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NAI’s CEO: ‘Sports nutrition has been a wonderful place to act as a crucible for our innovation’

With an established consumer following in the sports nutrition sector and new sustained release form just launched, Natural Alternatives International is looking at opportunities in seniors and military populations for...

Pea protein specialist branches out into whole pulse powders

World Food Processing is branching out from pea protein to offering a line of whole pulse ingredients aimed at helping food manufacturers achieve fortification targets.

Special Edition: Sports Nutrition

Whey's the best for targeted benefits; for general fortification not so much

If you are seeking protein for its nutrient quality, it doesn’t matter much which source you choose. But if you want specific sports nutrition results, whey still leads the way,...

Special edition: sports nutrition

Polyphenolics delves into sports nutrition with its grape seed extracts

Polyphenols are abundant in plants and have been associated with healthy diets.  Using an abundant feed stock from parent company Constellation Brands, Polyphenolics has delved into a wide array of...

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CRN welcomes 5 new members

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has added four new voting members and one new associate member, as its membership continues to grow.

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OmniActive Health Technologies joins UNPA as an executive member

Ingredients supplier OmniActive Health Technologies has joined the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) as its newest Executive Member.

Waitaki launches three new ingredients as ‘Made in New Zealand’ resonates

New Zealand’s Waitkaki Biosciences continues to enjoy considerable success in the US, and recently launched three new ingredients derived from kiwifruit, blackcurrant, and greenshell mussels.

Special edition: Sports nutrition

'Red spinach' extract's high nitrate content offers benefits over beetroot juice, manufacturer says

Dolcas Biotech is making waves in the sports nutrition field with a red spinach extract that it says contains more nitrate than beetroot juice yet has no sugar.

Balchem: ‘The industry is starting to look at the need for choline and the opportunities with it’

With over 90% of children, adults and pregnant women not getting enough choline, there is clearly a need and an opportunity for products with the essential nutrient, and the industry...

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SternMaid America adds new blending line for pilot trials

Contract manufacturer SternMaid America is adding a new blending line for pilot trials and sample quantities from 25 to 300 kg, which is due to be commissioned at the end of 2016.

Indena's sourcing program recognized with sustainability award

A recent award given to botanical ingredient supplier Indena validates what the company has been striving to do for a number of years: To do good while doing well.

NPA unveils Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative to boost QA, transparency

The Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative is a “bold step forward in providing quality assurance from harvest to retailer shelf”, said the NPA.

'We've made big pills a thing of the past.'

Big investment, small pills: DSM invests €27m in omega-3 technology

DSM has invested over €27 million in its ‘3C technology’ which concentrates DHA and EPA up to 85% and helps reduce capsule size by up to three times.

Aker shifts to offering services along with supplying krill oil

The krill sector is rapidly diversifying, and supplier Aker BioMarine is joining that trend by emphasizing the solutions aspect of its services to its customers.

Protein score system doesn't give complete picture on collagen, supplier says

According to one supplier, the common way to measure protein quality unfairly disparages collagen, a protein source that is ubiquitous both in the market and in the bodies of mammals.

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POS expands into the US with distillation facility acquisition

The POS Group of Companies has created a new US subsidiary, Batavia Bio Processing Limited, following the acquisition of an Illinois-based facility, and the company is eyeing further international expansion. ...

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WADA & Interpol unite to fight doping - protein peptides included

Interpol has teamed up with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to fight the trade in doping products like steroids, hormones and banned performance-enhancing protein peptides that are being purchased usually...

IPA’s DC Workshop: ‘An excellent opportunity for industry and government to collaborate’

Sharing of best practices, knowledge of cutting edge analytical techniques, current market data, and positions from FDA and FTC on NDIs and claims substantiation will be tackled at an upcoming...

Acetone process key to Neptune's new krill oil with more omega-3s

Neptune has joined the higher concentration krill fray with its NKO Omega Plus ingredient, which it claims offers the 30% more omega-3s than standard krill offerings.

New 'direct fermentation' vegan glucosamine hangs hat on supply chain transparency

A new vegan source of glucosamine is entering the market with the unveiling of GlucosaGreenDF, the first such ingredient made with what the supplier calls ‘direct fermentation.’ 

NSF revises herbal review presentation, clarifies ‘adulteration’

A provocative webinar from NSF International has been revised to remove use of the term “adulteration” to clear up confusion over the use of the word.

Capsugel finding fortune ‘outside the capsule’

Business is booming at nutraceutical and pharma delivery system giant Capsugel as it reaps the benefits of a shift ‘outside the capsule’ for the first time.

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Alkemist Labs expands reference standards offering

Tocopherols, tocotrienols, maqui berry anthocyanins and edelweiss phenylpropanoids are among the latest reference standards being offered by Alkemist Labs through its distribution deal with Extrasynthese.

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Gemini Pharmaceuticals first-to-market with StarchCaps

Commack, NY-based Gemini Pharmaceuticals is launching StarchCaps vegetable hard-shell capsules from Hunan Er-Kang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. for its dietary supplement and OTC customers.

Our ‘invisible’ isolates can boldly go where no plant protein has been before, says Burcon

ADM will go into full commercial production of ‘invisible’ soy protein isolate CLARISOY this year in Decatur IL, using technology developed by Canadian partner Burcon Nutrascience, which has developed techniques...

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