is reported to already be conducting four human clinical studies on the AquaTurm, including double-blinded placebo control trials.

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