Geranium oil issues beginning to ‘bubble over’ into public domain

By Stephen Daniells

- Last updated on GMT

Concerns over the presence of a compound called MHA (methylhexanamine) in performance nutrition products are “beginning to bubble over”into the public domain, and the issue will get bigger, says a leading industry expert.

At the Nutracon event in Anaheim, Anthony Almada, a biochemist and president and CEO of GENr8, told Stephen Daniells that concerns over the presence of MHA (also known as 1,3-dimethylpentylamine or 1,3-dimethylamylamine - DMAA) purportedly contained in geranium oil or geranium oil extract are being talked about behind ‘closed doors’ and that these discussions are becoming more public.

So what happens next? “Do we wait for the regulatory agencies, or Congress, or members of the government to step in, or do we do it ourselves?”​ asked Almada.

“And there are some entities here in the States that are getting ready to ban any products that contain this ingredient, and others are perhaps being very lax, or ignoring the concern because of the economic returns,”​ said Almada.

Almada said he expects the situation to worsen. “I expect there to be a mushroom cloud sighting before summer,”​ he said.

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