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Trade organization forms to foster non-GMO certification for supplements

A new trade organization - the Coalition for Supplement Sustainability (CSS) - has formed primarily out of a need to identify a way for supplement manufacturers to deal with non-GMO certification.

Lutein/zeaxanthin and cognitive health: New study supports macular pigment as potential biomarker of brain health

Measuring macular pigment offers potential as a biomarker of cognitive health, and Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to be seriously deficient in carotenoids, say data from two new studies.

Calcium supplementation again questioned, this time in Harvard newsletter

How much calcium is too much? An interview published by the Harvard Women’s Health Watch says that recommended intake levels for women are unnecessarily high and might even be dangerous.

Yakult USA confident of "eventual and ultimate vindication" in probiotics class action

Probiotic specialist Yakult USA has challenged allegations in a class action alleging it is misleading US shoppers about the digestive health benefits of its fermented drinks and says it is confident of "eventual and ultimate vindication at trial, if not before".

6 days to go! NIU’s Cognitive Health Online Summit to lifestages, market dynamics and key ingredients

How does Abbott Nutrition design cognitive health products for key lifestages? Where are the knowledge gaps for omega-3s and brain health? How much science is there behind the main ingredients? And how is the market performing?