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BCAAs, Vitamin Angels, and adulteration of botanicals: Key lessons from NutraIngredients-USA’s special editions – Part 2

From brain health to muscle building, and from malnutrition to botanicals, our special editions have set record traffic levels for their in-depth articles and exclusive content. Here, we have the second part of our round-up of the key lessons from the special editions.

Can an apple a day keep the doctor (and statins) away?

The old proverb may stand the test of time, according to new research that suggests consuming an apple a day has the same benefits as statin drugs for people over 50.

Wolfberry consumption may offer flu protection: Mouse data

Consumption of wolfberries - also known as goji berries - may be associated with increasing the protective effect of influenza vaccines against the virus, according to new research in mice.

Lignans show benefits for menopausal symptoms, says Linnea study

Supplements of Linnea's HMRLignan, the plant lignan isolated and purified from the Norway spruce (picea abies), may reduce the number of hot flashes by over 50%, says a new study.

Chilled fruit loses 80% of antioxidants

Freeze-drying strawberries keeps all their Vitamin C and polyphenols and 92% of their antioxidants, saving more nutrients than by chilling.

West African sorghum extract again shows immune health benefits

An extract from West African sorghum may provide immune benefits, according to a new study people with HIV but with broader health management potential.

Thorne Research teams with cardiology clinic to launch new supplement line

Thorne Research, a company that specializes in supplements for the practitioner channel, has partnered with a prominent cardiologist to launch a new line of cardiovascular health products.

Acai and brain health: Has study unlocked Amazonian fruit’s neuroprotective effects?

The potential brain health benefits of açai (Euterpe oleraceae Mart.) may be linked to an inhibition of the aggregation of beta-amyloid proteins, says a new study from Australia.

Is research on delayed aging a better investment than cancer and heart disease?

Greater investment in research to delay aging may be a 'highly efficient' way to prevent disease, extend healthy life, and improve public health, according to new research.

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

Chromadex CEO: 'If we need to spend millions of dollars to develop an ingredient pipeline, we will do that'

Buoyed by recent investment from DSM, the CEO of Chromadex says the company is not scared to spend big to develop ingredients that stand up to increased scientific scrutiny and resonate with the market.

Coffee polyphenols show heart health potential for healthy men: Study

Acute ingestion of polyphenols from coffee may improve the function of the cells lining blood vessels (endothelial cells), says a new study from Japan that supports the heart health benefits of coffee constituents.

Waste stream provides functional ingredient for apple producer

Waste streams are good place to start looking for functional ingredients, and so it was with a new company called AppleActives, which has developed a joint health ingredient from apple peels, peels which were previously being used as compost or as a low-grade feed additive.

Expert review ‘recognizes and acknowledges’ the multiple health benefits of ‘special’ cranberry

The potential health benefits of North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) and its unique nutrition profile extend beyond reducing the risk of urinary tract infections to include multiples heart health activities and temper inflammation, says a new review.

High-dose resveratrol shows heart health for overweight and obese people: Human data

Daily supplements containing resveratrol may reduce the production of compounds responsible for the build-up of cholesterol in the body of overweight and obese people, says a new study.

News in brief

Pomegranate extracts show joint and skin health potential

Punicalagins from pomegranate may offer benefits for joint and skin health by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that break collagen, according to data from cell and animal studies.

Special edition: Botanicals

The Botanical Explorer: We’re on the cusp of a new era with phytonutrients

A new science developing around phytonutrients is opening the doors of an entirely new domain, but understanding how to use the information and combining this with ethical cultivation will have to go hand in hand for successful commercialization, says the Botanical Explorer. 

Special edition: Botanicals

Better supply chain management will bring sustainability and quality, says botanical expert

Botanical players who are serious about providing good quality products must take more care of their supply chain in order to increase sustainability and build quality, says Professor Monique Simmonds, OBE.

Unilever on tea: ‘Available evidence supports tea and tea ingredients for mood and performance benefits’

Evidence from randomized control trials supports a role for tea and tea compounds – specifically L-theanine and caffeine – to benefit mood and performance, says a review from Unilever.

SupplySide West: The top picks from the education sessions

With the world’s largest natural products supply show less than three weeks away, NutraIngredients-USA trawls through the education program and gives you our top picks for Las Vegas.

Weight loss category made up of many varied segments

Much more than just a single category, the weight loss market is striated into multiple segments based on consumers’ varying attitudes, behaviors and motivations, according to a study by consumer products consulting firm Abunda. 

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