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Judging data choice, extraction methods can help mark a meta-analysis as good or suspect, GOED attendees told

Not all meta-analyses are created equal. Trying to figure out which ones hold water and which are riven with holes was the subject of one of the most gripping sessions as the recent GOED Exchange meeting in the Canary Islands.

Judging data choice, extraction methods can help mark a meta-analysis as good or suspect, GOED attendees told

Omega-3s suffering from believability gap, GOED's Ismail tell attendees

The omega-3 sector is in the midst of a believability crisis, GOED executive director told conference attendees last week in the Canary Islands.

Soy intake may slash heart disease risk by 12%, but only for equol producers

Soy supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular risk for people able to produce equol, a microbial-derived metabolite of the isoflavone daidzein, but equol supplements themselves may not have the same effects, says a new study.

RCTs the only way for probiotic acceptance, says leading professor

The only way probiotics will be accepted into mainstream medicine is to conduct randomised clinical trials that conform to drug standards, a leading gastroenterologist has said.

Meta-analyses support appetite-reducing ability of dietary fiber

Daily consumption of polydextrose dietary fiber may help reduce calorie consumption by up to 15%, and reduce hunger between meals, say two meta-analyses.

Study shows adding milk protein to breakfast and lunch benefits seniors

New research published in the January edition of The Journal of Nutrition has found eating an even amount of protein at each meal throughout the day might be better than having most of the protein at dinner time. 


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Evidence implicates nutrition as important for connective tissue health

Multiple studies indicate that a collagen-based dietary supplement regime can be an essential ingredient for promoting connective tissue health in skin and joints

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