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Bayer vs FTC: Not the battle of the experts many were expecting…

The Bayer vs FTC case in the US District Court of New Jersey is full of lessons, including what does and does not constitute ‘competent and reliable scientific evidence’, and the importance of having experts who know the space.

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UPDATED: NPA calls decision a "win for the industry and consumers"

‘A drug-level randomized controlled clinical trial for a supplement has never been the standard’: Bayer ‘gratified’ with court decision vs FTC

The hotly anticipated decision in the dispute between Bayer and the US Federal Trade Commission over claims in support of Phillips’ Colon Health is in, with a judge ruling in favor of the company.

FTC's position in Bayer case runs counter to DSHEA and consensus of scientific thought, NPA contends in second brief

The Natural Products Association has filed a second amicus brief in the contempt case brought by the Federal Trade Commission against Bayer over health claims it made on its Philips Colon Health probiotic supplement. The brief contends that the agency’s case runs counter to both the letter of the law...

FTC seeking to extend 2 RCT standard to structure/function claims, CRN asserts in brief

The FTC's position on the requirement for 2 RCTs in its contempt case against Bayer’s Philips Colon Health brand steps far beyond the intentions of DSHEA and even contravenes earlier long standing FTC and FDA policy, says CRN. 

FTC vs Bayer: FTC’s case to go ahead, but NPA & CRN allowed to appear as ‘friends of the court’

A New Jersey District Court judge has ruled that FTC’s case against Bayer can go ahead, but denied calls from the government to prevent the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the Natural Products Association appearing as Amicus Curiae.

NPA, CRN file Amicus Briefs to challenge FTC’s action against Bayer

The Natural Products Association and the Council for Responsible Nutrition are “concerned” by the recent FTC motion against Bayer for claims made for its probiotic dietary supplement, Phillips’ Colon Health, and have filed Amicus Briefs to challenge the legal action.

Ullman on Bayer-FTC issue: ‘Be as careful with your implied claims & testimonials as you are with the express claims’

The US Federal Trade Commission’s motion against Bayer for claims made for its probiotic dietary supplement, Phillips’ Colon Health “warrants close monitoring” because of the potential wide-ranging implications, according to a prominent attorney.

Bayer ‘extremely disappointed & strongly disagrees’ with FTC/DoJ allegations against Phillips’ Colon Health claims

Healthcare giant Bayer has said it will defend itself ‘vigorously’ against the US Federal Trade Commission decision to bring a motion against the company for claims made for its probiotic dietary supplement, Phillips’ Colon Health.

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