NextFerm technologies is a food-tech company that develops and produces novel active ingredients for human nutrition.  What sets it apart is the unique combination of core technology and IP, complete control over the value chain and its management team.

Its core technology and know-how are  based on non-GMO yeast fermentation, whereas its development and production are comprised of  strain development, fermentation, extraction and purification onto distribution, including all clinical and regulatory work associated with it .

NextFerm management team is comprised of a seasoned group of leaders who have worked together for over 15 years in a previous start-up company (Enzymotec), successfully developing novel nutritional ingredients for global human nutrition markets. During that time, that company evolved from a local startup to a global, publicly traded company (NASDAQ: ENZY​).  

Presently, with two yeast strains developed by our team going through a commercialization stage with a large global partner (Lallemand), NextFerm is focusing on launching new ingredients for human nutrition.

These ingredients include:

  • Astaferm™ ​– The first fermented astaxanthin for human nutrition, offering fast and effective absorption coupled with outstanding physical properties of high potency and lack and flavor or odor for fluid and powder grades.
  • Protevin™ ​– Novel, groundbreaking vegan protein with higher nutritional value and superior flavor profile.

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