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Sen McCaskill calls for vinpocetine and picamilon supplements to be pulled from shelves

Senator Claire McCaskill, the ranking member of the US Senate Special Committee on Aging, has called for the FDA to suspend sales of supplements containing vinpocetine and picamilon pending an investigation.

Sen McCaskill calls for vinpocetine and picamilon supplements to be pulled from shelves

GMP compliance improving based on expert's analysis of 483 issues & inspection outcomes

GMP compliance, as measured in the breakdown of inspection outcomes and what issues are generating the most 483s, in getting better, attendees at a recent forum were told.

Shilajit supplements may boost testosterone for healthy men: RCT

Daily supplements of purified Shilajit, an Ayurvedic ingredient, may boost testosterone levels in healthy men by 20%, says a new study.

DuPont touts rapid dispersability of new soy protein aimed at sports nutrition

DuPont has thrown down the latest gauntlet in the sports nutrition protein contest with the launch of a rapid dispersing form of soy protein aimed at fortification beverages and powdered workout products.

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Nutra Products launches electrolyte boost products

Nutra Products Inc., is launching two new electrolyte products for the sports nutrition sector.

Consumers will pay more for products with additional information on ingredients, allergy, survey finds

Manufacturers could help restore consumers' waning faith in the quality and safety of food and beverages, and potentially command a higher price point, by providing consumers with more information about how products are made and ingredients are sourced, reveals a new consumer survey. 

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