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McCaskill's push for FDA review of herb/chemotherapy interactions called an intrusion into doctor/patient relationship

Industry stakeholders called Sen. Claire McCaskill’s recent call for FDA scrutiny of supplement interactions with chemotherapy treatments unnecessary and an intrusion on doctor/patient relationships.

‘We need to achieve a prebiotic health claim to advance research in the category’: Academic

Despite an abundance of health benefits, the lack of a prebiotic health claim in Europe is stalling research in a number of areas, says a leading prebiotic researcher.

TABS Analytics Vitamins & Minerals Study: Are heavy users in decline?

Heavy buyers of vitamin and mineral supplement products are in decline, according to new research from the TABS Analytics.

Special edition: Contract manufacturing

Detailed quality agreements becoming vital part of contract manufacturing deals

Placing your trust in a contract manufacturing partner is a natural part of forming a business relationship. But underpinning that trust with solid contractual agreements is the key to maintaining quality, experts agree.

Functional & sparking bottled water sales are “very hot in the US,” analyst says

Once considered boring by many Americans, water is becoming a go-to beverage of choice thanks to innovative manufacturers that are adding to it carbonation, fruit flavors and functional ingredients that consumers want, according to market research.

Gut-brain axis uses immune system to ‘talk,’ study shows

The gut microbiome and the brain communicate to each other via the immune system, a study has shown as researchers delve deeper into the so-called 'gut-brain axis'. 

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