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‘Heal all’ herb shows cognitive health benefits, for mice at least

Daily consumption of extracts from Prunella vulgaris var. lilacina may enhance cognitive function in lab mice, says a new study from South Korea.

Shilajit supplements may boost testosterone for healthy men: RCT

Daily supplements of purified Shilajit, an Ayurvedic ingredient, may boost testosterone levels in healthy men by 20%, says a new study.

Multi-ingredient formula shows good results in Mild Cognitive Impairment test

A multi-ingredient formula previously studied for cognitive effects has additional evidence to bolster its efficacy in cases of mild cognitive impairment with the results of a recent study. Participants in...

Study shows natto enzyme helps break down blood clots, benefits blood flow

Japan Bio Science Laboratory, a company that has been developing a nattokinase ingredient, has released research results bolstering the ingredient’s effects at combating the formation of abnormal blood clots and...

Quality of vinpocetine, picamilon supplements questioned by Ole Miss-Harvard study

A new analysis of over 50 dietary supplement products containing vinpocetine or picamilon has found that wide ranges in levels of the bioactives, with some products not containing anything at all.

‘This is heating up’: Studies highlight concerns over yohimbe supplements

There is increasing scrutiny of yohimbe and yohimbine supplements, with three papers published in 2015 reporting concerns over these supplements, including one last week from Harvard’s Dr Pieter Cohen.

SEPTEMBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know which herb the NY AG went after in September? Are you up to date on key new hires at some of the trade associations? Or which nutrient...

Meta-analyses question calcium's efficacy for boosting bone health & reducing fractures

Two meta-analyses have questioned the efficacy of calcium supplements to boost bone mineral density (BMD) and reduce the risk of fractures, but the data selection for the analyses has been...

Peptan collagen shows skin health benefits from within

Oral supplementation with collagen peptides may boost skin hydration by almost 30%, according to data from two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials on Asian and Caucasian women with different skin types.

Iodine excess linked to thyroid disease in lactating women

Excessive iodine intake may cause thyroid disease in lactating women and should be monitored as closely as deficiency, Chinese research of 343 women has said.  

Eggshell membrane shown to protect cartilage thickness in study

Eggshell membrane was found in a new study to ameliorate cartilage degradation in a rat arthritis model. The study, performed with Stratum Nutrition’s NEM ingredient, was the first to show...

Berries may enhance motor performance and improve cognition, says study

Strawberries and blueberries may boost brain health by enhancing motor performance and improving working memory, says a new study.

Polyphenol-rich juice shows blood pressure benefits: RCT

Six weeks of consuming a polyphenol-rich juice may slash blood pressure, with the effects even more pronounced in those who need it most – hypertensives, says a new study.

Lemon verbena extract aids sleep and recovery for athletes, says study

PLX, a supplement derived from lemon verbena, can help athletes sleep better, reduce muscle pain and improve recovery time, according to a new manufacturer-sponsored study.

S. boulardii supplements may reduce risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: Meta-analysis

Probiotic supplements containing Saccharomyces boulardii may reduce the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea, says a new meta-analysis of 21 randomized controlled trials.

“largest dataset ever published”

Probiotics deliver significant defecation benefits in healthy people: Study

One of the largest probiotic clinical interventions has found significant improvement in gut health in healthy people.

‘An adequate supply of antioxidant nutrients may have a beneficial role for healthy aging’, says study

Specific sub-populations may benefit from antioxidant intakes to support healthy aging, with men particularly seen as an ‘at-risk’ group, says a new paper published in the American Journal of Epidemiology ....

Egg shell membrane improves joint mobility, comfort in study on healthy subjects

BiovaFlex, a water soluble egg membrane ingredient, enhanced joint function, especially shoulder mobility, and was associated with increased comfort in daily activities and elevated physical activity, according to a recent study....

Probiotics can change infant gut bacteria to prevent cow milk allergy: Study

Infants with allergies to cow’s milk can become tolerant after treatment with hydrolysed casein and a probiotic formula which alters their gut microbiome, according to a new study.

Faster sprints and better decisions: Beetroot juice backed for increased sports performance

Drinking high nitrate beetroot juice could improve both sprint performance and decision-making during prolonged intermittent exercise such as rugby and football, and could help players at the Rugby World Cup,...

Aker’s chief scientist: Let’s stop talking about bioavailability & focus on what happens to omega-3s in the body

Studies investigating the bioavailability of EPA and DHA from different oil forms are a waste of time, says Aker BioMarine’s chief scientist. A real effort must be put into researching...

Collagen peptides plus exercise show muscle benefits for the elderly: Study

A combination of resistance exercise and specific collagen peptides may increase muscle mass and strength and decrease fat mass, lessen age-related muscle loss, says a new study from Germany.

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Carbs to protein ratio for sports nutrition based on ‘old science’, says expert

Continued talk of optimal ratios of carbs and protein in sports products is ‘irrelevant’ and based on old science, sports nutrition experts tell NutraIngredients-USA.

Health of select ethnic groups at risk with significant nutrient shortfalls

A greater percentage of Non-Hispanic Blacks may be below the Estimated Average Requirements (EARs) for calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and D relative to Non-Hispanic Whites across all ages, says a...

Omega-3 supplements may help attention for kids with and without ADHD

A daily dose of the omega-3s DHA and EPA may improve attention in kids with and without attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says a new study from Unilever.

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