Glico Nutrition Co.

Glico Nutrition Co.

Glico Nutrition Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.,that thrives to produce high quality food and cosmetic ingredients since our establishment in 1956.

We specialize in ingredients for enhancing food palatability (wheat gluten, modified starch, food coloring) and specialty chemicals to create healthy/nutritionally enhanced food and effective skincare products. As a leading ingredient manufacturer in the industry, we continue to explore and expand the possibilities in ingredients through product innovation, practical application, and strict quality assurance.

Glico Nutrition takes pride in developing functional ingredients that offer various functions and benefits based on strong scientific evidence.

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Discover Quick Endurance from Corn

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Discover Quick Endurance from Corn

Cluster dextrin from corn has versatile properties to assist consumers in generating endurance quickly, enhancing workout and competition goals.

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