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The Obama effect

The Obama effect

Barack Obama and his new administration promise to usher in an era of change to the United States. looks at the potential impacts on the food and supplements industries.

Post election committee shuffles emphasize need for industry engagement, observers say

The landslide victory of Republican House and Senate candidates in the recent midterm elections will have broad implications for the dietary supplements business. But even with the GOP now holding...

Personalized medicine will transform how consumers choose, UNPA event attendees told

Personalized medicine—nutrition and health products customized to a consumer’s particular genetic profile—is no longer a trend for the future.  According to the presenters at a recent conference, it’s happening now,...

Long term trends will continue to drive M&A interest in supplement space, expert says

When Reckitt Benser group outbid Bayer to buy Schiff Nutrition International, members of the investment community sat up and took notice.  Did this signal a fundamental shift in how financiers...

Dispatches from SupplySide West

Three chiefs, GMPs, AERs and industry's ‘pretty choir’

In part two of this special interview with the heads of the major US dietary supplement trade groups, the three chiefs unpack the state of play for Good Manufacturing Practices...

Disptaches from SupplySide West

Three industry chiefs discuss Capitol Hill elections and the McCain Bill

With mid-term elections on Capitol Hill imminent, the heads of the three biggest trade groups in the US met at SupplySide West in Las Vegas to discuss its implications for...

Industry rallies against more FTC authority

The US dietary supplement industry is renewing campaigning efforts against a bill that could tighten legislation of their products by expanding the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) enforcement authority.

Health Care Bill challenged in Ohio court

The United States Citizens Association is challenging the Health Care Reform Bill for unconstitutionally forcing American citizens to purchase health care insurance.

Bigger role in preventative medicine for dietary supplements

Dietary supplements took a step closer to playing a key role in preventative medicine following a recent meeting in Washington DC between the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus, and the trade...

How the Health Care Reform Bill affects industry

Industry groups are highlighting benefits that may flow to the dietary supplements and complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) sectors as a result of the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care...

NPA chief: Industry must remain vigilant after McCain Bill victory

John Gay, the executive director and CEO of the Washington DC-based Natural Product Association (NPA), commends industry for the lobbying effort that has led to Republican Senator John McCain agreeing...

McCain 'revisiting' supplements reform Bill

Arizona Republican Senator, John McCain, has indicated he may withdraw support for the Bill he sponsored in February that would have severely amended the way the US dietary supplements industry...

Industry welcomes FDA claims crackdown

By issuing warning letters to 17 companies including Nestle and Pom Wonderful, the Food and Drug Administration yesterday demonstrated it had both the motivation and the muscle to remove misleading...

Special edition: weight management

Regulation: Claim making and claim taking

In a world with a chronic ‘globesity’ problem spreading beyond western shores to places like India and China, products that promise to help individuals manage their weight via calorie control,...

Special edition: DSHEA turns 15

Blumenthal: On supplements regulations and outrunners

In part two of this DSHEA special, Mark Blumenthal, founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council, outlines why he believes DSHEA is a victim of the “erroneous negative...

Obama bill unlikely to alter medical stance on supplements

The Obama administration is pushing through health care reform that promises greater access to health insurance for tens of millions of Americans. Will the reforms bring benefits to the dietary...

Vitamins can be useful, says FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration has advised consumers that certain vitamin supplements “can be useful”, stating that “there are many good reasons” to consider taking them.

FDA’s Hamburg to headline CRN conference

The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr Margaret Hamburg, will address industry at CRN’s Annual Meeting next month.

Supplement defender Harkin takes US health chair

Long-time friend of the supplements industry Senator Tom Harkin will replace the late Edward Kennedy as head of the US Senate health committee.

FDA publishes details of warning letter overhaul

A notice detailing the new process for issuing warning letters to food companies that violate safety regulations has been published in the Federal Register, with the program due to begin...


FDA’s Commissioner Hamburg: Beefing up US food safety

It looks like the FDA has finally got some muscle. Never mind new legislation – if anything can prevent America acquiring a weedy reputation for food safety, it’s the might...

FDA returning to pre-DSHEA diaspora, claims industry veteran

The re-appointment of Michael Taylor in a senior position at the US Food and Drug Administration may not bode well for the supplements industry, according to one of the...

Transparency meeting: What’s behind FDA enforcement, asks industry

Enforcement action by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a key area where more open communication with industry is necessary, the agency will hear today during a...

Fee compromise eases US food safety bill to next stage

The bill designed to overhaul the failing US food safety system took a major step forward this week after a compromise over industry fees was reached.

FDA backs proposal for US industry fees to fund food inspections

A contentious proposal to compel US food manufacturers to contribute towards safety inspection costs took a step forward yesterday after the Food and Drug Administration signalled its backing for the...

Record FDA budget proposed as Hamburg clears Senate

Dr Margaret Hamburg, the Obama Administration’s pick to lead the FDA, easily cleared the Senate on Thursday, while the Administration proposed a record budget increase for the agency.