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Sales of pediatric supplements, probiotics & protein rise, Euromonitor says

Ongoing consumer interest in preventive health and wellness is expanding into new niches of the dietary supplement market and driving growth of pediatric products, probiotics, protein and new combination products,...

Naturex ramps up quillaia production at Chile plant

Ingredient supplier Naturex is consolidating its Chile Botanics acquisition by ramping production of quillaia, one of the division’s locally-sourced ingredients.

Nutrients-in-a-cap technology billed as easier to use debuts on US market

A new competitor has arrived on the ingredients-in-a-cap scene as Kansas-based Amerigo Labs brings a licensed bottle technology popular in Europe to the US market.

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Viridis BioPharma & Nu Science Trading get NSF certification for K2 facility

Nu Science Trading & Viridis BioPharma have achieved NSF International Good Manufacturing (GMP) Registration for their Vitamin K2-7 production plant, Synergia Life Sciences.

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Sabinsa’s LactoSpore get Canadian approval

Health Canada has reviewed and approved Sabinsa’s shelf-stable probiotic LactoSpore ingredient for sale in Canada.

Red wine grape powder harvests full range of polyphenols for blood pressure benefits, manufacturer says

BioHarvest, an Israeli company harvesting dietary supplement ingredients from plants grown via a unique hydroponic method, has launched a “biofood” ingredient called VINIA Red Grape Powder, said to offer the...

Special Edition: Blood Sugar Management

FDA rule offers only narrow field for blood sugar management claims, experts say

As obesity rates worldwide continue to rise and the related scourge of diabetes increases in lockstep, companies marketing ingredients in the United States intended to help consumers who find themselves...

Aker says MSC recertification eliminates any lingering doubts on sustainability of krill

Aker BioMarine, the world’s largest single harvester of krill, says a renewed Marine Stewardship Council certification of its Antarctic fishery should finally put sustainability concerns about its operations to rest. ...

Kyowa Hakko’s Sustamine may boost reaction time post-exercise: Study

Taking L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine after endurance exercise may increase an athletes’ reaction times and cognitive function when compared to no hydration, says a new study using Kyowa Hakko’s Sustamine ingredient.

‘A very limited analysis of the scientific literature’: Expert slams EFSA’s CLA decision & concerns

The recent negative opinion from EFSA for CLA and weight management is “frustrating” and questions raised over the safety of the ingredient “contradict the science supporting the biological activities of CLA”, a leading...

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Davisco boosts capacity & launches whey protein forms as demand continues to ‘expand rapidly’

Minnesota-based Davisco has increased the production capacity and extended its BioZate product line, a family of hydrolyzed whey proteins that complements our portfolio of whey protein products for food and...

Neptune to focus on cutting costs, shoring up supply arrangements now that production has reached pre-fire level

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources trimmed its year-over-year net loss by more than $3 million in its third quarter earnings statement.  For the future the company said it plans to focus...

Organoleptic ID of botanicals still valid if supported with documentation, experts say

A recent FDA warning letter to a company making products based on whole dandelion parts and other herbs seems to call into question whether organoleptic identification of incoming botanical specimens...

Media investment means US probiotic growth outpacing EU

US probiotic market growth has been bolstered by big media investment, something yet to be seen in the EU, according to the Swedish firm Probi which just secured its largest...

ABC releases lab guidance document on skullcap showing best methods to detect adulteration

As part of a second phase of its Botanical Adulterants Program, The American Botanical Council has released the first of a series of laboratory guidance documents, this one pertaining to...

Chia is here to stay, thanks to long-term planning by The Chia Co.

A few years ago, chia seeds were virtually unheard of in the U.S., but now they are available across food categories and retail channels in a plethora of finished consumer...

GRAS status opens up market for Ahiflower, a plant-based omega 3-6-9 oil with high SDA levels

A new competitor has arrived on the plant-based omega-3s scene with the announcement of FDA no-objection GRAS status for Ahiflower oil, an ingredient from Technology Crops International.  The oil offers...

Gilad&Gilad gets US patent for agmatine containing dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and foods

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for ‘Agmatine Containing Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Foods’ to Gilad & Gilad.

NutraIngredients-USA predicts top industry influences in 2015

As the New Year begins, NutraIngredients-USA predicts the top challenges and opportunities for the US dietary supplements industry in the year ahead.

Outsourcing, bone & joint health, LATAM, functional foods: lessons from 2014's special editions part 2

From polyphenols and prebiotics to a focus on Latin America, healthy aging and functional foods, NutraIngredients-USA’s special editions have set traffic records because of their in-depth coverage and exclusive content. ...

Freshness, gentle processing compensate for different EPA, DHA levels, salmon oil supplier asserts

While the omega-3s market has been moving toward ever higher concentrations of EPA and DHA, there is still room for fresh, minimally processed oils with lower EPA and DHA concentrations,...

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Saporiti Group eyes ‘competitive advantage’ as distributor of GanedenBC30 in South America

A new distribution partnership between Ganeden and Grupo Saporiti, S.A. will increase availability of the GanedenBC30 probiotic ingredient in select South American markets, the companies have announced.

Large scale trial to validate testing platform that measures metabolic health via urine

Zivo Bioscience Inc. has announced a large-scale test of its WellMetris testing platform that will validate a technology that the founders say will be a game changer for dietary supplement...

Vitamin K2, collagen-calcium combo closing awareness, evidence gaps in bone health

While the combination of calcium and vitamin D is the best known duo in bone health, other ingredients that stories to tell are closing the gap both in terms of...

Neptune launches NKO Focus backed by clinical data

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has launched a blend of krill and lutein for brain and vision health, with clinical data  showing the absorption of lutein being improved by as much...