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GNC's agreement with Schneiderman sets bad precedent, observers say

The agreement that GNC Holdings Inc. reached with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in his investigation of herbal supplements sets a bad precedent for industry, observers say.

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CRN discourages members from selling bulk powdered caffeine direct to consumers

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has announced a policy that discourages its members from selling bulk powdered caffeine to consumers. The use of the ingredient has been implicated in the...

UNPA, AHPA move to ban sale of powdered caffeine among members

Trade organizations representing dietary supplement manufacturers have called on their members to cease the sale of bulk powdered caffeine, an ingredient that has been associated with at least two deaths.

Coalition recommends label declaration for use of nanotechnology

A coalition of NGOs has released a policy recommendation on how companies should move forward on the use of nanotech in foods and supplements. The document recommends corporate transparency and...

Anti-depressant drug fluoxetine continuing to show up as adulterant in weight loss products

There's another pharmaceutical ingredient to add to the list of APIs showing up in products marketed as dietary supplements.  It’s fluoxetine, an antidepressant, and why fly-by-night formulators seem to be...

Special edition: Beauty from within

In the eye of the beholder: Where does the EU stand on beauty claims?

Unlike health claims, ‘beauty from within’ claims are regulated post-market and only when challenged – and how this process goes will depend on the case and the member state concerned.

FTC's position in Bayer case runs counter to DSHEA and consensus of scientific thought, NPA contends in second brief

The Natural Products Association has filed a second amicus brief in the contempt case brought by the Federal Trade Commission against Bayer over health claims it made on its Philips...

Trade association-commissioned white paper refutes NY AG botanical supplement results

The NY Attorney General’s office investigation into botanical supplements using DNA barcoding was a “...misuse of the technologies” that led to a “...misinterpretation of test results”, says a comprehensive white...

Formation of AG coalition could give rise to more class action suits, expert says

The potential widening of the New York Attorney General affair means more class action lawsuits could be filed in states whose AGs have joined in a coalition with NY AG...

GNC: Independent, third party tests ‘conclusively’ confirm Herbal Plus products meet all requirements

After four separate rounds of testing, supplement retailing giant GNC has announced its Herbal Plus product line meet all requirements for safety, quality, purity and proper labeling.

Updated: CRN, NPA & AHPA respond

AGs from Connecticut, Indiana, and Puerto Rico join NY AG as probe expands

Attorneys General from Connecticut, Indiana and Puerto Rico have formed a coalition with NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to further investigate the business practices of the herbal supplement industry.

FDA warning on 26 tainted ED products illustrates point of widespread counterfeiting, expert says

Tainted products aimed at erectile dysfunction seem to be a durable feature of the marketplace.  A recent FDA communication listed 26 public warnings issued since Feb. 27 on erectile dysfunction...

Non GMO Working Group to formalize structure, collect dues to boost capabilities and influence

In the face of repeated requests for information and services, a working group of dietary supplement companies that includes FoodState Inc. is the process of formalizing its membership structure to...

Industry finds new supporter in meeting with Rep. Ted Lieu, D-CA

The dietary supplement industry received a welcome breath of fresh air in a meeting of industry representatives with Rep. Ted Lieu, the newly elected Democrat in California’s 33rd Congressional District. ...

Warning letters to CBD companies hinge on disease claims, sidestep issue of ingredient's legality

Four companies marketing dietary supplement products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-narcotic fraction of Cannabis sativa, received warning letters recently from the Food and Drug Administration.  But the letters said nothing about...

Border block: Germany stops product with debated aegeline ingredient

The German authorities have blocked a shipment of products containing the unauthorised novel food ingredient aegeline and American firm USP Labs is making inquiries into whether this relates to its recalled OxyElite product. ...

News in brief

AHPA online resource aims to help industry rebut criticisms arising from NYAG affair

The American Herbal Products Association has unveiled an online resource center for information regarding the actions of New York State Attorney General Eric Schniederman.  Schneiderman’s action against the dietary supplements...

Updated: NBTY appreciates AG's efforts & will comply. "We are confident that our products meet our label claims"

NBTY, Pharmavite, Nature's Way and Nutraceutical Corp. pulled into NY AG’s probe

NY AG Eric Schneiderman has extended his investigation into herbal supplements by sending letters to four leading manufacturers demanding detailed ingredient and quality control information on every herbal supplement they...

FTC seeking to extend 2 RCT standard to structure/function claims, CRN asserts in brief

The Federal Trade Commission’s position on the requirement for 2 RCTs in its contempt case against Bayer's Philips Colon Health brand steps far beyond what Congress intended when it passed...

Warning letter slams coconut oil marketer over disease claims

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to a coconut oil manufacturer for violations that included making drug claims on specific chemical constituents of the oil.

Yakult at Probiota 2015: “We want to be clear that before we invest we need to have some dialogue with EFSA...”

6 years of hurt: Probiotic heavyweights debate the EU’s health claim blockade

Yakult and leading academics expressed frustration at what they see as unfair and opaque scientific requirements around probiotic health claims in the European Union – but how much is industry...

Education gap on supplements means myths can persist among pharmacists, MDs

The New York AG affair has revealed a gulf: While the majority of Americans say they use dietary supplements, few of them understand much about how they’re made, or regulated....


8 key takeaways from the NY AG’s investigation so far

We are two weeks out from Attorney General Schneiderman’s sending of cease and desist letters to four major retailers, so what do we really know?

Court reins in FTC on two trials standard but otherwise supports agency in decision on POM’s claims

The Federal Trade Commission has received confirmation of its basic positions in its struggle with POM Wonderful over the substantiation on the claims the company has made for its juice...

Experts panel offering ready access could fend off future public relations debacles like AG affair, observers say

Citing shortcomings in the way the New York Attorney General’s office relied on DNA barcoding in its recent action is all well and good, but having a more proactive method...