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Study adds proanthocyanidins, vitamin E to Lycoberry's already verified high levels of lycopene

A new study looking at the autumn olive berry (AOB) - branded by a promoter as Lycoberry - has confirmed the rich assortment of proanthocyanidins and alpha- and gamma- tocopherols in the fruit to go with the previously discovered high levels of lycopene. The study boosts the berry’s attractiveness as a supplement and food ingredient.

Extending GMPs to ingredient suppliers would fix gap in original rule, stakeholders say

A recently filed citizen's petition asking FDA to extend GMP requirements to ingredient manufacturers met with a cautious but generally positive reception among industry stakeholders. Having ingredient suppliers stand outside this aspect of the law was never a very satisfactory solution, they say.

Large-scale, long-term cocoa flavanol study looking at heart, cognitive health enters recruitment phase

Cocoa flavanols are an ingredient that has been poised at the edge of the runway for a few years now. A new large-scale, long-term study into their cardiovascular and cognitive function benefits that is entering its recruitment phase may help provide the research backing to bring that takeoff roll closer to reality.

Gaia launches flavor-masked turmeric supplements that can be added to both savory and sweet foods

Turmeric is a spice used in food, and its active constiuents, curcuminoids, are featured in supplements.  A new product launch from Gaia Herbs seeks to straddle that divide, with powdered turmeric supplements standardized for curcumin content that can be added to foods and beverages.

Special Edition: Supply in the time of Schneiderman

The supply end of the dietary supplement sector has come under extraordinary pressures of late. While the NYAG affair has called the integrity of the supply chain into question, demand continues to increase for certain ingredients such as Ayurvedic herbs and carotenoids such as astaxanthin and lutein. In a wrap up of recent reporting, NutraIngredients-USA takes a look at what companies are doing to meet demand and to ensure the integrity of their supply chains and how they are communicating that message.

Link of green tea extracts to liver injury raises age old question: How much of a good thing is too much?

Botanical ingredient experts are not surprised by a recent report on the association of green tea extracts with liver toxicity. It’s consistent with recent literature and could serve as a warning sign of the potential dangers lurking in the pharmaceutical-style, reductionist approach toward botanical ingredient development.

Grape-wine extract combination shows BP management potential: Unilever study

A combination of extracts from grape juice and wine may help reduce blood pressure in people with untreated, mildly hypertensive people, says a new study from Unilever.

Pine bark extract may boost endothelial function in at-risk people

Daily supplements of extracts from French Maritime Pine bark may strengthen metabolic parameters, reduce LDL cholesterol and curb oxidative stress in people with an increased risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).

Resveratrol may boost mitochondrial function for diabetics: Pre-clinical data

Supplements of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound from red wine, may protect blood vessels from the detrimental effects of high blood sugar, says a new study.

Special edition: Authentic Tea Tastes

The next kale? Carela conquers bitter melon with beverages for sugar-conscious consumers

Tea and beverage company Carela says it has taken the ‘horrendous’ taste of Asian bitter melon and turned it into attractive beverages for millions of Americans who are worried about their sugar intake. 

Cranberry juice may slash cardiometabolic risk factors: RCT study

Daily consumption of a low-calorie cranberry juice may improve certain risk factors of heart disease, including blood pressure and triglycerides, says a new study from the Agricultural Research Service at the USDA and Ocean Spray Cranberries.

Micronutrient-dense bar shows broad health improvements for overweight/obese adults: CHORI study

A micronutrient and fiber-dense supplement bar may improve metabolism in overweight/obese but otherwise healthy adults, says a new study from the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI).

KonaRed ends first year as public company with revenues, costs and losses all on rise

KonaRed, the Hawaii-based manufacturer of supplements and functional beverages, reported a 39% net sales rise for 2014.  Sales rose to $1.3 million.

Could prenylated flavonoids have ‘big potential’ in nutraceuticals?

Food supplements containing highly bioactive prenylated flavonoids could provide industry with ‘promising nutraceuticals with impressive biological activities’, say researchers. However finding the right enzymes or biotransformation process to produce these nutraceuticals effectively remains a challenge.

Taiyo carves out niche in natural caffeine market with slow-release whole green coffee bean ingredient

It’s been 10 years and more since ephedra was taken off the market and in that time the importance of caffeine as an energy and thermogenic ingredient has grown significantly.  Suppliers are competing to offer forms the compound that offer interesting functional tweaks, and Japanese ingredient supplier Taiyo International has brought to market a natural form that boasts a slow-release profile.

Lack of baseline dissolution data makes evaluating risk of bioavailability enhancements tricky, researcher says

Bioavailability enhancements continue to be one of the most active development tangents in the dietary supplement ingredient industry.  But even as these approaches gain market traction, basic information about the toxicological profiles of many of these ingredients is still prominently lacking, according to a talk given at a recent scientific conference at the University of Mississippi.

Kiwifruit-derived supplements may boost bowel health for healthy people: RCT data

Daily consumption of supplements containing kiwifruit-derived nutritional ingredients may increase bowel movements in healthy individuals, says a new study from New Zealand.

NYAG probe: Where it has been, and where it is going

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has not backed down in his assault on the herbal dietary supplements industry.  In fact, he is turning up the pressure.  In today’s special edition, NutraIngredients-USA reviews the major milestones in this saga, which is developing into the biggest challenge to the industry’s credibility since the days of ephedra.

Nestlé files patent for cocoa extract allergy treatment

Nestlé has filed an international patent for cocoa polyphenols as a treatment or prevention of eosinophilic esophagitis – an allergic reaction of the esophagus.

Olive oil polyphenol backed for selective anti-cancer potential

A phenolic compound known as oleocanthal can selectively kill cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells intact, say researchers, who suggest their novel findings may explain why olive oil is linked to decreased cancer risk.

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