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New analytical method could help clean up yohimbe adulteration, developer says

A new analytical method for products featuring yohimbe bark extracts developed and tested by Flora Research Labs promises to speed the detection of adulteration in this ingredient, according to lab director James Neal-Kababick.

Fish-liver oil when younger may reduce heart disease risk when older

Consuming fish-liver oil three times weekly in adolescence or midlife may reduce a woman’s chances of coronary heart disease later in life, say Icelandic researchers.

Special Edition: View from the aisles: The retailers’ perspective

The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance: ‘A huge opportunity to increase efficiency and quality’

The first retailer standard for dietary supplements in the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) should be available this year, giving retailers a single standard and auditing program to help reduce audits and costs while strengthening safety, quality and trust, says NSF International.