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Blueberry extracts may offer oral health benefits: Study

Polyphenol-rich extracts from lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) may inhibit specific bacteria in the mouth and reduce periodontitis, Canadian scientists report.

Vitamin D and eye health: Study links sunshine vitamin to AMD risk

Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration, says a new study.

Vitamin K2 shown to reduce arterial calcification in kidney disease model

A new study has found the vitamin K2 supplementation suppresses calcification and resultant muscle damage in rats in a kidney disease model. The result helps bolster the vitamin’s bone and cardiovascular health benefits, according to Norwegian company NattoPharma, which supplied the study material.

Chipotle: People who eat GM foods are not themselves genetically modified. The same applies to cows fed GM feed…

Chipotle vows to fight ‘meritless’ GMO lawsuit, but case highlights legal minefield over Non-GMO claims

Chipotle says it will vigorously defend a “meritless and unfair” lawsuit accusing it of falsely advertising its wares as non-GMO. But attorneys say the case shows that firms are vulnerable to civil litigation over non-GMO claims if genetic engineering has been used at any stage in the production process, even if...

Up fibre intake to lower blood pressure: 2000-strong study

Higher intakes of fibre may contribute to lower blood pressure, say researchers.