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Which Took Longer: Harry Potter or GMPs?

Ten years ago, in July 2007, I found myself at a midnight book party in Las Vegas for the release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Even though I was there on business, that couldn’t stop me from waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to be among the first...

The Hogwarts Express. Warning letters from the FDA continue to show that not all dietary supplement companies have jumped aboard the cGMP Express. Image: © iStock/ miroslav_1

Research sheds light on nature of ancient microbiome

Is there a goal to shoot for when trying to alter consumers’ microbiomes?  Researcher Jeff Leach is trying to answer that question with work he is doing among hunter gather groups in Africa.

Curcumin-piperine combo may support heart health for diabetics: Study

A combination supplement containing curcuminoids plus piperine from black pepper may support heart health for diabetics by improving the levels and functionality of cholesterol, says a new study.

Science Short

Omega-3 deficient teenagers may become anxious adults

Low omega-3 in adolescent mice leads to behavioural problems in adulthood, finds new study in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Fruit d' Or gets Health Canada approval for cranberry powder during period of regulatory uncertainty

Fruit d’ Or has obtained a Health Canada designation for its cranberry juice powder which comes with it the ability to make health claims on urinary tract infections.

Should occupation be considered in vitamin D supplementation guidelines?

Guidelines on screening for vitamin D deficiency and supplementation strategies should consider the how different jobs and shift patterns affect status, according to new research that finds job type may be a major factor in vitamin D deficiency.

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