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GRAS status will help ergothioneine gain foothold in healthy aging market, supplier says

Tetrahedron, a French R&D ingredient supplier, has announced self-affirmed GRAS status for its proprietary form of ergothioneine, which is branded as Ergoneine. Ergothioneine is an intriguing ingredient but one that...

Pharmachem launches sprinkle-on application for Phase 2 carb controller in North American market

Pharmachem Laboratories is seeking new markets for its Phase 2 carb controller ingredient with the North American release of DietSpice, a line of functional seasonings that can be sprinkled on...

BioCell Collagen may improve recovery following weight training exercise: Study

Supplements containing BioCell Collagen may protect the connective tissue of the musculoskeletal system and enhancing recovery from intense exercise, says preliminary data from a proof-of-concept study.

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AuthenTechnologies to host webinar to explain the what, how, and why of DNA barcoding

Danica Harbaugh Reynaud, PhD, AuthenTechnologies’ CEO and CSO, will host a discussion and Q&A about the capabilities and limitations of DNA authentication of dietary supplements.

Special Edition: Going Non GMO in Supplements

Enzymes present special case in affirming non GMO status of ingredients

When trying to source non GMO dietary ingredients for supplements, the inclusion of enzymes presents a special case. There is confusion about the penetration of genetic modification technology into the...

Special edition: Going Non-GMO in Supplements

IGEN pilot program to demonstrate GMO transparency in dietary supplement supply chains

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. is set to launch a cost-effective, evidence-based certification program to test finished products, and the ingredients used to make them. Results allow manufacturers to determine if they...

Special Edition: Going Non GMO in Supplements

Non GMO supplement ingredients are available, but price might be a shock, expert says

As the issue of mandatory GMO labeling looms ever larger on the radar of the dietary supplements industry, so too looms the question of supply of non GMO ingredients. The main active...

BlueOcean targets tablet form of omega-3 delivery via latest joint venture

BlueOcean NutraSciences has signed a joint venture agreement with a Canadian technology firm to bring a slow release tablet form of omega-3s to market using its algal and shrimp oils,...

‘Exciting findings’: Vitamin K2 supplements improve arterial function in healthy women

Long-term supplementation with NattoPharma’s MenaQ7 vitamin K2 may inhibit age-related stiffening of the artery walls, says study with healthy postmenopausal women.

Synutra CEO: ‘We expect quicker adoption of validated chondroitin testing methods in light of NY AG actions’

The NY Attorney General's actions are forcing companies to think more deeply about their ingredient testing, which should lead to a faster adoption of effective testing protocols for insuring the...

Innophos' sales down 1% for 2014 on supply bottleneck, soft demand

Specialty phosphate producer Innophos experienced a sales decline both for its fourth quarter of 2014 and well as for the entire year. Soft market conditions were to blame as well...

Warning letter slams coconut oil marketer over disease claims

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to a coconut oil manufacturer for violations that included making drug claims on specific chemical constituents of the oil.

Neptune’s new CEO: ‘Science will drive the next wave of change in the omega-3 market’

Jim Hamilton is expecting an ‘incredibly intriguing future’ for omega-3 and krill, with Neptune Technologies & Bioressources’ new CEO looking to the science to drive future development in the sector.

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Tocotrienol player Carotech Inc. becomes ExcelVite Inc.

Vitamin E tocotrienol suppliers Carotech has changed its company name and commenced operations as ExcelVite Inc.

GNC to start selling in UK and Ireland

US-based nutrition company GNC has announced it will expand business to the UK and Ireland selling own-brand products.

New flavours for omega-3 aimed at children and pregnant women

Croda has added two new flavours to its omega-3 syrup range that are easier to swallow than capsules for pregnant women and children.

Horphag builds science before launching French oak wood extract to select clients

Horphag, the company behind the Pycnogenol brand of French Maritime Pine bark extracts, has launched a new ingredient, this time based on French oak wood that it is branding Robuvit.

Algae newcomer says it is using low-risk, proven fermentation approach to bring EPA-only oil to market

The increased concern about the sustainability of omega-3s supply has given a powerful push to the development of alternative sources, now giving rise to yet another algae supplier. This one...

Giant confronting omega-3, vitamin E challenges

DSM nutrition profits dip 7% in 2014

Pricing and sector market challenges, currency fluctuations and some stiff economic headwinds have contributed to 2014 full-year EBITDA profits sliding 7% for the world’s biggest nutrient player, DSM.

Increased demand for testing means overall quality of dietary supplement industry is improving, Alkemist Labs CEO says

Despite the prominent black eye suffered by the dietary supplement industry in the recent New York Attorney General affair, increased demand for testing services is a sign the industry is...

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Scandinavian herring roe starting to deliver on omega-3 promise

Herring by-products like immature roe are proving a bountiful source for omega-3s in Norway, with research showing strong market potential.

AIDP enters digestive space with non GMO corn-derived prebiotic ingredient

Branded ingredient supplier AIDP is entering the digestive health space with a probiotic ingredient new to the North American market that has a successful history in Asian markets.

Weak omega-3s demand a blemish on FMC's nutritional sector revenues

FMC Corporation reported revenues in its health and nutrition sector of $828 million for its 2014 fiscal year.  Soft omega-3 demand for the year was a blemish on an otherwise...

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EpiCor’s consumer awareness building ‘paying off’, says Embria president

Brand-building efforts by Embria for its EpiCor immune support ingredient are paying off, says the company, with a recent survey showing that nearly 17% of immune supplement have heard of EpiCor.

Naturex cranberry launch hones in on biological activity: ‘Proving a product has PACs does not guarantee efficacy’

Naturex’s launch of a new cranberry extract sees the company moving beyond proanthocyanidins (PACs) as a marker of efficacy towards anti-adhesion activity (AAA), something it sees as a more relevant...

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