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Product claims

Product claims

The industry has a number of ways of explaining the potential health benefits of its products, from structure/function claims to full health claims. However, claims on labels, websites, at trade shows, and even twitter feeds are coming under increased scrutiny. In this topic category we bring all the news on claims together in one easily accessible section.

Special Edition: Immune Support

Interest in immune support clinical trials increases, despite complexities of immune system

Consumer interest in immune health is high but supporting potential structure-function claims for dietary supplements is challenging given the complexities of the immune system. Multiple options are available, leading CROs...

CBD marketer goes for functional food positioning

A new marketer of CBD products is hanging its hat on a functional food positioning and restricting claims to other ingredients in the products in an effort to find a...

Sabinsa curcumin ingredient performs best in study

Researchers from the University of Louisville have confirmed what curcumin suppliers have been saying all along, that there are significant differences between different curcumin ingredients that could affect how those...

NOSB debates organic status of carrageenan, tocopherols, marine algae, hydroponics

Organic industry stakeholders from across the nation are gathered in St. Louis today for what promises to be a highly contentious three-day meeting during which the National Organic Standards Board...

Ten things to change about DSHEA

If you could change one thing about the Dietary Supplements Health & Education Act, what would it be? Ten industry lawyers weighed in…

JAMA review finds no statistical support for bias in industry-sponsored research

A recent review that did not find a statistically significant link between industry sponsorship of studies and positive outcomes points to the conundrum faced by the developers of dietary ingredients,...

Negative cranberry study looked at wrong endpoint and editorial confounded issue, experts say

A recent negative study on cranberry’s effects on UTIs had a skewed design and an accompanying editorial amplified the misconception, according to experts in the research of the botanical.

Survey finds consumers are cautious, which could put pressure on supplement margins

Consumers are likely to be cautious in spending during the holidays and into the new year, a new consumer research survey has found. While there is still good support for...

CRN to Health Canada: Don't try to fix NHP system if it ain't broke

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has submitted comments to a Health Canada that urges the agency not to scrap the existing product registration system but rather to further refine it...

The growing demand for free-from foods offers Hispanic food, beverage new growth avenue

The Hispanic food and beverage market in the US is growing steadily along with the Latino-American population, but manufacturers can speed its growth and expand the appeal of their products...

Workshop to explore the impact of NDI draft guidance, final GRAS rule for probiotics

A workshop hosted by the International Probiotics Association (IPA) in Washington, DC will tackle some of the key issues facing the probiotics sector, including positions from FDA and FTC on...

Special Edition: Sports Nutrition

Whey's the best for targeted benefits; for general fortification not so much

If you are seeking protein for its nutrient quality, it doesn’t matter much which source you choose. But if you want specific sports nutrition results, whey still leads the way,...

Supplement OWL shows that there’s now a real willingness to be transparent with consumers: CRN

Companies large and small have been beta-testing the CRN’s product registry – the Supplement Online Wellness Library (Supplement OWL) – and it will soon be open to all dietary supplement...

Statistical review shows low Vitamin K2 as risky as smoking for heart disease

A new study that applies a statistical analysis to food intake and disease prevalence data from a number of countries has concluded that vitamin K2 deficiency is as big a...

Warning letter provides lesson in what not to do when citing science

A recent FDA warning letter to a company selling noni products provides a quick précis for what not to do when trying to support your product with science, said an...

What does ‘clean label’ mean in sports nutrition? Experts weigh in

How clean label is defined in sports nutrition depends on the end goal, experts say. Bodybuilders tend to not care as much, while performance athletes may sacrifice taste over efficacy...

Companies beta-testing CRN’s dietary supplement product registry

Nine companies are beta-testing the CRN’s product registry – the Supplement Online Wellness Library (Supplement OWL) – which is being developed and administered by UL.

Walmart to eliminate ‘independent verification’ statement from Spring Valley Supplements

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will remove the “Verified by an independent, certified laboratory” statement from its store-brand Spring Valley dietary supplement labels, following an agreement with Iowa’s Attorney General.

News in brief

Health Canada approves health claim for Sabinsa’s probiotic LactoSpore

Despite 20 years on the market, there continues to be emerging clinical evidence on the probiotic strain.

Special edition: Algae

Algal omega-3s sustainability message should be additive, not predatory, GOED director says

Algal omega-3s are a growing sector of the market, but companies need to be careful of how they sell the benefits of that source, said one expert.

Special edition: Algae

Expert says algae's promise still huge despite disappointments in ingredient development

Algae companies have a habit of over promising and under delivering. According to one longtime expert in the field, that’s almost by default, resulting from the organisms’ almost unlimited potential...

News in brief

Regular Girl achieves non GMO certification on prebiotic/probiotic supplement

Regular Girl, a supplement that mixes Taiyo’s Sunfiber prebiotic ingredient with probiotics, has met the requirements for a Non GMO Project Verified seal, the ingredient manufacturer announced recently. 

Updated FDA marijuana Q&A hems in use of CBD still further

Marketers of CBD-containing dietary supplements have long held out the hope that the status of hemp as a food in the US could provide some regulatory cover. A newly-released clarification...

Whey maker gets warning on inflammation claims

A recent warning letter issued by the Food and Drug Administration makes clear the danger marketers run into when using the words “inflammation” and “chronic” in the same breath, even...

Playing into the clean label trend, PowerBar launches Clean Whey Protein bar and drink

Targeting a mainstream audience, PowerBar enters the clean label space with two new products marketed for its high protein content, low sugar amount, and absence of “artificial sweeteners.”

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