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DNA identification method that can work on extracts detailed in study

A new technology building on genetic information as the basis of botanical identification has been demonstrated in a recent research paper dealing with a common TCM ingredient.

DNA identification method that can work on extracts detailed in study

Are anthocyanins a prebiotic? Brazilian researchers summarize what we know so far

Study of prebiotics—a term used to describe the ‘food’ that beneficial gut bacteria feed on—is still in its infancy. Researchers in Brazil synthesized existing studies of the dark blue flavonoids called anthocyanins, and found that more and more studies hint to its prebiotic effect.

Zivo nears algae finish line with new production development deals, debt resturcturing

Bringing algae-based dietary ingredients to market has proven to be more of an ultra-distance contest than a sprint, and Zivo Bioscience believes it has entered the bell lap.

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AIC to distribute Matrix Fine Sciences ingredients to North American market

Massachusetts-based AIC is partnering with Indian firm Matrix Fine Sciences to distribute the latter’s nutraceutical ingredient portfolio in the North American market.

Team aim to produce probiotic supplement for athletes

Strains for sports: Microbiome make-up is vital for athletic success

Researchers harvesting the microbiome of athletes have identified, and plan to commercialise, specific probiotic strains that could aid sports performance and recovery.

Rise in Evolution Fresh’s Defense Up sales show consumers already are thinking about flu season

Even though it is still sweltering outside for most of the US, many consumers are starting to think about the upcoming cold and flu season and are reaching for immune-boosting products, like Evolution Fresh’s Defense Up juice. 

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