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The industry has a number of ways of explaining the potential health benefits of its products, from structure/function claims to full health claims. However, claims on labels, websites, at trade shows, and even twitter feeds are coming under increased scrutiny. In this topic category we bring all the news on claims together in one easily accessible section.

Meso-zeaxanthin safety & QC debated

Neither illegal, unnatural nor unsafe, says meso-zeaxanthin defender

Meso-zeaxanthin (MZ) proponent says a French government report on the fraudulent use of meso-zeaxanthin in eye health supplements casts unnecessary doubt on a safe and viable compound. ...

Dewmar’s FDA warning letter a ‘no-brainer’: food and drug attorney

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to Dewmar International BMC Inc., alleging that despite labeling its Lean Slow Motion…Potion beverage as a dietary supplement, the...

Oxford conference to broaden scope in recognition of 20th anniversary of DSHEA

The upcoming Oxford Conferenece on the Science of Botanicals will have broader scope this year as part of a retrospective on the 20th anniversary of the Dietary Supplement Health and...

Industry experts dispute dietary supplement critic Cohen's call for sweeping new regulations

A long time critic of the dietary supplement industry, Dr Pieter Cohen, MD, has called for a premarket approval regime and a modified adverse event reporting system for dietary supplements...

ANVISA: Regulation must catch up to booming South American supplements market

Just ahead of the 2014 Vitafoods Conference in São Paulo, Brazil, a spokesperson for the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) caught up with NutraIngredients-USA to discuss the exploding market for...

IPA World Congress, May 9-11 2014, Athens, Greece

Time to renovate your probiotic toolbox? IPA workshop explores how

Companies that manufacture probiotic products can learn much from other fast-moving-consumer-good (FMCG) firms like shower gel, pharmaceutical and smoothie makers in NPD, an expert says.

Predictive data analysis can help companies become 'market makers,' consultant says

Markets, whether for dietary supplements, functional foods or other consumer products, are divided between  “market makers” and “market followers.”  You don’t want to be in the latter group if you...

Time has come to consider DRIs for bioactives, CRN official says

Evidence for the nutrtional benefits of bioactives is steadily accumulating, and the time has come engage regulators in a process of determining dietary reference intakes (DRIs) for the best-researched substances,...

Proposed changes to supplement labels could cause many products to be reformulated

The new levels of nutrients specified will be the prime impact of FDA’s proposed changes on the labels for foods and supplements for the dietary supplement industry, experts agree.

Patents, like castles, are easier to defend when properly constructed, expert says

Patent enforcement has become more of a hot button issue in the dietary supplement realm for a number of reasons. Companies are gaining a deeper appreciation of how a strong...

Concept of biomimicry could inform nutraceutical discovery, manufacture, expert says

Biomimicry, or the practice of taking cues from nature for design of products for human use, could transform the way dietary supplments manufacturers interact with their consumers, an expert says.

CRN: Report finding not enough evidence linking multivitamins to cancer prevention shouldn't obscure their benefits

The final report from a government task force finding no preventive effect of multivitamin usage in relation to cancer and cardiovascular disease has been modified in an appropriate way to...

Next Summit rebranding reflects new unifying themes in supplement industry, organizer says

The dietary supplements and functioanl foods industries have grown tremendously in the two decades since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. After a period...

Special edition: Pre and Probiotics

Probiotic call: Forget health claims (consumers have)

Probiotic players obsessed with winning health claims needn’t bother as consumers don’t value them anyway, a leading consultant says.

FTC files brief justifying restriction of POM's First Amendment rights

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a long awaited brief in POM Wonderful’s appeal of a false advertising case against the company.  As expected, FTC contends that POM’s ads were...

NPA seeks input on message to countervail negative media reports on supplements

Recent negative reports about the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements aren’t just a black eye on the industry.  They represent a groundswell of public sentiment that could lead to...

Live from Probiota 2014

IPA calls for fresh global alliance in probiotics

The founder of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) has called on the Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) to work with it to develop the science and dossiers that can win...

CRN objects to 2 clinical trials standard in comments on FTC consent decree

The Federal Trade Commission seems to be moving toward a blanket policy of required two randomized controlled trials  (RCTs) to support health claims on dietary supplement products.  It’s a trend that...

Live from Probiota 2014

Data eater: EU probiotic yoghurt market to drop 4.5% by 2018; supplements on the up

The market for probiotic yoghurt in 20 key European Union markets will fall 4.5% in the five years between now and 2018, but the overall sector trend remains positive, Euromonitor...

Certified organic coating could help supplement manufacturers get closer to organic claims

Organic claims and non GMO status can be challenging subjects for dietary supplement manufacturers. One aspect of that equation might have become a little simpler with the introduction of what...

Special edition: Polyphenols

Polyphenol use rises 69% in 5 years (but do people get it?)

Polyphenol use in functional food and drink marketing has shot up 69% since 2009 even as consumer understanding remains low and approved global health claims extremely limited. But can it continue?

“I get personal because they [EFSA] get personal to me"

Fed up: Probiotic research veteran issues global call to action

Veteran probiotic researcher professor Gregor Reid is not a happy man. It’s time the probiotic community fought back against those forces that have for too long denied a perfectly valid...

Global probiotic market to add 50% to €33bn by 2018: Analyst

The term ‘probiotic’ may be banned in the European Union – along with its cousin ‘prebiotic’ – but sales remain steady, and the global picture is buoyant, says leading analyst, Euromonitor International.

Nu Skin hits back at ‘hatchet job’ by Chinese government mouthpiece

American direct selling company Nu Skin has hit back at an article in an official Chinese newspaper that slammed the firm's marketing techniques as tantamount to "brainwashing".

Industry applauds FDA's release of final version of liquid dietary supplements guidance

After a four-year delay, FDA has at last released a final version of its guidance on liquid dietary supplements.  The document doesn’t much change the line of thinking offered in...

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