Cinnamon extract by Indian company Akay gets US patent

By Adi Menayang

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iStock / Yeko Photo Studio
iStock / Yeko Photo Studio
India-based flavor and aromatics specialist Akay Group has received a US patent for the processing technology and composition of a cinnamon ingredient branded as ProcynCi.

The patent 9861610​ was finalized in January this year and covers the process and composition of cinnamon polyphenols, standardized to the “highest levels of bioactive and bioavailable procyanidin type A/B polymers,”​ according to the company.

Akay Group markets the resulting cinnamon extract for its enhanced antioxidant, antidiabetic, hypolipidemic and weight management potential, suitable for the management of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. 

The company has conducted studies on the ingredient’s potential anti-diabetic properties, two of which are published in peer-reviewed journals Food & Function​ and Journal of Functional Foods​ in 2014.

“Though the water extracts of cinnamon widely used today can extract polyphenols from cinnamon barks, Akay’s research has shown higher efficacy of cinnamon extracts with enhanced levels of polyphenols/procyanidins,”​ argued Dr. Im Krishnakumar, chief research officer at Akay. 

“Thus, ProcynCi produced by the present patented manufacturing process would contain high levels of cinnamon polyphenols—more than 40%—with 6 to 10% of procyanidin type A polymers, which are individually characterized, estimated, and standardized by the state-of-the-art LC/MS/MS measurements, with enhanced efficacy.”

According to the company, the patented process allows for selective removal of toxic coumarins (a vanilla-scented compound) from the bioactive cinnamon polyphenols using water and ethanol.

“Despite the strong regulations, the presence of significant levels of coumarin in many of the commercially available cinnamon extracts is a major issue and limitation for its wide-spread use in functional foods and dietary supplements,”​ said Emmanuel Nambusseril, Director of Marketing at AKAY-Spiceuticals. 

“Looking at the wide possibilities, we have extended our farm level traceability programs and sustainable sourcing initiatives in turmeric, chili, ginger and fenugreek to cinnamon also. We shall process raw material from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and China depending on the customer requirements.”

The company formulated the ingredient to be water soluble, without flavor and without odor, making it suitable for not only traditional supplement delivery forms like tablets, capsules, and softgels, but also powder sachets, honey, soups, chocolates, yogurt, protein bars, protein powder, and milk shakes.

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