Rotating label arrives to up info on supplement bottles

A Canadian company has launched a new style of label on the dietary
supplements market, designed to allow manufacturers to put more
information on their bottles.

Ontario based Market-Wise Enterprises will market the rotating label in North America as "the newest patented innovation in supplement packaging"​.

The label was originally developed by the Californian company Stephen Key Design. The invention allows the consumer to rotate a bottle's label, therefore providing the supplement manufacturer with more space for additional information.

Stephen Lukawski, president of Market-Wise Enterprises, said that the labels add up to 75 percent more information and suggested this could include cross-promotions, in-depth product explanations, consumer education, multi-lingual information, advertising and even contests and promotions.

"Manufacturers can use these labels to explain the science behind their product and help consumers make an informed choice,"​ Lukawski told​.

The new labels are made of a two-ply label that is applied with standard labeling equipment. A clear 'window' panel on the top layer spins to reveal the information on the bottom label or container.

In terms of cost, Lukawski estimates that each label costs about two to three cents more than a standard label, but he believes this is a small price to pay, adding that alternatives like peel-off labels have their downsides as consumers can tamper with them in retail outlets.

Certainly, as the Canadian health authorities and the FDA in the US get tougher on supplement manufacturers, those with clear, informative labels may find themselves with a marketing advantage.

Market-Wise hopes to market the labels worldwide and is looking for brokers in the UK and the rest of Europe to help further this goal.

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