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CRN, NPA support bill to allow health savings dollars to be used for supplements

The latest version of the proposed Health Savings Act would allow consumers to use their tax-free health savings account dollars to pay for dietary supplements as well as drugs, doctor...

Court dismisses class action against CVS for vitamin C 'Made in USA' claims

A federal judge in the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed a putative class action against CVS Health Corp. and CVS Pharmacy, Inc. for “Made in USA” claims made on a...

Groups call for deep revision or outright rejection of FDA fiber guidance

FDA’s draft guidance on dietary fiber should be significantly amended or tossed out altogether, according to industry trade groups. But at least one company that has been affected by the...

What next for Health Canada’s proposed NHP changes?

Health Canada has received over 3,500 written comments in response to its proposed changes to how natural health products and dietary supplements are regulated.

Testing failure, specification limits cited in FDA warning letters

A realistic testing regime and reasonable range on specified ingredient potencies were among the quality control issues cited by the Food and Drug Administration in recent warning letters.

NY State proposes ban on selling creatine to minors

An industry association has expressed concern over the introduction of bill to prohibit the sale or distribution of creatine to minors in New York State. 

Court issues permanent injunction against seller of DMAA

A court in California has approved a permanent injunction against a California dietary supplement company, driving yet another purveyor of DMAA from the market.

CRN makes progress on ambitious slate of meetings with new members of Congress

The Council for Responsible Nutrition said it is well on the way to its goal of meeting with 60 news members of Congress in 60 days.

Have thousands of facility registrations lapsed?

A quirk of the latest go round in the FDA facility registration process means thousands of foreign firms could find their registrations have lapsed, a leading consultant tells NutraIngredients-USA.

What do acceptable claims in the blood sugar management category look like?

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, and accounts for around $245 billion in medical costs and lost productivity each year, according to data from...

Hiring freeze at FDA dims view of industry as adequately regulated, experts say

A hiring freeze put into place by Pres. Trump could damage efforts to make the case that the dietary supplement industry is effectively regulated, experts say.

Trump's executive order could upend current regulatory structure, experts say

Pres. Trump’s executive order requiring new regulations to be offset by the elimination of existing ones could wreak havoc with the pending roll-out of long awaited rules, such as the...

FDA offers to help industry draft guidance following Trump’s regulatory freeze

Days after President Trump signed an executive order that freezes some regulations and draft guidance documents, FDA offers to help food industry associations draft their own guidance documents to help...

Consumer food safety education must be reinforced to ‘reap the rewards’ of FSMA, FDA official says

As the deadlines for regulations painstakingly developed under the Food Safety Modernization Act begin to go into effect, compliance by producers, suppliers and manufacturers alone will not be enough to...

Hi-Tech founder claims his devotion to DMAA is part of crusade against regulatory overreach

Amid reports that new products containing the banned stimulant ingredient DMAA continue to find their way onto the market one company has persisted in marketing them openly.

Regulatory freeze could change or delay implementation aspects of FSMA, Nutrition Facts rule

The Trump Administration’s regulatory freeze announced last week could significantly impact how the Nutrition Facts Label final rule and regulations related to the Food Safety Modernization Act are interpreted and...

Industry's message remains strong in Congress through political tumult, trade orgs say

The rapid reconstitution of the Dietary Supplements Caucus shows that despite the unprecedented tumult in national politics, the support for the industry remains as strong as ever within the halls...

Cancer claims are a big red flag that some marketers continue to wave

Like the poor, it seems for the dietary supplement industry cancer treatment claims will ever be with us. 

Are barriers for hemp cultivation going down? New report documents industrial hemp legislative progress in US

Last year saw the addition of four new ‘Hemp States’ (Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island), according to Vote Hemp’s 2016 States Report.

Expert questions role of synthetic ingredients in an industry that bills itself as ‘natural’

For one expert the question of so called synthetic botanicals goes deeper than whether they are legal. It’s a question that drives to the core of what the dietary supplement...

Warning letter highlights importance of detailed quality agreements

The importance of having a detailed quality agreement with your contract manufacturer has been driven home by a recent warning letter issued to a marketer of sports nutrition products.

NDI guidance would over regulate, weaken supplement industry, Jarrow asserts

The updated New Dietary Ingredients draft guidance is an attempt to over regulate and weaken the dietary supplement industry with no increase in public safety, according to comments filed recently...

2016: The year of the hammer and the squeeze

2016 felt like the year of hammer blows and the squeeze play, with the finale the unpredicted win of Donald Trump as President. I count myself among those who close...

NPA chief recounts actions on vinpocetine, Puerto Rico regs and other challenges

NPA chief Dan Fabricant recounts his association's efforts on behalf of industry in 2016.

NAXA chief on trust: It’s the highest asset to which the industry can aspire

At this time of year, many of us take advantage of the changing calendar and assess where we are as an industry. Typically, this exercise is a broad-based reflection evaluating...

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