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Memory supplements with data to back claims should be acknowledged, says developer with 8 studies to his credit

Thomas Shea, PhD, the academic driving force behind the development of memory support supplement Perceptiv, said not all products deserve to be tarred with the brush wielded by Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Special edition: Innovations in Delivery Systems

DSM: ‘Consumers are searching for new ways to add omega-3s into their diet’

Consumers demand for omega-3 fatty acids in a beverage is ‘strong’ with select categories showing very strong growth, says DSM Nutritional Products.

Probiotic pair may improve lipid metabolism: Human data

Supplements containing Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601 and L. plantarum KY1032 may reduce triglyceride levels, says a new study.

Stepan's lipid nutrition business stumbles

Stepan Co. had high hopes when it acquired a brace of branded lipid nutritional ingredients - Clarinol and Marinol - in 2011. But the company growth projections have been frustrated as several factors have conspired to drive down demand and revenues in the product segment for several quarters.

News in brief

Senior FDA & FTC officials to share insights at CRN’s The Conference

FDA’s Ted Elkin and FTC’s Mary Engle will present key regulatory insights at The Conference, hosted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, October 21–24 at The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage, in Palm Springs, CA.

‘Little evidence’ of vitamin D helping inflammatory biomarkers in elderly

Researchers have questioned the association between vitamin D and inflammatory biomarkers after a year-long trial revealed no impact on the levels of the immune system’s cytokine or adipokine.

US consumers are pretty clueless about gluten, reveals new survey from NSF

While celiacs – by necessity – are pretty clued up about gluten, most Americans are less well-informed, with a sizable number erroneously believing rice and potatoes contain gluten, according to a new survey.

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