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An unusual step? FDA files criminal case against supplement marketer who ignored civil contempt ruling

The Department of Justice has launched a criminal contempt action against a Montana dietary supplement marketer who continued selling misbranded supplements and unapproved drugs even after a civil contempt ruling. 

Could beetroot juice help you exercise for longer?

Chronic consumption of beetroot juice may improve cardiovascular health and potentially delay the onset of fatigue in healthy people, says a new study.

NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the top stories of July 2015?

Do you know which GMO labeling bill passed the House of Representatives? Which social media platform Herbalife is requesting user information from? Or which state is an emerging hotbed for natural product sales? 

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Herbalife sees another 'pyramid scheme' lawsuit dismissed

Network marketing giant Herbalife has survived another lawsuit with the dismissal of a suit that hinged on whether the company was forthright enough to investors about its business practices.

Prebiotic boosts healthy elderly immune systems: Study

A proprietary prebiotic blend can deliver immune system benefits to the healthy elderly better than placebo, an industry-backed study in the UK has found.

Local food movement spawns new advocacy group

Wresting local control of the food supply is an idea that continues to spawn advocacy groups.  The latest, called Local Food Shift, has cropped up in Colorado with the goal to launch a magazine as a way to spread the message and influence policy.

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