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The NutraIngredients-USA Anti-Aging Forum 2016

Beauty-from-within category success will require a combination of topicals and supplements, say experts

Marketers of supplements positioned for beauty-from-within need to tie-in closely with cosmetic beauty products to further develop the market, and supplements products should be packaged much more like cosmetic products, experts told viewers of the NutraIngredients-USA Anti-Aging Forum.

How to win with beauty-from-within supplements

Probiotics may promote weight loss and reduce BMI

Consumption of probiotic ‘good bacteria’ could reduce body weight and body mass index (BMI) scores according to a new Chinese meta-analysis.

Erythritol outperforms xylitol in plaque prevention, article concludes

A review article published in a dentistry journal makes the case that erythritol is superior to xylitol or sorbitol in preventing adhesion of harmful bacteria to teeth.

Diminishing consumer trust driving demand for HyperPure ingredients, says Frutarom

Demand for Frutarom’s HyperPure ingredients is growing twice as fast as its non-HyperPure since the beginning of 2016, linked to a diminishing consumer trust in supplements and the call for short ingredient lists.

Dow records strong results as it preps for DuPont merger

The Dow Chemical Company is holding up its end of the DowDuPont merger bargain by turning in a strong second quarter financial performance.

Frankfurt, November 28, 2016

Game on: New conference spills sports nutrition beans beyond 2017

The multi-billion euro sports nutrition sector is changing faster than you can say ‘millennial buy-in’, but is your firm abreast of the game-changing shifts that matter most?

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BGG agrees to rename astaxanthin division to settle dispute with ArticFarma

Chinese company BGG has agreed to rename its astaxanthin division under an agreement with Icelandic astaxanthin supplier ArcticFarma.

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The short-sightedness of clinical trials

The results of randomized clinical trials to test nutrients continues to grab the headlines, and more often than not the titles are not positive. Is the emphasis on a trial model anchored in drug testing a good thing for nutrition? Stephen Daniells talked to Prof Jeff Blumberg from Tufts University...


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Perluxan: Addressing an unmet need for safe joint discomfort treatments

Joint discomfort is a major problem. There is a need for therapies that manage minor pain without side effects. Perluxan could meet this therapeutic need.

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