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Parry Organic Spirulina: Organic•Green•Superfood

Valensa | 18-Nov-2013 | Video Video
Valensa's President & CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck discusses Parry Organic Spirulina. He talks about the features & health benefits of th...

Prostate 360 Science & Innovation in Men's Health

Valensa | 07-Oct-2013 | Video Video
Valensa's President & CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck talks about how Prostate 360™ combines patented USPlus® Saw Palmetto Extract & Cranbe...

Krill’s Omega-3s: It’s All about the Phospholipids

Aker BioMarine | 23-Sep-2013 | Video Video
Ever wonder how omega-3s behave in your body? How they are delivered determines their health potential. Krill’s phospholipid-bound omega-...

Parry Organic Spirulina: Organic•Green•Superfood

Valensa | 13-May-2013 | Video Video
Parry Organic Spirulina is the World's Finest Spirulina. It is the only USP Verified, FDA GRAS & USDA NOP Certified spirulina. It is...

Lignans: Manage Hot Flashes, Support Breast and Cardiovascular Health Naturally

Linnea | 29-Apr-2013 | Video Video
Lignans are emerging as a key dietary ingredient for women’s health. Classified as phytoestrogens, lignans are converted in the body to e...

Gastrointestinal models (TIM) with high predictive power

TNO, research partner | 21-Mar-2013 | Video Video
Testing digestibility, availability for adsorption, survival of probiotic strains, barrier function, effects of prebiotic fibers, SCFA pr...

Superba Krill; Sustainably Harvested & Certified

Aker BioMarine | 29-Oct-2012 | Video Video
Krill supplements are the fastest growing omega-3 category today. But is it a sustainable source? Yes. Actually, the krill fishery is one...