Novozymes OneHealth

Novozymes OneHealth

They say you only have One Life – make the most of it. We say you only have One Health – take control of it.

In Novozymes OneHealth we seek to develop “One In a Trillion” solutions against modern lifestyle problems, enabling consumers to take control of and maintain their health. We use consumer insights and data science as our guiding light in addressing some of the most pressing health problems of modern lifestyle. We are headed towards real answers with clinical proof and clear mode of action.

Welcome to our wonderland of more than 30,000 microbes and millions of enzymes that can make all the difference. We offer natural ingredients, semi-finished and finished formatted products to serve our customers in the best way.

We want to be a partner, not just a supplier, by engaging with our customers and providing a wide array of support:

  • Consumer and market insights to zoom in on end-user needs
  • Developing tailored business models of the future
  • Building partnerships that tap into the industry’s top minds
  • Co-branding to create credibility
  • Clinical support and studies
  • Marketing and collateral

Our parents taught us to rethink tomorrow, so that is exactly what we are doing at Novozymes OneHealth, the One In a Trillion company.

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