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Canadian firm Naturally Splendid latest to get into Colorado CBD game

Canadian company Naturally Splendid, which has long experience in hemp production, is the latest to move toward marketing a dietary supplement based on cannabidiol (CBD), a non-narcotic fraction of the...

Omega Protein takes issue with 'success' of menhaden limits

Ben Landry, director of public affairs for Omega Protein corporation, took issue with the way a Pew Charitable Trusts writer characterized the menhaden fishing quotas that have been place for...

Verde Media forges ahead on production of low-cost microbial omega-3s

Verde Media Group is moving forward with construction of a pilot plant in Asia that will validate its production technology that the company said will yield lower cost omega-3s from...

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Hosoda Nutritional and B&D Nutritional Ingredients bring Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol to the US

B&D Nutritional Ingredients has been named the exclusive marketer and seller of Hosada Nutritional’s Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol for the US market.

Naturex appoints Olivier Rigaud as CEO

26-year food ingredients veteran Olivier Rigaud is the new CEO of French herbal extracts leader Naturex, moving from tate & Lyle, where he has been the chair of Specialty Food...

Special edition: Cognitive Health

Botanical ingredients step up to battle cognitive decline

Botanical ingredients for cognitive health indications abound, and the scientific backing for these ingredients is abundant, too, if you are willing to look, experts said.

Neptune's losses steepen as company nears end of recovery phase

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources absorbed a steep loss in the first quarter of its fiscal year as the company nears the end of its recovery from an explosion and fire...

Arizona algae institute to test BlueOcean's approach marrying high technology with off-the-shelf components

The algae industry seems still to be on the upward part of the learning curve, with different approaches on how to most profitably cultivate the organisms continuing to proliferate. One...

New Pediococcus acidilactici probiotic's origin in nature confers its high stability, supplier says

A probiotic isolated from switchgrass is one of the newest competitors in the robustness claims sweepstakes. Developed by biotech firm Imagilin Technology and marketed by New Jersey-based A&B Ingredients, the...

EFSA health claim opinion

Science still matters to Kemin and DSM as EFSA rejects lutein-eye benefits for fourth time

Two years ago lutein player Kemin said it was, “baffled and annoyed”  when EFSA rejected its eye health claim that was already approved in France. This week the EU’s food science agency...

Cargill rides publicity wave with Trehalose functional ingredient

Cargill has weathered a potential media storm concerning its functional ingredient Trehalose.  The ingredient, a glucose dissaccharide, was one of the potentially ‘scary’ food ingredients seized upon for its use...

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Fruit d'Or get Non-GMO Verification for cranberry ingredients

Quebec-based Fruit d'Or has received non-GMO verification from the Non-GMO Project for both its Cran d'Or and Cran Naturelle ingredients.

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LycoRed: Cardio health is not just about reducing LDL cholesterol

While many cardio health products are still focused on reducing 'bad' LDL cholesterol, the next generation will cover a broader range of benefits from improving endothelial function to protecting LDL...

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UNPA welcomes first batch of Founding Associate Members

Membership continues to grow for the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) with 10 companies joining as the organization’s first Founding Associate Members.

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CRN approaches 150 members with new voting and associate members

Five more companies have joined the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), with three joining as voting members, and two new associate members.

‘The awareness of the importance of overall immune health has reached critical mass with consumers’: Biothera CEO

Consumer awareness of the importance of immune health throughout the year is driving significant growth in that category, and there are still plenty of opportunities in the category, says the...

Chia and psyllium: Sterilization and adulteration show importance of choosing suppliers carefully

Recent pathogen outbreaks in raw chia powder and concerns over whether some psyllium is actually food grade highlight the ongoing importance of selecting suppliers wisely, says the CEO of BI...

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Mérieux NutriSciences expands regulatory, scientific and marketing services

Mérieux NutriSciences Corporation has acquired Total Quality Food Consultants expanding its regulatory, scientific and marketing services.

Heliae enters joint venture to produce astaxanthin in Japan via hybrid algal technology

Astaxanthin has been a red-hot ingredient in the United States for several years and demand is ramping up worldwide. To meet that demand in the Japanese market, Heliae, an algae...

BASF VP on high concentrate omega-3s: ‘We’re very happy to be in the growing part of the market’

Much has been said about potential declines in the omega-3 sector, but one area that is growing is concentrates, and BASF is ‘very happy to be in the growing part...

Phamachem signs deal for vertically-integrated, US-made astaxanthin

Avoca, a division of New Jersey ingredient supplier Pharmachem Laboratories, has signed a deal to commercialize astaxanthin with biotech company Synthetic Genomics Inc.  SGI will supply the biomass and Avoca...

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LycoRed appoints Rony Patishi-Chillim as CEO

Israeli carotenoid specialist Lycored has appointed Rony Patishi-Chillim as CEO as the firm seeks nutrition sector consolidation.

Supplier says vitamin K2 is helping to turn the corner on calcium

Calcium is yet another nutrient that has taken a recent hit in the press and the marketplace with associations of high calcium intake with increased heart disease risk. But a...

Dispatches from IFT 2014

DSM: Nutrition Facts Panel overhaul could discourage fortification

Proposals to shift focus to vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium on the US FDA’s Nutrition Facts Panel make sense, but could remove incentives to fortify with other essential micronutrients,...

Wiley’s Finest is first adopter of new IFOS radiation test for fish oils

The International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program, a third party fish oil testing and certification program provided by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., is now testing fish oil samples for radiation, with...

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