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Diminishing consumer trust driving demand for HyperPure ingredients, says Frutarom

Demand for Frutarom’s HyperPure ingredients is growing twice as fast as its non-HyperPure since the beginning of 2016, linked to a diminishing consumer trust in supplements and the call for...

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B&D to bring Ancon’s oligopeptides to US market

Ancon International and B&D Nutritional Ingredients have announced an agreement to market food-derived oligopeptides in the US.

It's time to put whey and casein back together, exec says

Cutting milk proteins apart has been all the rage in recent years. But Benoit Turpin of Milk Specialities Global said the market is now starting to come around to the...

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US firm hopes to bring novel nitric oxide booster to EU market

US firm Nutrition 21 has applied for EU novel food approval for its sports nutrition ingredient ‘Nitrosigine’, with a public consultation under way.

Ingredion EVP on HFCS, next gen stevia, non-GMO, and the gut microbiome

The recent introduction of GMO labeling will bring clarity to the marketplace and create choice for consumers, says the EVP of Global Specialties for Ingredion.

BI Nutraceuticals foresees fiber and bitter drinks to be next trends in functional beverages

BI Nutraceuticals predicts that its fiber-rich and bitter-tasting ingredients will become as popular as protein currently is in beverage applications.

Review supports the appetite control effects of Taiyo’s Sunfiber

As little as two grams per day of Sunfiber, Taiyo’s proprietary form of guar fiber, may help reduce calorie intake from snacking by as much as 20%, according to a...

Having the right research best way to weather nootropics storm, supplier says

Having the right science to back claims is the antidote to the potential contagion represented by issues surrounding so-called smart drugs, says a leading supplier.

Lafti L10 probiotic shows respiratory benefits for athletes: RCT

Elite athletes are at increased risk of upper respiratory tract illness (URTI), but supplementation with Lactobacillus helveticus probiotics may reduce the duration of the illness, according to data from Serbia....

PureCircle invests $100 million in stevia agronomy program

Stevia giant PureCircle is expanding its agronomy program to more than 15 stevia plant growing regions around the world and further developing its farming footprint outside of China.

Special edition: Anti aging

Backing deconstructed collagen molecule with data key to supporting focused benefits

Sometimes the sum of the parts is in fact greater than the whole, and that seems to be the story in collagen, at least for some of its more focused...

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FDA has no objections for GRAS status of Axiom Foods’ rice and pea proteins

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no objections regarding the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status of Axiom Foods’ Oryzatein, an organic brown rice protein ingredient, as well...

Dow a step closer to commercializing canola oil with meaningful levels of DHA omega-3

Dow AgroSciences is a step closer to commercializing oil from canola plants bred to produce meaningful amounts of the coveted long-chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA (3.7%) and EPA (0.7%), which...

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Kemin gets patent for lutein/zeaxanthin for eye protection

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Kemin Industries a patent for the role of lutein zeaxanthin in protecting individuals with three common ocular disorders from blue light...

Government trawlers help Chinese firms to enter omega-3 krill market

As global krill oil major Aker Biomarine awaits regulatory approval for its new Superba 2 product line in China, increased consumer demand for omega-3s is bringing increasingly more local suppliers...

Rising global demand sees DSM shift vitamin B6 production to China

Global ingredients supplier DSM has started production of vitamin B6 at its new state-of-the-art facility in Xinghuo, China.

Heliae boosts astaxanthin production, nears entry into algal omega-3s space

EF Hutton, a one-time stock brokerage, used to bill itself as “the quiet company.” Arizona-based Heliae could be said to have filled that role in the algal ingredients space, though...

More consumers understand prebiotics, survey shows

Prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics—what do consumers understand about these concepts? Preliminary results from a new survey indicate the word is starting to get out, at least among habitual supplement users.

Should firms be allowed to label potassium chloride as 'potassium salt'? NuTek petitions the FDA

Allowing companies to label potassium chloride as ‘potassium salt’ on food labels would ‘demystify’ the ingredient for consumers and help the industry achieve the dual goals of lowering sodium and...

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Danish botanicals player buys fruit extraction facility

Danish berry extract start-up Asiros has bought an extraction facility from Swedish Nordic Food Group for an undisclosed sum.

Special Edition: Bone & Joint Health

Ingredients' form critical for successful bone health formula—or maybe not

An ideal bone health formulation would include the right amounts of certain minerals and vitamins. And the form of those substances is critical—or maybe not.

Special Edition: Bone & Joint Health

Can bone and joint support be cool enough for sports nutrition?

Athletes and active people in general tend to put more wear and tear on their bones and joints. But unlike protein or energy, bone & joint supplements aren’t as easy...

CrossFit perfect fit for whey protein hydrolysates, says Arla Food Ingredients

The growing popularity of CrossFit will boost the market for premium sports nutrition solutions that offer significantly faster recovery than mainstream products, according to Arla Foods Ingredients.

Special edition: Bone & Joint Health

MSM helps joint health big players do their thing

If joint health ingredients were a volleyball team, glucosamine and chondroitin would be the star-quality hitters up front. MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, would be the setter, the smaller, more nimble player...

Special edition: Bone & Joint Health

'Joint health is a strong, long-growing category': Opportunities for vegetarian glucosamine suppliers

A rising tide lifts all boats: Dietary supplement consumer interest in vegetarian options is helping to drive growth in vegetarian glucosamine, says a leading supplier.

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