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Tech solutions to show health effects in real time seen as new hope in supplement investment picture

Having the right team to execute on an idea is the key to attracting investment capital, experts say. But finding the right idea, that’s a bit more of a stretch and can provide a bigger payoff.

Supreme Court affirms FTC's position that POM's claims were unsupported

The US Supreme Court has declined to take up the FTC vs POM case. The action in effect affirms FTC's prior determinations that POM misled consumers in the advertising of its pomegranate products.

Eating black raspberries may decrease heart disease risk: Study

An extract found in black raspberries can significantly lower arterial stiffness, a key measure of cardiovascular disease, according to data from a Korean study.

Vitafoods Europe 2016 preview

Testing and tracking nutrition in mental health

The quest to halt cognitive decline as a feature of ageing has become an intense area of research in recent years, and polyphenols can deliver much. 

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CORE Organic goes nationwide: 'We think this is going to be a disruptive brand'

CORE Organic, an organic 5-calorie-per-serving flavored water/juice blend with coconut water concentrate and antioxidants from white tea extract and maqui berry - is rolling out nationwide next month after a successful launch in southern California.

Study shows curcumin/fenugreek combo helps relieve work-related stress

A new study shows a curcumin/fenugreek combination boosted the quality of life index in a study population suffering from work-related stress.

Resveratrol’s heart health benefits linked to gut microbiota changes

The potential cardiovascular benefits of resveratrol may be linked to its ability to preferentially alter the gut microbiome, suggests a new study with lab mice.

CRN to launch industry-wide dietary supplement product registry

The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s Board has unanimously authorized the creation of an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry to be launched by the end of the year.

Berry polyphenols may benefit learning and memory, for mice at least

Polyphenols from berries may offer significant benefits for learning and memory associated with age-related cognitive decline, according to two new papers from France.

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AIDP to market and distribute Plandaí’s Phytofare Catechin Complex

Functional ingredients supplier AIDP will to market and distribute Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc.’s Phytofare  Catechin Complex to the functional foods and nutraceutical industries.

Resveratrol may improve blood flow in the brain: Study

Supplements of the polyphenol were found to increase blood flow in the brains of people with type 2 diabetes, a population known to be at increased risk of cognitive decline because of microvascular dysfunction.

Updated AHP cranberry monograph includes tools to help stem tide of adulteration

A newly updated AHP monograph on cranberry identification will set a new standard in ensuring the quality and efficacy of this botanical, said one of the paper’s co-authors.

Special edition: Ayurveda

How reductionism vs whole spectrum plays out in the real world

Applying Ayurvedic principles can lead product formulators in different directions. Products from two brands—EuroPharma and Gaia Herbs—illustrate how these differences play out in the marketplace.

Consumers willing to pay more for bioavailability enhancements, consultant says

There is an opportunity for companies to use bioavailability enhancement to differentiate their products, even if consumers don’t have a firm grasp of specific technologies, an expert says.

Will it last? Scientists observe storage condition influence on nutraceutical phytochemicals

Using high resolution mass spectrometry, scientists in Spain tested the stability of bioactive compounds in nutraceutical products based on natural extracts: green tea, soy, royal jelly, and grapes.

Special edition: Ayurveda

Continuing science will boost Ayurveda, even given tension over best research models to use, experts say

Accelerating interest in the personalization of medicine and the accumulation of a body of research will help drive increasing acceptance of Ayurveda in the West, experts say, albeit with a continuing tension between synergistic and single-ingredient approaches.

Special Edition: Ayurveda

Ingredient supplier applies Ayurvedic principles to new line of finished products

The principle of synergy embodied in Ayurveda figured into the formulation of a new line of finished products being launched in the US market by Indian phytochemical company Alchemlife.

Amazon for ingredients: New e-commerce platform rolls out with transparency and factory-direct pricing is promising to change the industry by allowing manufacturers in the US to purchase raw materials directly from overseas factories, providing considerable cost and time savings.

Special edition: Ayurveda

Ayurvedic expert advocates strongly for using plants in whole form

Ayurvedic principles and ingredients are increasingly accepted in North America among product formulators. But a tension exists: Are these best used in concentrated forms and in isolation or in their traditional matrices?

Nanoparticles may boost stability, bioavailability of resveratrol

Simple and economically affordable nano-carrier systems may protect resveratrol from photodegradation and aid absorption across the intestinal barrier, says a new study from Portugal.

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