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Caffeine’s neuroprotective effects dependent on genetic makeup, says study

Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden say they have discovered genetic variations in caffeine’s protection against Parkinson’s Disease.

Nosco: Beating the ‘boring’ connotation in supplement packaging

In its simplest form, dietary supplement packaging serves two basic functions: protecting and selling the product inside. 

Sea buckthorn oil backed for vaginal dryness relief

Skin hydrating sea buckthorn oil supplements may also combat vaginal dryness, according to research commissioned by Finnish firm Aromtech.

CannaVest reports thin gain in second quarter

CannaVest, a Las Vegas-based company that is investing in the development of foods and supplements from hemp, announced a thin gain from operations in its second quarter of 2014 buoyed by a large paper transaction involving a subsidiary that boosted the company’s bottom line.

Global Industry News

FDA approves use of higher levels of tomato lycopene to color processed meats, offering alternative to carmine, Red #40 from

The FDA has approved a petition from LycoRed seeking the green light to use higher levels of tomato lycopene to restore color to processed meats, giving manufacturers of sausages, deli meats and jerky an alternative to synthetic FD&C Red #40 and bug-derived carmine.


‘Don’t miss the point with US millennials’, Wine Intelligence warns industry from

Wine Intelligence believes the millennial impact on the current US wine market has been overstated but says only those firms that cater for their future buying habits will survive.

The Protein Works builds its muscles with diverse portfolio from

UK sports nutrition company The Protein Works says that it plans to capitalise on worldwide appeal for its brand over the next year.

All-natural snacking trend is starting to falter, says Datamonitor from

The all-natural snack phenomenon has peaked in developed markets, faltering under a raft of lawsuits, says a Datamonitor Consumer analyst.

Organic health claims 'worryingly overstated' from

A report claiming that organic crops are more nutritious than non-organic crops is not supported by the evidence, according to leading experts in the field.