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Precedent setting: The development and legacy of the GOED monograph

The early 2000s were a time of health claims success and growing consumer awareness around the benefits of omega-3s, but concerns over quality in the sector spurred stakeholders to work together to create quality standards for the industry. The result was the “precedent setting” GOED Voluntary Monograph.

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CRN, NPA support bill to allow health savings dollars to be used for supplements

The latest version of the proposed Health Savings Act would allow consumers to use their tax-free health savings account dollars to pay for dietary supplements as well as drugs, doctor visits and other health services.

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Did a Nobel Laureate spark the obesity epidemic?

Do increasing portion sizes and micronutrient-deficient foods adequately explain the worldwide epidemic that is obesity? Why is happening in the developing world as well as the developed?

Special Edition: Blood sugar management

Panoply of metabolic diseases continues to proliferate, expert says

The term ‘metabesity’ coined by a diabetes expert has not caught on, but the problem it describes continues to grow, he said.

Carbs ‘better than antioxidants’ to boost immunity and recovery after exercise: Australia review

Consuming carb-heavy bars or gels either during or immediately after intense exercise helps cut immune disturbances and can aid the body’s recovery, but there is insufficient evidence to support the use of ‘immunity boosting’ supplements such as antioxidants, researchers in Australia claim. 

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