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Could caffeine supplements boost your golf game?

A caffeine-containing supplement may improve golf scores and longer drives, according to results of a new trial from Auburn University.

Lack of specifications a persistent problem in industry, consultant says

Her academic training in analytical chemistry, which required a lot of repetition, prepared Tara Crouch, PhD well for her new role at EAS Consulting Group. Crouch said said she has seen the same problems in industry over and over.

With no study showing how CoQ10 eases statin side effects, it's two steps forward, one step back for ingredient

A recent article in The New York Times that hinged on the side effects of statins had nothing to say about CoQ10, despite widely available information about the ingredient’s potential benefit in dealing with these side effects.

1 day to go! NIU’s Cognitive Health Online Summit to lifestages, market dynamics and key ingredients

How does Abbott Nutrition design cognitive health products for key lifestages? Where are the knowledge gaps for omega-3s and brain health? How much science is there behind the main ingredients? And how is the market performing? 

News in brief

Popular political analyst to talk politics at CRN’s The Conference

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has announced that political insider, columnist and election handicapper, Stuart Rothenberg, is returning to The Conference.

Vitamin D increases muscle strength: Review

Vitamin D supplementation significantly increases upper and lower limb strength, a review of seven trials has found.

Study confirms blood sugar management potential of chromium picolinate

Supplements of chromium picolinate may help to control blood sugar levels in people with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, says a new study from Brazil.

Elderberry extract may improve obesity inflammation

Black elderberry extract may improve obesity-related metabolic disturbances like triglyceride (TAG) levels, inflammation and insulin resistance, research in mice finds.