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FDA sends warning letters to 8 companies marketing CBD products

The FDA has sent eight warning letters concerning CBD. The warning letters cite illegal drug claims and also say CBD is not a legal supplement ingredient.

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Science builds for acai’s brain health benefits

The potential cognitive health benefits of açai (Euterpe spp.) may be linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, according to recent studies from scientists at Tufts University AIBMR Life Sciences.

One day to go! NutraIngredients-USA’s Transparency in Dietary Supplements forum

Experts from CRN, UNPA, NOW Foods, FoodState / MegaFood, and The Shelton Group will discuss the vital issue of transparency during our free-to-attend online forum. There is still time to register to attend this important discussion!


NMR test method could revolutionize verification of omega-3 oils

Transparency rests on testing to verify ingredients, but proving where oils come from has been a problem for omega-3s. A new test from OmegaVeritas promises to close the gap.

Anthocyanin-packed tart cherry beverage reaches non-athlete audience

Teams from the Blackhawks to the Patriots, and numerous university athletic teams, are ordering Cheribundi by the bulk, its CEO said.

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New AHPA webpage answers FAQs about Prop 65 Warnings

In an effort to help consumers understand Prop 65 warnings on product labels, and what that warnings really mean, AHPA has launched a new webpage to answer frequently asked questions about the controversial Californian law.


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Evidence implicates nutrition as important for connective tissue health

Multiple studies indicate that a collagen-based dietary supplement regime can be an essential ingredient for promoting connective tissue health in skin and joints

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