PEA supplement the next big thing in eSports, says Gencor

By Nikki Hancocks

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A Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) supplement matches the efficacy of ibuprofen for reducing pain severity and duration of headaches creating an exciting opportunity within the eSports category, says Gencor.

The global botanicals supplier has revealed the results of a recent double-blind RCT, currently under review for publication, in a preview of what they will discuss during NutraIngredients' Sports & Active Nutrition Online Series (launched September 23rd​).

As a supporter of the brain health (eSports) focused episode airing on October 14th, Gencor's product development executive Mariko Hill will host a presentation noting that tension headaches are a common issue seen amongst gamers. 

She will discuss the resulting opportunity for innovation using clinically studied branded botanical ingredients and delivery technologies, notably the company's palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) supplement named Levagen+ which uses LipiSperse technology to increase functionality and bioavailability of PEA in the body.  

The company has confidence in the product for the eGaming category after the 'remarkable' results of a four-month long RCT which compared the efficacy of the product with ibuprofen for reducing pain severity and duration of headaches in 100 healthy adults.

Discussing the results with NI ahead of her presentation at the event, Hill says: "Levagen+ showed equivalence to Ibuprofen across the whole spectrum of headache resolutions and proved better than Ibuprofen in time taken to resolve severe headaches. Ibuprofen performed better in proprotion of people who were pain free after 2 hours when they had a moderate headache at the onset.

"The outcomes of the study were remarkable and is is very relevant to todays society, where NSAIDS are heavily used as an OTC-medication for pain relief.  Despite its benefits, NSAIDS comes with a myriad of side effects - whether that is GI upsets, headaches or even disruption to the gut microbiota.  With the positive results we have found in the Ibuprofen vs Levagen+ Headache study, it not only helps practitioners make more evidence-informed decisions on using PEA as an NSAID alternative but for brands to also innovate with products that 'manage discomfort'."  

This year’s Sports & Active Nutrition Summit Europe event has transitioned into an online event so that we can continue to share insights and present new research findings on this important sector.

The series will bring three category focused events, including:

  • Performance & Recovery ​- 30 September @ 3pm CET
  • Gut Microbiome ​- 7 October @ 3pm CET 
  • Brain Performance (with a focus on Esports) ​- 14 October @ 3pm CET

To register for free, click the link below:


30 Sep - 14 Oct 2020     Three Online Events




Performance & Recovery - 30 September


Gut Microbiome - 7 October


Brain Performance - 14 October


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