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From contract manufacturing to third-party analytical labs and clinical trials, the world of outsourcing is a growth sector of the dietary supplements industry. We bring you the latest developments in this increasingly important sector.

Reinforcing supply chain integrity a must in the current climate, Gaia exec says

Traceability and sustainability are the new touchstones of the herbal products industry. Gaia Herbs has been at the forefront of this trend, said executive Todd King.

Complexity of herbal nomenclature becomes point of vulnerability for industry

Nailing down a precise nomenclature for herbs is a complicated undertaking, and the best good faith efforts of industry may have unwittingly given an opening to the NY AG Eric...

Probiotic specialist brings Mitsubishi's 'immunobiotic' ingredient to US market in gummy form

Florida-based probiotic specialist Viva 5 Corporation has launched an ‘immunobiotic’ ingredient in a gummy delivery system for the US market.

Increased scrutiny, greater competition makes part-time contract manufacturing less attractive for brand holders

Increased testing demands, more competition from abroad and potential greater liability because of the increasing scrutiny the dietary supplement business has come under in recent months have all conspired to...

Lack of specifications a persistent problem in industry, consultant says

Her academic training in analytical chemistry, which required a lot of repetition, prepared Tara Crouch, PhD well for her new role at EAS Consulting Group.  Crouch said said she has...

Piveg expands Mexican carotenoid production to meet growing demand

Mexican carotenoids manufacturing Piveg is expanding to meet a market demand that CEO Roberto Espinoza says will remain strong for the foreseeable future, a demand that he said is bolstered...

‘Own label product distributors have to understand that ultimate responsibility lies with them’: Experts

Many own label product distributors remain ignorant about their responsibilities under good manufacturing practice (GMPs) when using contract manufacturers and Quality Agreements are still not widely enough used, say industry...

Wildcrafters could become their own endangered species, experts say

Wildcrafting as an herbal raw material sourcing method deals from time to time in species that are, or could be, endangered.  But it is the wildcrafters themselves who might be...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe

Blackmores: We wanted to see krill sustainability with our own eyes

Blackmores, the leading supplement brand in Australia, has taken the unusual step of sending a company representative on a two week-long trip to verify the sustainability practices of Aker BioMarine,...

Strong interest in botanical ID workshop a positive sign for industry, expert says

The fact that an upcoming workshop on botanical identification methods has sold out quickly demonstrates the industry is increasingly getting serious about improving its performance on GMP compliance, one of...

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Transparency could be the 1st step towards greater consistency in testing methods & labs: Experts

Third-party labs that keep their testing information proprietary to gain a competitive advantage may actually be harming their business, say leading experts calling for more transparency in the analytical sector.

Special edition: Outsourcing

The ins and outs: Are firms shifting to vertically integrated supply chains?

Outsourcing. It's no secret it can bring big financial and logistical gains. But in an age when traceability and accountability carry increasing value, are we now seeing a shift towards...

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Tapping into product- and ingredient-specific data can speed R&D cycle, experts say

Stepping beyond a company's in-house expertise and hooking into a provider of ingredient- and product-specific data can make R&D into more of a science and less of an art. Experts...

Alkemist Labs CEO: We need transparency among the analytical labs

The analytical community should embrace transparency to then allow manufacturers to share that with consumers to build confidence, says Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs.

Special edition: Going Non-GMO in Supplements

IGEN pilot program to demonstrate GMO transparency in dietary supplement supply chains

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. is set to launch a cost-effective, evidence-based certification program to test finished products, and the ingredients used to make them. Results allow manufacturers to determine if they...

UNPA unveils insurance plan offering enhanced coverage for companies that clear high quality bar

The United Natural Products Alliance has announced a new insurance program designed especially for the needs of the dietary supplements industry.  The program takes a detailed look at company operations...

Increased demand for testing means overall quality of dietary supplement industry is improving, Alkemist Labs CEO says

Despite the prominent black eye suffered by the dietary supplement industry in the recent New York Attorney General affair, increased demand for testing services is a sign the industry is...

Outsourcing, bone & joint health, LATAM, functional foods: lessons from 2014's special editions part 2

From polyphenols and prebiotics to a focus on Latin America, healthy aging and functional foods, NutraIngredients-USA’s special editions have set traffic records because of their in-depth coverage and exclusive content. ...

Contract manufacturer expands to meet increased demand

Increased demand for contract manufacturing services has led Axiom Nutraceuticals to retrofit a recently acquired facility to bring its manufacturing footprint to more than 100,000 square feet, the company announced recently.

‘Impacting industry in a meaningful way’: NPA and UL announce education alliance for GMPs, claims and more

The Natural Products Association (NPA) and UL are partnering on a new education alliance to ‘raise the bar’ for dietary supplement manufacturers, distributors, auditors, retailers and other industry stakeholders.

Ingredients supplier Maypro enters sales deal that includes Nebraska Cultures probiotics

Ingredient supplier Maypro has extended its branded ingredient offerings via a strategic sales partnership with Wilke Industries. It’s part of the company’s push to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving...

Plenty of stretch left in omega-3s supply, says BASF as it moves increasingly toward concentrates

The omega-3s market is moving toward ever higher concentrations, and BASF is convinced there is ample supply to bear the increased demand on raw material.

Long term relationships best way to deal with volatility of botanical supply, experts say

Managing botanical supply chains in the face of volatility in demand and pricing is a matter of managing relationships and gathering the appropriate information. Business as usual, in other words.

Team approach called for in designing cogent product research strategy

In designing a clinical trial strategy its important to keep end points in mind—and it’s not just avoiding disease endpoints we’re talking here. It’s vital to end up with information...

Idle investment capital driving consolidation in testing arena, exec says

The need to get higher returns on investment capital that has lain idle is driving the ongoing consolidation in the sphere of analytical testing according to Dave Kliber, CEO of...

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