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Beetroot juice may boost performance in soccer players: RCT

Consuming beetroot juice may improve high-intensity intermittent-type exercise performance, says a new study with trained soccer players.

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NutraIngredients-USA’s state of the industry survey: Have your say today

NutraIngredients-USA is running a state of the industry survey to gauge your views about the current state of the nutrition and supplements sector, and to discover the issues that are of most importance to you.

Regulations, supply chain, and deep science take center stage in Oxford

NDIs, GMPs, advances in analytical techniques, safety, and future directions for dietary supplements are just some of the stand out topics to be explored at the upcoming 17th Annual Oxford International Conference on the Science of Botanicals.

Aloha rebrands to make plant-based nutrition range pop across multiple channels

Wellness brand Aloha recently underwent a re-branding, re-formulation, and re-categorization of its plant protein products that better align with consumers’ evolving desires.

Can auditing, certifying, and verifying be more streamlined? Yes, says UNPA chief

Loren Israelsen, President of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) called the current auditing landscape of the dietary supplements industry as “redundant, expensive, and inconsistent”

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