Mdrive unleashes hybrid nutritional supplement

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Gary Kehoe, the inventor behind Zicam, has introduced a new product under his Mdrive brand.

Arizona dietary supplements company Mdrive recently released Mdrive Start, a hybrid nutritional supplement that combines six clinically tested ingredients to support energy, testosterone levels, lean muscle and memory with six forms of protein.

"It's unheard of to have six protein sources and seven clinically tested ingredients in one product,​” said Michael Kehoe, president of Mdrive.

Ingredients selection

“The proteins were carefully selected to cover a wide range of benefits from a high-end, very digestible native whey protein, to a mix of four vegetable proteins, to the addition of skin-loving collagen. Digestive enzymes were chosen to help the digestibility of all the nutrients these powders deliver. Vitamins were incorporated to help supplement and fill in the gaps in our diet. Also added were: KSM-66 Ashwagandha, a powerful stress-busting adaptogen, EnXtra and zumXR caffeine to give you a sustained energy boost through-out your day, and S7, a blend of plant extracts shown to boost nitric oxide to help aid blood flow to the muscles, and last but not least, Chromax to help regulate glucose metabolism and help body fat reduction while maintaining lean body mass,”​ said Cecile Kehoe, chief science officer for Mdrive.

She added that native whey protein is a complete protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids and is also a fast-digesting protein. Vegetable proteins on the other hand, have a slower digestibility and absorption profile for a more sustained protein release. Cecile Kehoe explained that it is good to have fast and slow release proteins in a product to pack in a 1-2 punch.

The hardest part about developing this formulation? “Making it taste good,” ​said Cecile. “You can formulate a powder drink with the best good-for-you ingredients, but if it doesn't taste good no one will want to drink it. Mdrive Start tastes really good.”

Hybrid effect

“We look at Mdrive Start as a combination of a protein powder, which supplies nutritional components like calories, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, etc. and supplement ingredients like vitamins, adaptogens, herbal extracts, caffeine, etc. You could separate Mdrive Start into two separate products--a protein powder with six different proteins and digestive enzymes, and a traditional supplement with vitamins, ashwagandha, enXtra, S7, Chromax, and zumXR caffeine. Since we researched that some men may be experiencing ‘pill fatigue,’ we thought that combining their daily protein powder with ingredients usually found in a capsule form would be a great idea,”​ explained Cecile Kehoe.

Standout appeal

The Mdrive team said that they have observed more men becoming interested in ant-aging and beauty-from-within products recently.

“We think men may feel more comfortable about ingesting ingredients that are good for the body and the skin rather than using cosmetic creams,”​ added Cecile.

Products that are clinically validated will be the most attractive for consumers, so formulations with proven, branded ingredients like KSM-66 and enXtra will stand out. Men also find convenience and a no-fuss approach appealing, so products that can quickly and easily be consumed on the go are key to the male demographic.

“Mdrive Start is like taking nine different ingredients, each with its own unique benefits, all in one,”​ said Cecile. “Multitasking at its best.”

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