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NutraIngredients-USA forum to examine going non GMO in supplements

Non GMO positioning is becoming an ever hotter topic within the supplement realm.  NutraIngredients-USA will examine the topic in an online forum on Feb. 26 with an expert panel drawn from trade organizations, manufacturers and retailers.

Carotenoid from green algae shows ‘potent’ anti-fat activity

A carotenoid from green algae called siphonaxanthin may inhibit the development of fat cells and the build-up of fat in fat tissue, suggests new research from Japan. The compound could be a novel ingredient for use in weight management supplements, said the researchers.

Nutrients-in-a-cap technology billed as easier to use debuts on US market

A new competitor has arrived on the ingredients-in-a-cap scene as Kansas-based Amerigo Labs brings a licensed bottle technology popular in Europe to the US market.

Does the edible bugs trend have the legs to succeed?

Not a week goes by without media headlines talking about the potential of insects to help feed the world. But where does that potential really lie?

Special edition: Blood sugar management

Glycaemic (GI) foods remain in obesity-diabetes niche but claims are changing game

Foods that help moderate blood sugar activity are gaining more traction with diabetics, the overweight and the obese – with new EU claims backing their promise to control hunger impulses. With 2bn people overweight or obese in the world, and type-2 diabetes on the rise, their growth seems assured. 

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