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Teff: The next ‘ancient grain’ to make nutrition ripples?

The success of chia and quinoa has opened the door for other less-known ancient grains, but one South African company exporting teff is wary of a boom and bust effect.

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Rhema Group to close Utah facility, consolidates Vancouver operations

Nutraceutical formulator and manufacturer the Rhema Group has announced it will close its Ogden, Utah facility at the end of the year, affecting the facility’s 35 employees.

News in brief joins UNPA as executive member

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has announced that online ingredients supplier is its newest executive member.

Quality and Prop 65 compliance key to Spirulina growth: DIC Corp

Spirulina may be nutrient packed, but it’s a focus on quality and a clean supply that will continue to support the steady growth being experienced by this ‘king of superfoods’,...

Kemin and OmniActive battle over blue light IP for lutein

Lutein suppliers Kemin and OmniActive are locked in a legal battle over IP around blue light claims, with the International Trade Commission investigating the dispute, and an inter partes review...

Despite generally good reputation, Peruvian anchovy fishery still not MSC certified

The vast majority of the world’s supply of omega-3 fatty acids comes from the Peruvian anchovy fishery.  As the fishery recovers from depressed stocks caused by an El Niño event,...

DIC Corp pumps $13m into spirulina-derived natural blue color extraction facility in CA

DIC Corporation is investing $13m into expanding production capacity in California for Linablue, a natural blue color derived from the edible algae Spirulina, which is grown by its US subsidiary...

Growth in cheese demand solidifies organic whey protein supply, says Milk Specialties Global

The growth of organic cheese production has ensured the supply chain for organic whey, said Milk Specialties Global. The company says its new organic whey protein ingredient helps fill a...

US prebiotics market ‘growing strongly’ as consumer awareness increases

With growing consumer awareness, annual growth rates of 15%, and confidence that FDA will conclude that inulin and oligofructose are dietary fibers, the future looks bright for prebiotics in the US.

Non-GMO seal for Taiyo’s matcha boosts transparency for multifunctional ingredient

Taiyo’s Non-GMO certification for its Matcha Powder is a sign of the growing influence of this attribute, even for ingredient categories that have never been subject to genetic modification. ...

AstaReal stands by assertion that its process yields highest quality astaxanthin

Questions of quality and purity hover over the astaxanthin market, questions that supplier AstaReal has chosen to address by investing heavily in what it believes to be the best production...

Algae Health Sciences gets NDI for high dose astaxanthin

The US Food and Drug Administration has accepted a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification from Algae Health Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of BGG, for high-dose but limited duration astaxanthin dosing.

NOSB debates organic status of carrageenan, tocopherols, marine algae, hydroponics

Organic industry stakeholders from across the nation are gathered in St. Louis today for what promises to be a highly contentious three-day meeting during which the National Organic Standards Board...

Virun develops shelf-stable, non-refrigerate probiotic powders, emulsions

California-based Virun NutraBiosciences has developed a range of non-refrigerated probiotic single-serving powders and emulsions.

Entries close 3 February 2017

2017 NutraIngredients Awards celebrates best in nutrition innovation (globally)

The NutraIngredients Awards are back in 2017 with new categories to reward the most innovative players in the global world of nutrition.

Expanded quota shows Peruvian fishery recovering from El Niño

After several fishing seasons of well below normal catch the Peruvian anchovy fishery—by far the most important source of omega-3s—appears to be returning to normal with the release of an...

News in brief

Fruit d'Or debuts prebiotic cranberry juice powder

Canadian cranberry supplier Fruit d’Or continues its torrid product development pace with a new offing pairing its cranberry juice powder with Taiyo’s Sunfiber ingredient.

Is new DHA oil the ultimate in omega-3 stability?

French marine lipid specialist Polaris claims its new generation algal source DHA oil takes fish-free omega-3 “to a new level” by offering “unmatched” stability.

'Prebiotic' nature of IMOs depends on how they're made, experts say

Are all dietary fibers created equal?  As needle moves away from naturally occurring insoluble fibers in the cellulose realm such as wheat bran toward more the more recent market entrants,...

Algae ingredient developer fixes on protein as latest path to market

Zivo Bioscience, an algae company long focused on deriving unique bioactives from its proprietary strains, has pivoted to protein as developers realized the potential inherent in the straight, unrefined biomass.

Cellana signs deal with Piveg for algal omega-3s

Cellana, an algae company that has been developing its hybrid technology at a facility in Hawaii, has taken a big step closer to market via a deal with Mexican carotenoid...

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DuPont to put another $100 million into probiotics production

In an attempt to keep up with booming demand, DuPont has announced a significant expansion of its US-based probiotics manufacturing capability.

AIDP to offer prebiotic fiber with satiety, microbiome modulating effects

Ingredient distributor AIDP has added a multifunctional fiber to its product lineup that can help beneficially alter consumers’ microbiomes, the company said.

Cargill pairs with start-up to make spirulina from malt waste

Cargill has partnered with a French start-up to turn waste water and CO2 from one of its malt production plants into spirulina production ‘fuel’.

Gelita puts spotlight on collagen peptide's potential as muscle toning ingredient

The global collagen peptide company is looking to diversify the applications of its product BodyBalance, targeting manufacturers who cater to fitness enthusiasts looking for toned bodies.

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