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Media & industry critics

Media & industry critics

The New York Times, Frontline, Dateline, and USA Today: They've all run articles questioning the quality of supplements, the integrity of the industry, and the ability of the FDA to police the industry under DSHEA. All of these reports will influence consumer understanding and confidence in some way, so we bring you the latest developments in this increasingly important topic.

In wake of media coverage of adolescent access to creatine, CRN urges retailers to be part of consumer education efforts

News outlets around the nation have picked up a study published in the most recent issue of the journal Pediatrics about how easy it is for teenagers under 18 to...

Transparency is only way for GMO technology to thrive, exec says

Openness and transparency is the only way for genetic engineering technology to thrive in the supply of dietary ingredients, said an official with a company engaged in the practice.

‘Pro business’ is best guess when looking at character of Trump administration

Donald Trump’s historic victory leaves dietary supplement industry observers wrestling with the question of what will be the character of his administration, when the candidate himself has taken so many...

13 things we learned from the IPA’s DC Workshop

From market sizing to the positions from FDA and FTC on NDIs and claims substantiation, the International Probiotic Association’s DC workshop succeeded in providing a venue for sharing knowledge and...

JAMA review finds no statistical support for bias in industry-sponsored research

A recent review that did not find a statistically significant link between industry sponsorship of studies and positive outcomes points to the conundrum faced by the developers of dietary ingredients,...

Negative cranberry study looked at wrong endpoint and editorial confounded issue, experts say

A recent negative study on cranberry’s effects on UTIs had a skewed design and an accompanying editorial amplified the misconception, according to experts in the research of the botanical.

There aren't enough women making decisions at supplement companies, and that hurts growth, advocates say

There aren’t as many women in decision making roles in at dietary supplement companies as some prominent women in the field thought might be the case when they first joined...

Prop 65 private enforcers are just getting warmed up, attorney warns

The pace of Prop 65 suits in California continues to be brisk and settlement demands have been increasing, said a lawyer who represents dietary supplements in these actions.

Herbalife exec on dietary supplement registry: ‘Everyone agreed we needed more transparency’

The soon-to-be-launched Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) will offer transparency and build consumer trust in dietary supplements, and it is gaining wider industry support.

ABC Adulterants Program speeds up publication schedule

The pace of publication for ABC’s Botanical Adulterants Program has been accelerating, with the group now claiming more than 25 communications of all types have been distributed.

JAMA: US supplement use remains stable (but multivitamin use is down)

Over half of all US adults continue to use dietary supplements, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Trade groups claim victory on Puerto Rican product registration, fee plan

An onerous administrative order in Puerto Rico has been pushed further onto the back burner, according to press reports and industry trade association communications.

Special Edition: Botanicals

Turmeric leads the charge as herbal sales continue to bloom

With 118% growth in the mass channel and 32% growth in the natural channel, turmeric/curcumin was the stand-out ingredient in 2015, with overall sales for the ingredient exceeding $50 million...

Vox Pop: What do consumers know & think about botanical supplements?

There’s a lot of distrust of botanical supplements. And even among those that buy and take them, consumers still ask for more evidence and stricter regulation.

Innovation hot spot lies at overlap of 'natural,' science and sustainability, expert says

The drive toward shorter, cleaner labels and the oft-mentioned dearth of innovation in the supplement sphere are both factors of the maturation of the dietary supplement  and functional foods industries,...

Consumer Reports names ‘15 supplement ingredients to avoid’

Green tea extract, yohimbe, kava, and caffeine are among 15 ingredients to avoid in dietary supplements, according to Consumer Reports.

Herbalife now free to pursue in-house manufacturing goal

Nutrition giant Herbalife followed a winding road to the payment of a $200 million fine and an FTC-mandated restructuring.  The network marketing company, with more than $4.5 billion revenue in...

AMA warns members about rise of nootropics

A new policy by the American Medical Association on nootropics once again highlights the blurred edges of what can legitimately be called a ‘dietary supplement.’

Herbalife agrees to $200 million fine, restructuring to settle FTC case

Herbalife announced today it has agreed to $200 million in compensation and to restructure its business practices to settle an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

Experts dispute notion that DSHEA hamstrung FDA

Despite the tenor of a recent meeting of ex FDA commissioners, DSHEA didn’t tie the hands of federal regulators, experts contacted by NutraIngredients-USA have said.

Crisis plan needs to extend to financial risk too, ChromaDex learns

Having a crisis communications plan in place to deal with allegations of financial impropriety is a must for a public company, as ChromaDex Corp recently learned to its chagrin.

GNC raw material proposal in active revision, AHPA says

The botanical raw material GMP proposal put forward by GNC earlier this year is in active revision, according the American Herbal Products Association.

CRN names UL for Dietary Supplement Product Registry

UL has been retained to develop and administer the dietary supplement product registry, which is expected to be up and running by the end of 2016.

Shelved Massachusetts bill part of rising tide of attempts to regulate supplements at state level

A moribund Massachusetts bill that would have restricted the sale of certain dietary supplements is part and parcel of a rising tide of state bills that affect the industry, according...

NPA, CRN claim efforts helped derail move to pile on more regulations in Puerto Rico

A bill that would have set into stone onerous requirements on dietary supplements in Puerto Rico has been set aside, and two trade associations are taking credit for helping to...

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