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NAI self-affirms GRAS for sustained release CarnoSyn, builds IP

The Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status of Natural Alternatives International’s sustained release beta-alanine (SR CarnoSyn) has been affirmed by a panel of independent experts.

New NRC-backed study to explore role of K2 in calcium metabolism

The Norwegian Research Council will fund a four year study to explore the relationship between calcium metabolism and vitamin K2, says NattoPharma.

Nutriati’s chickpea protein is white, odorless, and neutral-tasting

Chickpea protein in the spotlight as high-profile investors pump $8m into Nutriati

Commercial quantities of highly functional, neutral-tasting chickpea protein concentrates and a high-protein chickpea ‘flour’ will be available by the end of the year, says Richmond-based Nutriati, which has just closed...

Aker ends ITC case against Olympic, but district court patent infringement suit to continue

Aker BioMarine has pulled the plug on its patent infringement suit that was being pursued before the International Trade Commission.  But the company is still suing a Norwegian competitor and...

News in brief

AIDP appointed licensed distributor for HP Ingredients’ Tongkat Ali extract

HP Ingredients has announced that AIDP is now a licensed distributor for its patented ingredient, LJ100, a proprietary Tongkat ali extract (Eurycoma Longifolia).

Seaweed micro-encapsulations target sports nutrition and smoothie markets

A new micro-encapsulated seaweed ingredient will ‘open up a whole new avenue’ for Seaweed & Co as it targets smoothies and the sports nutrition market.

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Gemini expands to offer clients Non-GMO Project verified products

Gemini Pharmaceuticals has announced its participation as the handler in the verification of a client’s product to the standard established by the Non-GMO Project.

VIDEO: From earthquakes to sourcing strife - the challenges to open the world’s newest omega-3 fish oil refinery

Omega-3 fish oil supplier SeaDragon overcame a raft of challenges to open the world's newest refinery, with the firm now hopeful it can start recouping some of its NZ$11m investment....

News in brief

ADM introduces DHA-rich algal oil for supplements and fortified foods

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has expanded its Onavita product line with a new DHA algal oil, produced from a high-quality, reliable US algae supply.

Ethical Naturals builds science for Oregon cranberry extracts

Ethical Naturals Inc (ENI) has announced the completion of two new studies to support the anti-adhesion activity efficacy of its Cranberex cranberry extract. 

News in brief

Gnosis gets FDA no objection GRAS for non-animal chondroitin

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a letter of no objection for the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status of Gnosis S.p.A.’s Mythocondro-branded non-animal chondroitin sulfate for...

News in brief

IP builds for agmatine use in supplements

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Gilad&Gilad an additional patent for agmatine for use in dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and foods. 

Milk Specialties Global taps further into clean label with calcium caseinate from US rBGH-free milk

Milk Specialties Global, a dairy protein manufacturer based in Minnesota, has launched a clean label calcium caseinate produced from US milk to better target the growing sports nutrition market. 

AHPA's botanical GMPs document ready for field testing

The American Herbal Products Association has issued a version of its ‘botanical GMPs’ document.  Several member companies have stepped forward to field test the recommendations, AHPA president Michael McGuffin said....

News in brief

CRN adds new voting and associate members

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has welcomed seven new companies to its membership roster.

Heliae makes progress on astaxanthin, pivots to feed in DHA production

Algae ingredients producer Heliae has taken steps toward commercial viability with new certifications on its astaxanthin products and launch of new finished products. In addition, the company has reached a...

News in brief

NutriScience InnovaTea natural caffeine, launches new L-Tyrosine and L-Leucine ingredients

NutriScience Innovations LLChas improved the purity of its proprietary and trademarked InnovaTea natural caffeine from tea and has also launched new vegetable origin L-Tyrosine & L-Leucine.

FDA issues GRAS no objection letter for Sweegen's Bestevia Reb-M - which starts with the leaf, then undergoes 'enzymatic conversion'

California-based SweeGen has received a GRAS no objections letter from the FDA for the use of its Bestevia branded Reb-M - manufactured from stevia leaf extracts converted to Reb M...

Special edition: Supplements for pets

Formulating for pets? Suppliers share what you should keep in mind

We spoke with two suppliers—Sabinsa and Maypro—to learn about ingredients that are in demand in the pet nutrition category, and what unique challenges this space has.

AIDP says prebiotic ingredient derives big gut health benefit from small dose

AIDP is emphasizing the prebiotic potential of its PreticX xylooligosaccharide. The small dosage provides formulation flexibility, the company says.

News in brief

New Taiyo-Benexia partnership to ensure swift supply of premium chia oil

Taiyo International has been named the exclusive North American distributor of Benexia’s new chia oil for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

New technology and new players push labs to demystify testing: Alkemist Labs CEO

Keeping up to date with technological advances, understanding which testing methods are suitable for botanical materials and finished products, and how reference standards fit into the picture are just some...

Special Edition: Supplements for Pets

Easy observation of effects makes joint health prime pet opportunity

Joint health is probably the easiest thing for pet owners to measure, which makes it an important opportunity for the suppliers of ingredients for pet supplements, experts say.

Milk protein producer not ready throw in towel to whey

Milk proteins continue to carve out a strong niche in sports nutrition despite’s whey protein’s dominance, supplier Milk Specialties Global said.

Just Thrive Probiotic chosen for HIV trial, company says

Thrive Probiotic has gathered data on the company’s Just Thrive Probiotic supplement and its effect on leaky gut syndrome. The results, which have yet to be published, were compelling enough...

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