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EFSA uncorks EU market for DSM’s synthetic trans-resveratrol

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said synthetic trans-resveratrol is safe for use in supplements following a novel food application from multinational DSM.

Resveratrol + exercise may lead to increased mitochondrial capacity

Test participants that consumed resveratrol supplementation after low-intensity exercise training experienced higher mitochondrial capacity in their forearm, says a new study.

Olive oil polyphenols may boost cognition: Nutrigenomic data

Supplementing the diet with olive oil polyphenols may beneficially affect gene expression linked to brain function, says a new nutrigenomic study from Italy.

Oat extract may improve cognitive function and memory: Study

A wild green-oat extract has demonstrated cognitive function improvement in middle-aged adults, who exhibited increased speed of performance and episodic memory in a clinical study. 

Black raspberries a contender for best antioxidant fruit, says study

Black raspberries grown in Central Europe show greater health benefits than its closely related cousins the red raspberry and blackberry, research suggests. 

Dark chocolate may boost time trial performance for cyclists

Flavanol-rich dark chocolate may boost endurance and exercise performance in moderately-trained male cyclists, says a new study.

Supplemented chocolate: A new confections category set for growth, says Energems

Energems has been accepted as a member at the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and says the new confectionery category of chocolate energy supplements it has created is poised for growth.

Human study observes mango microcirculation boost

Vital Solutions GmbH has published the results of human trials that demonstrate the efficacy of its mango powder product Careless in supporting the microcirculation process.

Pine bark extract shows cognition for Boomers: Study

Daily supplements of an extract from French Maritime Pine bark may improve decision making and attention span in people over 55, says a new study from Italy.

With right approach liposomes can be 'natural,' manufacturer says

Making a ‘natural’ liposome is a matter both of manufacturing technology and of careful messaging, says formulation pioneer Empirical Labs.

Infants, the elderly & US Air Force personnel: Abbott exploring life stages when nutrition has the most impact

Uncovering relationships between nutrition and cognition is a top global priority for Abbott, and the insights are helping the healthcare to giant create the next generation of brain health products.

News in brief

Innophos named exclusive distributors of Theracurmin and EMIQ

Theravalues Corporation has named Innophos Nutrition as the exclusive US distributor for its Theracurmin curcumin and EMIQ quercetin ingredients.

Pomegranates and endurance: Study shows juice benefits for athletes

Consumption of pomegranate juice may reduce biochemical markers of damage caused by exercise, according to findings from a small study from Spain.

‘Highly stressed’ people may benefit from grape juice’s brain boosting abilities

Including a glass of grape juice in the daily diet may boost memory function and performance particularly for those who lead a stressful lifestyle such as working mothers, suggests a new study.

Seaweeds could boost heart health potential of supplements, foods, researchers say

Edible seaweed could have significant promise in boosting the heart health attributes of foods and supplements when used as a functional food ingredient, according to a recent review article in the journal Phycologia.

Tart cherry supplements may reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery post-workout

Short-term supplementation with Montmorency Tart Cherry powder may speed recovery from muscle soreness, slow strength decline during recovery, says a new study.

Study highlights heart health benefits of red wine extract of onion

A red wine extract of onion may offer more heart health benefits than red wine alone, says a new study from Taiwan.

Biotechs do deal: Eviagenics divests flavonoid technology

French biotech firm Alderys has bought Eviagenics’ micro-organism based flavonoid production platform for an undisclosed sum. The deal will allow Alderys to commercialise the technology and Eviagenics to focus on its seaweed extracts venture.

Product developers seek sweet spot in natural systems such as inflammation, blood pressure

The body is made of numerous overlapping systems. Keeping these in systems in balance, running neither too hot nor too cold, so to speak, is one of the key facets of good health and disease prevention. Finding dietary ingredients to aid in this is one of the raison d'êtres of the supplement industry.

Olive oil may protect against damages of air pollution: EPA study

Dietary supplementation with olive oil may protect blood vessels from the deleterious effects of air pollution, suggests a new study from the US Environment Protection Agency.

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