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Saying goodbye to ORAC was a good thing for industry, suppliers say

For the marketers of ingredients from the fruit and berry category that show robust antioxidant potential, the fact that ORAC values are no longer a marketing tool is a challenge...

DuPont invests $10 million to upgrade Wisconsin probiotic facility

DuPont Nutrition & Health upgraded its probiotics pilot facility in Madison, WI, a project that costs around $10 million and aims to increase pace of new product development.

TSI receives first ever exclusive CFDA licence to produce HMB in China

Health product manufacturer TSI Group has announced the approval of the first ever China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) Manufacturing Licence for β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB) production in China.

NAI launches 'dosing initiative' on CarnoSyn

Natural Alternatives International is making a push to clarify the dosing parameters for CarnoSyn, its patented form of beta-alanine.

Jin+Ja projects revenues of $4.5m in 2017, unveils new Super Greens powder

Canada Enterprises LLC - the company behind spicy ginger beverage Jin + Ja - is on course to more than double revenues in 2017 to approach $4.5m as it explores...

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Bayir Group announces $2.45 million investment via Rabobank

Ingredient supplier Bayir Group has announced $2.45 million in funding which will be used for a manufacturing expansion primarily aimed at pharmaceutical applications.

Experts dispute claim that innovation is lacking in sports nutrition

In the view of experts, the sports nutrition category continues to be a source of innovation, despite the view to the contrary relayed by the CEO of Vitamin Shoppe in...

Sabinsa takes lead to establish Global Curcumin Association

Major curcuminoids supplier Sabinsa has taken a step it hopes will help protect the entire category by becoming the founding board member of the Global Curcumin Association.

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Tests support survivability of ProDURA in beverages

ProDURA, a lyophilized strain of Bacillus coagulans, has been found to survive at different pH and storage conditions, supporting its potential for use in beverages.

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Arjuna’s turmeric extract granted ‘No Questions’ letter from the FDA

Arjuna Naturals Extracts’ BCM-95 turmeric extract has been granted a ‘No Questions’ response letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Ethical Naturals uses extraction expertise on new monk fruit sweetener

Seeing a looming opportunity, dietary ingredients supplier Ethical Naturals has brought a new monk fruit sweetener ingredient to market that it says uses the same technology that it applies to...

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Fruit d'Or gets 'health maintenance' claim in Canada for cranberry seed oil

Fruit d’ Or has announced approval by Health Canada for the omega-3 and omega-6 content of its multifunctional cranberry seed oil ingredient.  The approved claim wording includes “for the maintenance of...

GM plant-derived omega-3 successfully cultivated on commercial scale

Commercial production of omega-3 supplements sourced from genetically modified plants is the subject of research that could ease the pressure on traditional marine-derived supplies of fish oils.

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Algatech’s astaxanthin gets Anvisa approval for use as food ingredient in Brazil

Brazilian health regulatory agency Anvisa approved the astaxanthin ingredient AstaPure, by Israeli company Algatech, for use as a food ingredient.

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DolCas gets ‘good day letter’ from FDA for GRAS status of BCM- 95 curcumin

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a ‘No Questions’ response letter to DolCas BioTech, LLC, for its BCM-95 turmeric extract.

Cyanotech matches competitor in achieving halal certification

Cyanotech Corporation continues to move forward with the development of its astaxanthin production with the announcement of halal certification, even as the company has been beset with the aftereffects of...

Blue California stakes claim to market for natural ferulic acid

Increasing demand for natural sources of ferulic acid has led Blue California to boost its production capacity of the antioxidant ingredient.

Special edition: Cognitive health, focus & mood

Essential brain health nutrient choline flies under formulation radar

Choline has been an overlooked nutrient in cognitive health, one that theoretically could help forestall cognitive decline later in life, a prominent supplier says.

Omega-3 ingredient from local US fishery debuts

A new fish oil supplier has debuted on the market with a high DHA and EPA ingredient sourced from livers harvested from a local US fishery.

Ingredient recently highlighted at conference gets GRAS status

Nutrition 21 announced recently that it has attained self-affirmed GRAS status on is Velositol dietary supplement ingredient, which made a splash at a recent sports nutrition conference.

Carbon 14 verification sets curcumin ingredient apart, supplier says

A curcumin supplier is boosting the differentiation of its ingredient via carbon tracking verification and is popularizing it in the marketplace with the release of a consumer brand.

Microbial fermentation could offer cost effective production method for anthocyanins, say researchers

Microbes can convert sugar into the red anthocyanin pigments found in fruits via a fermentation process that – when perfected – could prove to be much more efficient than extracting...

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Lonza completes Capsugel acquisition for $5.5 billion

Switzerland’s Lonza has completed the acquisition of Capsugel S.A. from KKR after receiving all the required regulatory approvals.

Presentation on Vitamin K2 research supports Brazil market entry

A presentation to cardiologists provided an important point of entry into the Brazilian market for Vitamin K2, a supplier says.

OmniActive targets six-fold increase in APAC business, continues acquisition hunt

OmniActive has signalled its intention to “aggressively expand” across APAC, with plans to open an office in Singapore and increase the region’s share of its global business from around 5%...