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POMELLA® for Unparalleled Antioxidant and Cardio Support

Verdure Sciences | 20-Feb-2007 | Webpage Product presentation
POMELLA®, the premium, natural-spectrum pomegranate extract, is the only pomegranate extract to undergo human clinical research. Exhibiti...

Denomega™ - The best Omega-3 product choice for food and beverage

Denomega | 03-Jan-2007 | Webpage Product brochure
The umbrella brand name Denomega covers a handful of basic products designed to fortify food and beverages with Omega-3 without impacting...

Provon® A-190 Whey Protein Isolate System

Glanbia | 15-Nov-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Provon® A-190 is the best protein solution for high-acid beverages, delivering great-tasting results.

Essential Lipids for Life

Croda Health Care - USA | 20-Jun-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Omega-3 & 6 EFA concentrates for healthy minds, bodies, & lifestyles!

DDS Probiotics

UAS Laboratories | 12-Jun-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
DDS-Probiotics are probiotic supplements containing the super strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, along with special strains of Bi...

Cynergy™ - Holistic Beauty

Keratec | 22-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Cynergy™ is a duo of skin health ingredients, one topical and one oral.

HyaMax™ - Non-GMO Sodium hyaluronate

Fenchem | 20-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Naturally sourced Hyamax™ is a standardized availability of sodium hyaluronate from Fenchem. Different molecular weights ranging from 800...

GELITA - Stand Out from the Crowd with Gelatine

Gelita AG | 20-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Consumers don't eat to simply satisfy their appetites. They're looking for benefits, other than satiating their hunger. Today's consumer...

COQ10 - WS™ - Water-Soluble Coenzyme Q10

Blue California | 16-Jan-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
COQ10 - WS™ is water-soluble in cold water and it's ideal for beverages, chewable tablets and functional foods.

Stella Labs: Supplier of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Stella Labs | 20-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product presentation
Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the hottest new ingredients on the market for anti-aging formulas.

Pycnogenol®: Nature's Super Antioxidant

Horphag Research (USA) Inc. | 09-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Pycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract, a super-strength antioxidant with extraordinary health benefits including cardiovascular...

Marigold Extract, 90% Lutein Esters (Biolut)

Blue California | 16-Sep-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
The Most Purified Form of Lutein (Marigold Extract) Is Finally Here...

Griffonia seed extract (5HTP)

Linnea | 02-Aug-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
5HTP, a natural serotonin precursor, may help in serotonin deficiency related conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight lo...


Linnea | 02-Aug-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Research suggests that Vinpocetine may help to stimulate cerebral circulation and help the brain make better use of oxygen. It is reputed...

Bilberry extract 25

Linnea | 02-Aug-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Bilberry extract 25 is standardized in powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging anthocyanins to help support micro-circulation an...

A Pure, Potent Joint Health Alternative

Keratec | 30-Jun-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Cynatine™ is a natural alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, combining potent joint health and anti-oxidant properties int...